Thursday, April 20, 2017


Fuck me Jesus again right now. ~ On the same day that Tom Brady's Germanic Jewish frawline would not let him go to the White House with all of the others boys on his football team; I saw TWILIGHT ZONE no.75, entitled THE MIDNIGHT SUN. ~ Which is a prophecy about the time when g-d would be causing the global warming sun to bring the heat down on sodom and Egypt in REV.11; MOSES 7:8 style. ~ Because the daughters of Israel love the darkness of the dark skinned people on the dark side of the world, more than they love their own bland tasting white husbands. ~ So no.75 ends with her and an actor who looks like Tom Brady getting into a huuuge argument. ~ Whose name in real-life was also Tom, at: ~ And the doctor says that he is going to escape the freezing winter time conditions in MARK 13 by taking Rush Limbaugh's private airplane down to the Miami, Florida area. ~ And then we see her prophetic melting HOUSE OF WAX oil painting of the Fennel Creek waterfalls in Bonney Lake, Washington, at; ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: Tough sweat. ~ The only way that you and your cheap-sex swapping [VICTORIA'S SECRECT] sister wives are going to get into the Kingdom of God, and be protected from the upcoming searing heat and atomic bomb radiation fall out, is pretty much spelled out in MOSES 7:8. ~ 2BC NOTES: That little thin paperback book in REV.10, commonly refered to as THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON is about when the "richest man in Babylon" would become the President of America. ~ After that nigger-rich dime millionaire, and his half-Jew-butt-fucker supporters in Brooklyn, NY etc. finally got their rocks off. ~ PS JENNIFER: You did the right thing at the time by hooking up with my forerunner in MULHOLLAND DRIVE:TWO. ~ Per this concert video clip of Judy Collins that I saw in person at the Seattle Oprah House at: ~ PS JEFF RELF: The reason why your best childhood friend suddenly had a conniptian fit and drowned in his shallow minded bathtub was a 69 weeks Donald Trump thing in DANIEL 9. ~ I mean don't even try to think about it. ~ His step father was a Russian language student at the UW. ~ My own stepfather got his double 4-year masters degree in Russian and East German languages, at: ~ Don't laugh, I still have a valid BYU student photo ID card in my wallet that allows me to go back and enroll in my choice of any of their graduate programs. ~ PS CIA MAN: Better watch out, Assange has a shit load of secret emails about you Jewish mother fuckers trying to decide what to do about Barack Obama's foreign student aid college records and his fake news birth certificate SS number. ~

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