Sunday, April 16, 2017


I read that my beloved Lawn Winn look alike sheriff in LIVE AND LET DIE just died at 96 right after I watched THE GRAVE episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE that first aired on Hillary Clinton's 1961 birthday, at: ~ Now I see why the CIA men always looked the other way and tried to avoid the fact that America had an imposter in the White House who was not even a US citizen, much less your average mainstream milk toast constitutionalist, per: ~ Ergo, the faint hearted sons of Israel in 2NEPHI8; who were too afraid and intimidated to go after that psychotic colored man in New Mexico named Pinto Sykes. ~ Which means colored psycho in Americano, circa 2008-2016. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GRAVE NOTES: At the end of episode 72, that daughter of Israel brings us the plate that will be suddenly washed clean with Ione quick swipe under the kitchen sink faucet. ~ 14B NOTES: In Woody Allen's 1984 trailer for BROADWAY DANNY [DAN.12] ROSE meets THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO, the 666 mob guy got shot in the iconc Egyptian eye featured in THE TWILIGHT ZONE's first 1959 season. ~ Per: ~ Ergo, all of those Donald Trump supporters who are now starting to complain about his typical Jewish style ZELIG nature: again at: ~ AND: ~ Note the Rod Serling cameo in the later clip. ~ NEW YOUNGER READER NOTES: Woody Allen's amazing and spectacular ZELIG movie was a physical transfiguration thing. ~ "Ronald Reagan looks almost twenty years younger than he actually is..." Howard Stern. ~ "I have the gums and teeth of a 29 year-old man." paraphrasing Larry David. ~

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