Thursday, April 27, 2017


Where have you heard this one before? ~ Let me guess. ~ Nanzy Pelosi and Ms. Weinstein never have been a part in your three-way sex fantasies when you can't get to sleep at night. ~ Seriously. ~ In the name of God. ~ How can you still get it up for your two old exwives who still want to steel more of your money in the name of "progressive taxation"? ~ Have you so little love for your country that you want the bitches to now be in charge of everything? ~ "Thy sons have fainted, [like a little girl] save these two..." 2NEPHI 8. ~ "Men who need that little purple pill are probably still married to a woman who is getting older, and a little over weight." Rush Limbaugh. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BRUCE JENNER: What the fuck is your problem dude?! ~ Rich and famous men become more sexy and attractive with age. ~ So now in the few years left in life, you suddenly need to have a vagina in order to make you feel happy? ~ Why couldn't you just have used your butthole for that kind of thing? ~ Since we all know, women have a tendency to change their minds from one day to the next. ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: The wife-swap deal that I have with you and your husband is the same deal that I have with Kiera Knightley and Jennifer Aniston. ~ Two for the price of one is what I always say. ~ Especially when I AM is getting a bit desparate and I need to get more customers in through the door. ~ Think Orange County's Will Ferrell will look exactly like Orange County's President Trump, circa 2017, at: ~ AND: ~ I know. ~ Once I said that I could never imagine seeing the faithfully married family man Will Ferrell hanging out at the PLAYBOY MANSION, not to mention Tom Hanks. ~ However, now they are both looking like they own the damn place. ~ How times have changed. ~ And that's not necessarily a bad thing. ~

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