Friday, September 30, 2011


Many reports about the remote jet plane bomber nicknamed Bollywood, who was arrested outside tea party Boston Wednesday, are including image links of this jet model 788 to the 'HIL 7880' license plate at the Duke's funeral, like at:

For a thematic confirmation of the remote control assassination Octopussy pool cleaning device at the French Villa.

The orange MORGAN behind it eventually explodes while Henry stopped to take a pee, for the Putin pee scene where Mummy hides in the bathroom shower.

Note the clock reads 9:25 when the fake Duke suggests that they go to the "dick head" pub across the street. The number of sterling being 925, for Catherine Zeta-Jones' matching husband and wife 9.25 birth dates, etc.

The sterling taxi that takes the real duke to the 'Saddles...' country estate, and stops in front of the branchy genealogy tree of Israel, has GENESIS 37:3 in code on the plates; "Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old [latter-day] age: and he made him a coat of many colorers."

This is why the true Duke is wearing an Asian 'coat' in the final shots. That represents the many peoples of color who have some Israelite blood in their genealogy, like Jessica Alba; Venessa Hudgens; Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, etc. etc.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely showed up in Beverly Hills Thursday sporting this great fox hunt number from the film at:

The Duke estate's white china puma is worth 30k says Henry to the tourists. The movie's '30' motif being for the child Joseph who was stolen and sold for 20 pieces of 925 in verse 30.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Former black LAKERS star and now DANCING WITH THE STARS [of Israel] contestant, Ron Artest, had his name legally changed to Metta World Peace only days before I watched the prophetic Paul McCartney movie SPLITTING HEIRS, for the first time. Wherein Paul's character named Butterfly Rainbow Peace still believes that he is a gentile. Metta being a Buddhist term for peaceful and friendly coexistence.

Sir Paul's sexytary who wears Harry Potter glasses in 1993 is an Emma Watson bride prophecy, based on their marriage in the end.

Mummy Duke is wearing an evergreen leaf branches number at the table when they make a toast to the new fake Duke. The Duke's gold leaf crown, seen at the funeral, has the same Branch Davidian symbolism.

Before the imposter's wedding, the film's newly awaken McCarthey figure puts the 5'6" fake into a hot air balloon [Moses basket] that is headed for the REV.13:1 North Sea of the Biblical lost tribes of the northern countries. But he lands on a funeral hearse and returns as the ghost of the lost tribes of Israel.

The tea pot at the French Villa is for the giant one in Bucky Larson's Bonnie Lake that is located across from Keira's MCDONALDS landmark on 211th. In the tabloid newspapers soccer pix scene, we see the fake Duke's '30 M' royal engagement headline. That Providentially refers to this 30th fake image of Miss Knightley keeping her fellow sister alive with the same air hose cleaning-tube that saved the half Jew half moose with squirtgun in the baptism pool scene, at:

The big spotted fish that floats Kitty in her luxury flat's lap pool is for the large spotted chinook salmon monument to yours truly on Bucky Hwy. Which is surrounded by the red roses that she receives when her Bucky arrives for some Flirty Fishing before lunch. While her real royal heir is hiding in the closet. Having just made love to him 5 times for this 5th fake that refers to her next line about the engagement ring being 'so big!' at:

As confirmed by the 30th Big Ben cfake of Miss Knightley in fish nets at:

Sir Paul is a Knight, for a Divine Miss Knightley surname etc. Whose 5th cfake has her posing as Sir Paul's Asian wife in the movie at:


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is what GREGORY'S GIRL promised to my older Danny Simon forerunner friend who wrote CONVERTIBLE GIRL. When he took an inspired prophetic pass at her while they were running lines in his London hotel room, and she laid down the law on him at:
AND in this 50s GREASE 2 meets IN LIKE FLINT rug shot at:

Be very leery about any woman who gives it up for nothing, that lasts forever.

Sadly, the typical old fashion filthy Jew womanizer of the 1950s Brooklyn was still so stuck in the gayish ways of Clint Eastwood's ice cold LDS era that he grew up in, that he turned down her future FRIENDS sitcom offer. That was confirmed years later when Jen did those penthouse elevator scenes with my king Relf Lauren leprechaun figure and she didn't even have the common courtesy to give him a Courtney Cox reach-around hand job for his troubles as they approached the 55th floor in KICK ASS meets FUCK ASS.

But that's all water under the London Bridge by now. Since Keira finally did agree to bump up the box office for David Cronenberg's new picture based on the stage play at:

Which explores the pros and cons about having sex with your best friends forever, or with crazy insane flash-in-the-pan ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST lovers. In other words, do you want to fuck some guy for 30 minutes or so? Or do you want to do him forever and ever? Knowing that he will never ever leave you no matter what, forever and ever.

So what if you can't get together with him for a nice intimate dinner next week, or the week after. There's always next year, and the year after, and the year after that. Things tend to change when you get married to the 23ish AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON forever who becomes the King of England in the third and final act of your hopeless and depressing mortality.

It all amounts to nothing that a good hard three way spanking can't cure.

Thank God that Carey and Keira and Sienna's last plays were all pretty successful.



Sir Paul's family coat of arms in SPLITTING HEIRS features the REV.13:1 sea waves in his new OCEAN'S KINGDOM ballet.

The other 5'6" Duke was beheaded says the 5'6" imposter from America, as he skates around the real issues at England's EZE.47:1 'Southhall' fountain. Back on 9.8 at 9:26 pm, an angry voice in my sleep woke me up that said "It's over!" I finally found out where it came from in the 9.26 made video linked at:

The red shirt Christian man in the above video stands for the red horse partner in the White Horse Prophecy.

The situation in Mexico is an example of the 'secret combinations' cited in the BOOK OF MORMON, when ignored and left unconfronted.

Paul McCartney, a.k.a. Butterfly Rainbow Peace, is in the toilet when the puma is prowling around on his gentile family's television screen.

This 9.26 report explains how the FEC is trying to split hairs in order to protect America's alien Duke at:

Here is the Russian dentist's 9.26 report on her meetings with congressional legal aids in DC about Obama's fake SS number, at:

It's always over when it's over. But very often it's over, before it's actually over.


Monday, September 26, 2011


Sir Paul's anti-mine ex-wife Heather Mills is the cold bitch giving him the finger behind his head in the film's opening "Sadie Frost" credit. As confirmed by the landmine bombing scene where the mother is banging someone in the boat shed when Paul launches the mine target.

Reverse role playing, Catherine Zeta-Jones' character Kitty tells the fake American Duke, "I only married you for your money."

The foreign tourist who takes a long pee in Mummy Duke's toilet is Russia's future Putin.

In the opening sequence, one royal Duke of Israel was bitten by an Egyptian DNC donkey and died three days later. Another one is shown riding the White Horse Prophecy. Yet another burned the choir of the great and abominable church of the devil.

The fake Duke says that some jerk, who works nights, [Yours truly] woke up the two dogs of Judah and Ephraim. Who chase after Paul's Rainbow Peace Love culture from the 19666s as a Branch of David hangs in front of the camera.

The illegitimate American imposter asks his personal photographer if he should pose with his head looking up, like in all those strange 'Il Duce' pictures of Obama at:

When Mummy tells Sir Paul that the history of the lost tribes is as "Clear as the [Jewish] nose on your face" we see the two Holy Grails of Judah and Ephraim sitting on the refiner's fireplace mantle.

Speaking about the former restaurant cook Ms Bullock, whose adopted black baby represents the fake American Duke, Barack Obama, the butler says, "The cook is quite frozen."

In the first act, England's invading alien EZE.38 population is lovingly related to the wild beast that is loose on the estate of the royal Davidian Duke of lost Israel. Who chases off the white scumbag lawyer in the ending. Putin is a big time tiger hunter.

Read about the BUDDHA AIR tourist plane crash in Paul's Nepal India region in confirmation of the prophetic tourist scenes at the Duke's temple like estate, at;,0,4904935.story

Chloe showed up in LA Sunday wearing a striking Branch Davidian outfit at:

Here she is at LAX [?] in a puma number at:


Sunday, September 25, 2011


SPLITTING HEIRS' Branch Davidian Paul McCartney figure was raised in a 2BC91 style gentile home that resulted in the East Indian philosophies that have influenced his music over the decades. To this day, Sir Paul still believes that he is a gentile.

Sandra Bullock's adopted black baby named after the 'Louie Louie we gotta go now...' 60s song is a Divine reference to the half black half Jewish royal imposter from America, whose real mother in the 1993 prophecy was the cook Mrs Bullock. Which was confirmed by her recent purchase of a traditional English Tudor Branch Davidian compound fit for any royal Duke of Beverly Hills, CA. Not to mention her restaurant businesses in Texas, etc.

The key to Paul McCartney's big awakening in the pre-GSR/TWN day 1260 made film is a royal tea spoon. This is the prophetic link to the two witness' latest TWO-IF-BY-TEA enterprise, that is an inspired word play on the BEATLES British Invasion in the 19666s. Which pushed the American king of black rock and roll music from Memphis aside around the same time that MLK was assassinated there.

My gentile wives applaud when Sir Paul uses my hidden arrow in 1NEPHI 21:2 to defeat the new 666 beast in the traditional Bollywood dream scene. 6,000,000 Jews were killed by the first 666 beast so that they could finally recognize the newly revived REV.13:1 sea beast in the period when there would be about 6,000,000 Jews living in Israel. Hence the great American half Jew imposter who is splitting the nation up spoke at the black cock-us Phoenix Awards on the same day I watched SPLITTING HEIRS.

The phony Jewish American Duke in the EZE.47:1 [Templar England's south side] fountain scenario declares that he is under 5'6" for the 5.6 anniversary of the White Horse Prophecy; now unfolding in the British SPLITTING HEIRS prophecy, circa 2011.

Last week Sir Paul's new REV.13:1 sea ballet opened in NYC called OCEAN'S KINGDOM. At the end of the movie, the same guy gets married to his current brunet American fiancé at:


LINKS: Rush's Boston tea party site is at:

The old Sir Paul lyrics to VIDEO GAME's TMZ world are at:

Saturday, September 24, 2011


'Splitting hairs' is an old dirty joke about separating a hairy vagina's lips using his or her two fingers, like in this hot hot your-tube VIDEO GAMES video currently burning up the Internet on the definitely adult side of JJ at:

All you apostate Christian Bible Belt simpletons in Utah need to remember that you have to spread a little stinky fertilizer on your deep red hot roses now and then to keep them looking really really hot hot sexy.

Remember this the next time you show up to speak at another one of your boring gay ass upside down cross conferences on 666 satellite tv.

You got nothing, that could ever compare to my little blond Amish girl's brown belt flash vision bag. As all you old prostate Mormon Utah fags go on and on about getting along with the devil. While my main hot hot girlfriend with Marina Del Rey size lips sucks on my rainbow trout at:
AND she's FFing the camera with her eyes at:

While her mother is in the kitchen of Jen's new KICK ASS city penthouse fixing us up a nice whole wheat with wild rice bed of chicken curry. Which even I would not have believed was possible myself. If I had not watched SPLITTING HEIRS 1993 prophecy on SNL 37 Saturday about Paul McCartney suddenly realizing that he was the true royal Branch Davidian, and not that half Jew imposter from America at:

Which was just comfirmed by the GLOBE's TR6-5000 tabloid reporters this week. Who originally exposed the Monica Lewdwinski blow job scandal, the John Edwards plural wife scandal, and the Larry Sinclair pipe sucker story, while all the old NYT senior Jew editors were over at CLUB 21 having cocktails and exchanging clever witticisms.


Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today's prophetic Jewish population of the Arab looking Adam Sandler's 666 Israel is statistically exactly 6,000,000, according to the 20% Arab Israeli statistics at the anti-Semitic London based wikipedia site on the amazing 666 Internet. No wonder the secular Jew boy was born on 9.9 in 66. Which is a major reason why so many Black Irish Jewish darkies are repelled by the idea of Mel Gibson doing a movie about light skinned Jews with red hair and blue eyes.

This goes back to the 1950s space-dog cosmonaut technology in that 6-ton 666 Russian satellite that is about to fall into the IN LIKE FLINT 666 fish-eat-fish sea in REV.13. In confirmation of my fairly recent Carey Mulligan dream that took place in 666 San Diego. Just before I go watch her getting fast and loud in the back seat of the dream's 1976 ALFETTA 4-door number.

All the critics are saying that her new Evergreen DRIVE movie is as cool as that hot hot blackmailer bitch in ZERO EFFECT.

I don't know if it's my imagination or what. But I seem to be hearing Rihanna singing about that glass I love to fuck on the radio more often now that the movie has come out, in her hot hot "I'll drink to that..." and drive it hit single.

If at all possible, I would suggest that you 666 bitches put in your old copy of THE FIRST WIVES CLUB and look at it backwards. In order to hear the satanic plural marriage messages in your atheist minds about how Sienna, Keira, and Carey like to get even and have fun at the same time.


LINK: Here's the FFing video for Rihanna's RAYBAN glasses driver song at:


When Chris Rock makes his debut fund raiser appearance in 2003 as the yet unknown Barack Obama, circa 2008, Lindsay Lohan's father Michael asks the first question, "What do you plan to do about taxes?" Standing behind Mr Lohan is Bruce Willis, for an inspired reference to Chicago's new black WILLIS TOWER prophecy featured in DIE HARD. Because they picked Rock to run against the white Republican without doing a background check.

In the first act, the rhetorical Democrat Party boss who looks like Con/an O'Brien asks Rock two times, "Are you an American?" Two times, the new black candidate has a flash vision of himself being assassinated like Malcom X. When someone in the audience famously shouted "Get your hand out of my pocket!"

At the end of HEAD OF STATE, the white people rise up and fulfill the elephant stampede prophecies in all those African jungle Tarzan movies about my sidekick Obama. Which includes a close-up of Larry David going crazy, because I tripped by the bank rock where I found that crisp new $20 bill lying by the curb; on the same day I saw an amazing string of LD look alikes at STARBUCKS.

Rock wears a 'MECCA' brand jacket in the 2003 film to make sure that we don't miss the Muslim angle.

Before the classic jive mother fucker debate, the Gov Perry type candidate tells Rock, "I don't know you, and I don't like you... I'm fix'n to whip your ass..."

Rock gets caught on camera telling someone "...we're bombing countries all the time." Which was just confirmed by Wednesday's new report about "NATO" extending their USA bombing runs over Libya for 90 more days. The movie's first newspaper headline shows one of today's Libyan rebels checking his new Gaddafi loot.

A lesbian from Beaver, WV nicknamed 'Angel' just got caught stealing an Addams Family hearse with a body inside. According to:

George Washington's picture gets replaced by a black REV.17 woman at Rock's campaign headquarters. President Reagan's image is taken down and replaced by one of those NBA giants mentioned in MOSES 7:15, and 8:18.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


People tend to get very weak, like a Jimmy Carter Sunday school teacher, and lose their collective memory after 80. Which is why Clint East/wood forgot to say that queers are still full of shit anyway, when he did his mindless libertarian PSA for the new homosexual oriented Marine Corps. And the old weak Jew David Whorewitz still thinks that the homosexual abomination of desolation was born on Michael Medved's fantasy Mercer Island.

Therefore the HANG EM HIGH star came out just in time with his phony Jane Lynch confirmation as part of the publicity for his new gay Herbert Hoover FBI movie. About how nobody at the pussy-whipped agency, still stuck in David Lynch's 1950s, wants to touch the queer birth certificate that was published by THE NEW YORK TIMES meets THE MORMON TIMES on a federal web site.

This is why today's new and improved RLDS church in Sugartown, UT is going to get cleaned out as fast and thorough as some greasy HASTY TASTY restaurant plate. And nobody who was ever a church lady leader up there will ever be allowed to lead the Elder X thing again.

Like in the CARNIVAL OF SOULS ending to all those old 80+ Gordon B Hinckley phonies in Utah who thought that they could stonewall the Mormon King of England in Hollywood meets London. Going back to the macho DIRTY HARRY 70s when Mr Eastwood was still in the closet.



I tripped and fell by a big rock between the two banks west of STARBUCKS Monday in Bonney Lake. When the long laces snagged together on my REV.13 42 months boots, as if a leprechaun had snuck up and quickly tied them together. So I decided to watch Chris Rock's 2003 prophecy Tuesday morning about the first "half white" Negro to become president; along with his black "bail out" VP brother from Chicago. Which I had scooped up with some other movies at the $5 DVD close-out bin.

Rock's campaign kicks off in Obama's future Chicago with a big speech about giving other-people's monies away. That he delivers from the pulpit in a classic Malcom X goatee, which was immediately confirmed by a crane that fell down on his campaign bus in Harlem, next to a close-out store, at:

For the film's prophecy about what will happen to the Casablanca when the abomination of desolation, a.k.a. Mr X, is illegally elected in MARK 13:14, etc. As portrayed in the white Republican's tv commercial that shows the place exploding after the ad line, "This is the White House if Gilliam is elected!.. This is your last chance!" And then the movie cuts to a baseball stadium, a basketball arena, and then a shot of the US Treasury now being run by Oprah Winfrey.

All those mason bricks on top of that bus in Harlem represent the Masonite templar lost tribes of Israel. Where the White Horse Prophecy anniversary number of '56..' stands out on the roof of the bus line that gets cancelled in DC at the opening. Right before I fell down by the DANIEL 2 Boulder, Colorado marker, I saw the new 406 bus line cancellation notice for October 2 at the SPEED bus stop by JIFFY LUBE. Because towards the end of the movie, America is compared to a fine expensive BENTLY.

Mays Gilliam sees his chick sucking on another man's chocolate milkshake just before his official government ride pulls up to take him away from all his problems, and the number of Obama's 44 administration is right above the door. Which he repeats later in some campaign aside about his poorly educated niece who thinks that 4 + 4 = 44.

Reportedly, 17 people were injured in the campaign bus crash near Bill Clinton's offices on 125th in confirmation of Ms October 2's 17th image on, at:


Monday, September 19, 2011


That powerful 6.9 earthquake in David Lynch's Sikkim Tibet region, on the same day of the Jane Lynch EMMYS, was about the dogs who always get sicked on the whores in his WILD AT HEART meets MODERN FAMILY movies.

The local 6:40 time-line was for the 64 cfakes of Laura Flynn Boyle, from which I posted THE ADDAMS [modern] FAMILY finger-trap one there at:

Boyle being a famous Lynch television actress and all.

MODERN FAMILY is produced by Christopher Lloyd; for a Divine look alike name confirmation of the actor named Christopher Lloyd who plays the modern family's Uncle Fester potato head monster.

The lynching omen happened at 5:40 am Sunday Hollywood time. Due to the tall Jewish CAR 54 actor who plays the unisexual REV.17 her-man [whore beast] figure named Her/man Munster. Now updated with the his-woman male wife characters in MODERN FAMILY. In the MUNSTERS' REVENGE mob movie, Herman calls out "Car 54 where are you?"

Ms Mondale and Ms Kennedy both died within 24 hours at age 51 in confirmation of that P-51 MUSTANG that crashed in Washoe County, Nevada. For the wild REV.17 mustangs that the whore rides in THE MISFITS. The WW II plane was named the 'Galloping Ghost' for the recent headless horseman omen in Virginia. Right there on the edge of gay RENO 911's Car 54 tv show are the Virginia Mountains, south of Pyramid Lake, and the annual Burning Man's prophetic Black Desert of desolation location. About when there would be an illegal alien homosexual who was born in Africa in the Oval Office.

Talk about modern families.

For a second witness, a vintage T-28 WARBIRD exploded into flames like the Burning 666 Man in MLK's Martinsberg, West Virginia landmark. Where the giant nut sack shaped state's dick head is partially sliced off and hanging by a thread, for today's White Horse Mustang Prophecy. Because we are asking our soldiers to give their lives in defense of the modern day Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. Right there is Pinkerton Knob, Inwood, and Cherry Run, near Falling Waters.

Sitting outside Bucky Larson's STARBUCKS the other day, FOX NEWS reported that Obama had just granted the Medal of Honor to some sucker who saved some of his buddies in Afganistan, right as a CON-WAY freight truck drove through the 211 light.


Sunday, September 18, 2011


They put my future millionaire fist fighter figure named Jack Off into the nut house for observation in 1975 because he was fucking Chloe and Hailee's reddish beaver bird nests before they were both at least almost 16 years-old. Which I only found out about at around 24:... minutes into my 5 buck DVD. In the desk-top iPAD picture scene where my shiny monumental chinook salmon Bucky Larson spawner in THE SHINING ends up in my bishop's office with the insane director who looks a lot like Granny Grass' current LDS Home Teacher Bro. Gillespie.

Believe me, I'm not trying to be cute or something. When I tell you that I was probably the only senior class dude who was always wearing a navy knit cap all the time while I was locked up inside Seattle's Roosevelt High School for the forced integration insanity of the 19666s at:'s_Nest_(film)

I can't tell you how crazy I was. Like when the class president named Mark would walk by giving me eyes, or some football cheerleader babe would start flirting with me, and I would give them all a look that said, 'You're not worthy to even look at me... Much less address me by my first name." at:

Didn't any of those ignorant stupid girl social climbers know that I was about to skip my last GREGORY'S GIRL cooking class and head out with my royal prince sidekick brother Ken McLeod to go fly fishing for eastern Jewish brook trout in King Lake? Not to mention all those nice beaver dams up there full of native cutthroat trout lips; averaging 6 to 8 inches.

Though there were definitely some exceptions back then, like in this future dirty beaver shot at:

You always had to beat through a lot of wild huckleberry bushes and blackberry vines to get to the best beaver ponds.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Maybe you have seen those "Because I'm Worth It" ads. Or maybe not. Since you love apostate Christian RLDS Mormonism more than you love the revealed Word of God at . Like some love starved homosexual Sunday school teacher at some I-15 rest stop in Utah during the Donny Osmond 80s. Right near where Nyle Smith is now living along the New Nile River of captivity in one of those Babylon bank financed townhouses of the latte-day Sodom and Egypt.

So the real Mormon sheriff down in Arizona is going to take you and your queer as folk brothers back to law school to show you how it's done at:

I recommend that people now get their Sundance FF season pass tickets early this year. The EGYPT theater on mainstreet usually always sells out way early anyway.

Besides, there is still time for David Lynch and his swinging Sienna Miller look alike cast to throw something together on SONY video that is just feature-length enough to get into the Park City lineup deadline.

Who gives a flying fuck what it is? It's a David Lynch project for God's sake. So just lie about the whole thing, like you lie about everything anyway, and suggest that you got some inside rough cut look at it while having breakfast with my hot hot MISFITS wife at 5:30 in the morning at DENNYS. And who gives a shit if she can act anyway?

David Lynch movies are not about acting. They are about directing.


Friday, September 16, 2011


The key to a nice loving long lasting 3-way is to slow down, move in slowly, nice and not too tight, and hold down your breathing. It's a lot like avoiding the hiccups. You hold back your breath, in natural but not too long pauses, in order to not get prematurely excited. And you focus on the first one's G-Spot, not your own G-Spot. Which every dude knows always comes with an iron clad guarantee in writing if you are not satisfied; as if that would ever happen in this mortal lifetime.

This way, you can avoid looking like George Clooney meets Donny Osmond as he goes from one gay monogamy dating situation to another. Where your last 'fuck em and then fuck em over' lover goes on the Internet with pix of you getting her tummy pregnant and then making her have a disgraceful abortion, like in this desecrated golden uterus icon statement at:
AND then the baby is GONE BABY GONE at:

Don't get me wrong. I believe that parents are sovereign and own their children, in or out of the womb, like Old Testiment style private property, and can kill them up to the age of adolescence. Just like I believe that the negro's belief in Obama's fascistic 'serve the state' slavery is their way of saying that they believe in the righteous slavery laws of the House of Israel that guarantee them all the human rights and dignity of any other child of God. Who is no respecter of persons, just because they don't have the white man's burden of the Priesthood.

The Word of God will not be fucked in the ass, like the Seattle based protagonist does in the Jewish LINCOLN limo at the end of CRASH in Montreal, Canada. For this, they think that the Branch Davidian Gerald Ford only hated the filthy cock-sucking NYC Jew homos because they were always fucking with him behind his back.

All of you self righteous arrogant fucks at the NYT need to realize that God has not just called me to enlighten your International Socialist G7 Beverly Hills brothers. He has also called upon me to increase the faith and understanding of your fellow populist right-wing socialist brothers. Who God loves just as much as he loves you.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Even if the TIFF film festival rumors are true, that Keira forced David to water down his brilliant Freudian SM screenplay, then showed up in his prophetic CRASH prophecy Montreal location, thinking that she could get away with it. There is still time before the film's planned release on Miley's 19th birthday to put the "hot hot" back into the bland dead fish eat me chicken curry flop that is surely coming.

True or false, Keira had phoned up David in a tiff with her same lesbo face from LOST BOYS 3 to tell him that she is not interested in making another Canadian CRASH movie masterpiece. Naturally, he played along with her STUPID GIRL rocker lyrics, hoping against hope that he just might get Keira into the film reels room in the movie where I was fucking my teenage Ginger sidekick, until we were interrupted.

Admittedly, I'm not an Old Testiment expert on the kind of civilized slavery that Rihanna is talking about in her latest JFK ass/ass/in/a/tion LINCOLN limo homage to David's 1996 prophecy at:

All I know at this point is that there is still time to correct his bland version in post of the Freudian mother in THE ADDAMS FAMILY, circa 1991. Where Fester discovers an old iPad photo of Alison Deetz in his bedroom full of knick knacks. That jogs his memory about how she liked to suck his cock dry while her twin sister Flora was on the phone to Sienna during some high fashion week at:

I AM as serious as a heart attack or a stroke. If there are no outtakes of Keira getting hot hot while she gets the WHIP IT mother cure by that big fat brown trout belt above, everybody needs to go back and get some additional tasteful artistic takes of Keira getting whipped into a sexual frenzy. To the point where she swallows the whole thing, hook line and sinker. In confirmation of this year's historic pink salmon harvest around the REV.13 waters of Vancouver, BC.

There is still time to make sure that David's rather boring looking movie full of great method acting can still break even. Maybe even make a profit.

The nice Islay Island brown trout who get caught up in the SM basement scenes with Fester Addams have the trout lips that this actress is not afraid to show us at:

Not everybody has those kind of Sienna Miller leather pants legs. You gotta be pretty thin and pretty young to rock something like that.


They have about seven months left, according to THE ADDAMS FAMILY prophecy in 1991 starting on 9.11, at:


Reese Witherspoon showed up finally, sporting the same REV.13 wounded head bandage that her boyfriend wears in MUNSTERS' REVENGE, plus a left-wing black eye, at:

The above gold coin earrings on Reese are from the Addams Family's underground film festival vault. I hope she gets well soon and doesn't have any kind of a memory loss concussion. The wounded head that miraculously heals has been a common theme for decades in movies about the new and improved 666 beast.

1991's ADDAMS FAMILY connection to 911 is about the movie's financial statement about the World Trade Towers. In that the saints should be using the United Order credit union of Israel; as opposed to the banks of Babylon. Thereby keeping the wealth in the family, etc.

Argentina's transportation head, Mr Schiavi [slaves] is quoted in this DERAILED report at:

Argentina means silver in Casablanca speak. Evita Peron was a historic Third Way model; which they have started to replicate anew lately. There is no place for reformed fascism in the Kingdom of God.

The serious stroke that Jennifer Aniston's mother had in North Hollywood over the 911 weekend was about the Freudian 'displacement theory' mother in THE ADDAMS FAMILY prophecy. The thunder and lighting coming out of the film's Book of Mormon at the end was the same major thunder storm that just hit LEPRECHAUN 3's Las Vegas for the premier of the new Glenn Beck show. Who plays the REV.17 loan shark 'mother' in the movie. And Jen is now dating a guy who looks like the blond babe's boyfriend in LEP 3, at:

In THE ADDAMS FAMILY 1991, my uncle Knick Knack figure is hiding in the closet, strapped with the same brown belt I saw in my flash vision. My bedroom is filled to the max with knick knack signs and wonders, from along the way.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Since I am better than the average Jelly Stone Park cartoon grizzly bear with blue gray eyes, God has called me to bring all the rest of you weak boot lickers up to MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO level of David Lynch's transfiguration consciousness, because He wants us all to be equal, like I AM!

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." [MATTHEW 5:48]

Just like Matthew Perry's U-shaped shag pad off MULHOLLAND DRIVE is so perfect for Woody Norris' futurist IN LIKE FLINT 3-ways, west coast style, per etc.

Which was the Divine architectural inspiration behind Brad's U-shaped fantasy estate in the seven Beverly Hills of REV.17. That began to wear on the increasingly cold way-too-weak Jenny to the point that he felt like turning to her sister wife vampire neck sucker Angelina on the set of MR & MRS SMITH; not Mr Smith and Ms Smith.

The nice thing about having more than one wife is that you don't have to act like your young hot hot wife's mother/father figure in WHIP IT. Who is still stuck in the reactionary 60s L/BJ culture of Jane Fonda meets Barbara Bush in Sandy's GSR FM radio based Austin, Texas.



The first Addams Family movie in 1991 has a portrait of Kennedy and Martin Luther King in the Freudian mother's cheap motel room no.4. For the film's prophetic book entitled HURRICANE IRENE: NIGHTMARE FROM ABOVE, that cancelled the 48th anniversary dedication of the monstrous MLK monument in DC. That has now been rescheduled for the day 1290 anniversary of the abomination of desolation's Million Man March by black Muslims like Obama.

I was surprised to be watching the movie on the big ten year 9.11 anniversary. Especially when the family started to pray to the dead after announcing, "Every year on this date we offer a clarion call to Fester Addams..." Who had been missing for 25 years.

The movie's prophetic Venice Film Festival connection to Keira's Freudian S&M movie is established by the Addams Family vault being located in their Venice canal basement. Where we learn that an old box of film reels is stored at the same time we see their piles of gold pirate treasure coins, and Gomez shouts, "Showtime!"

The obvious A DANGEROUS METHOD 2011 angle is confirmed by the way Gomez and Morticia become aroused by pain and torture; as the Swiss German Freudian mother puts the Angelina Jolie look alike mother on the rack.

Gomez and Morticia really get loud in the back seat playing with their two-hole three-way finger toy. Because Lurch's classic 1930s limo is a restored evergreen motorcar in mint condition.

The prophetic golf duffer theme is portrayed by shots of Morticia cutting off the tops of the classic single red rose phallic emblem of International Socialism. And the single candle blows out that a young bald Obama voodoo Haiti earthquake figure is holding in a painting on the wall when Sarah Palin's Alaska mama bear rug bites the loan shark.


Monday, September 12, 2011


They say that my Woody Allen figure in MULHOLLAND DRIVE was fucking his crazy 15ish year-old Korean girl full Moonie style in the face, while she wore her blond Bob cut wig. Because his uptight Catholic Mia Farrow bitch-of-a-girlfriend would not ever let him cum hard inside her mouth. Which explains a lot about the Old Testament precept of teaching them while they are young and willing to fuck you standing up straight. Like on the front side of Monday's special NYT front page photo issue.

Because this is what is going to happen to the great and abominable church of the devil wanna-be in SLC, UT meets DEBBIE DOES DALLAS; who have all slipped into bed with the cheap Jesus loves you whore of Babylon. In order to get along with that big fat phony Martin Luther King mother fucker who was shot dead in Memphis, Egypt, USA. Where the false prophets' blood thirsty animals are climbing over the walls of Addam Sandler's Malibu embassy compound.

What the fuck. No.4 arrived in Toronto in her own private OUR MAN FLINT Galaxy Island number with her latest FFing project at:

Please cheer up darling, and know that you are doing the Lord's work. No need to make a face.

If it would help; Imagine that you are a younger version of my Swiss German Freudian-mother lover in THE ADDAMS FAMILY prophecy, circa 1991, who loves to FF under age boys in confirmation of all those pix of David Beckham wearing his 50s Jew boy beatnik Man-Love movement top. In confirmation of the false prophet's perverted theology about "... Women are for babies... Boys are for fun.." Which apparently about half of the dirty Jews on the left still believe is cutting edge [blow] jobs economics.

Hence the very tall Herman Munster Jew character of the MLk 60s who is described at as someone rather peculiar who stands above everyone else. And used the Negro race threat of the 666s to shut up Glenn Beck et al from talking about the illegal alien abomination of desolation occupation in the Casablanca, Africa movie.



Woody's weird blond Catholic Democrat style Republican cunt for a girlfriend found a spread eagle Polaroid of him and Soon-Eat-Me sitting on top of his 5th Ave penthouse fireplace mantel; looking at least almost 16 years-old. For those 16 REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU scene in MULHOLLAND DRIVE co-starring Jenny's latest younger penthouse lover. Perhaps in confirmation of me going on 29 as she is still stuck in her West Village elevator to nowhere, going on 55.



The stand up figure doing Chloe in her front page section of Monday's NYT was standing in for Page's Girl Scout roller-ball coach in WHIP IT.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yet another surprise visit to PANDA Saturday evening left me with enough TANGO&CASH to pick up THE ADDAMS FAMILY's first feature movie at WAL*MART that I had completely forgotten about. My bad. Wherein the German Freudian Mother tries to get my potato head figure to rip off Keira Knightley's underground vault full of gold coins at the stinky Venice FFer show on the same day they gave out their sterling royal Lion of Judah awards.

It's called 'The Theory of Displacement' in the dangerous method acting 1991 movie. Where the secret combination to Julia Roberts' vagina full of LEPRECHAUN coins has the same birth date as Emma Roberts and Chloe Moretz.

Since "SEVEN MONTHS LATER" in the prophetic film is about the time when the 42 months of hard ass fucking starts to come to an end in REV.13. Or in the 1991 movie time-line that starts when all those LOST BOYS 3 vampire trick-or-treaters ring the bell.

An old book called 'HURRICANE IRENE: NIGHTMARE FROM ABOVE' is what eventually blows away the German Swiss Jew Freudian's S&M cure to today's homicidal maniac who looks like an ordinary person, to quote Christina Ricci's Wednesday character.

Because Irene had just cancelled the abomination of desolation's big fat half Jew ass MLK dedication, that has now been re-scheduled to happen on the day 1290 anniversary of the abomination of desolation in the two witnesses' time-line of Judah.

Right after Uncle Fester returned from Mel's "Devil's Island" paradise in the Bermuda Triangle. That has long been occupied by alien UFOs, ever since the time when FDR did his best to return the new and improved better looking 666 monster in REV.13.


Saturday, September 10, 2011


Jack's 70s shag pad for little horny Jew boy perverts off Mulholland Drive burned down at the same time Matt's new shag pad for us real men was revealed at:

Which is the 3-way ending to my polygamist fanatic shag pad in MULHOLLAND DRIVE. Where I would never dream of fucking a virgin who was not at least almost 16, unlike that eager-beaver 666 pervert Roman Polanski who was pre-fucking Chloe and Hailee while all those Orson Wells jug wine TV commercial warnings were airing on late night about not fucking anything "... before it's time..."

God damn, what ever happened to personal standards?

No wonder right now I'm in the middle of watching WHIP IT; with a great cast, a half-way decent screenplay, and pretty shitty girly directing. By Tom Green's Hollywood Hills house fire ex-wife who wanted to wear the pants in the family. But ended up making an Austin, Texas prophecy about the 'whirlwind' revelation given to the CHARIOTS OF FIRE look alike in Tom Green, Texas that burned down at least 1400 houses, at last count.

Because the region's brown Bible Belt Christian rockers in CAPE FEAR love their man-made bibles more than they love the Word of God.

As portrayed in the 19666s MONSTER GO HOME prophecy, where Marilyn says, "You English rat fink! [Jew] and then the Joseph Smith portrait falls off the wall for Gordon B Hinckley's special English Lit Chair at the U.U.

Right after the part where the old Queen calls me an imposter and 710 KIRO's Sir Hinckley calls me a false prophet, like some 1981ish anti-Mormon idiot in Dallas, Texas; who still believes that Obama was born somewhere around Elvis' BYU, Hawaii on Mel's FANTASY ISLAND of the Devil.


Friday, September 9, 2011


The massive blackout that started just before 7:00 pm DC time Thursday originated in the Choclate Mountains area of Arizona; due east of Sandy's organic avocado orchard partnership with Jesse James. In confirmation of the abomination of desolation, who was born in Africa, giving his big speech to a corrupt and craven congress that is now a direct party to the illegal alien occupation of the Casablanca. The 6,000,000 [Jews] who lost power live in the mostly brown-out southern California region that is basically occupied territory.

The day before I ever heard of any Munsters revenge movies, I dreamed that Arnold Schwarzenneger was rampaging through my late grandma's house in Seattle like a robot terminator with a chainsaw; sawing some union figure I know into pieces. Then a huge mob of union guys with bats and crow bars rioted on the Seattle docks as my main MUNSTER GO HOME & MUNSTER'S REVENGE posts rolled out.

MUNSTER GO HOME is the 1967 prophecy about Obama's plan to print more funny money, as he explained again Thursday evening. Wherein the British labor types are printing counterfeit money with the Queen's face on it in the basement of the newly inherited Munster Hall estate. And shipping it all out packed inside coffins, two at a time.

Apparently some engineer was working on power station equipment when the lines zapped out. In confirmation of the prophetic MUNSTER'S REVENGE scene where the mob boss wants to juice up his look alike Munster robots with another big electrical charge because they were not quite performing up to expectations. Only they didn't know that the Munster robots were the real Munsters operating undercover to clear their names.

Kind of like all those California unions who are blaming Arnold for their financial crisis.


Thursday, September 8, 2011


Reese Witherspoon was role playing the Munsters' normal looking blond niece named Marilyn when she got hit by a Granny Grass figure on 20th and Georgina in Area Code 310 Wednesday morning. In confirmation of my 3:22 am birth date post about the Bible Belt traitor from Dum/as Georgia who was prophesied of in 1967's IN LIKE FLINT.

The LEGALLY BLOND 2 in Washington, DC movie star, born in 76, was making a Spirit of 76 statement about the illegal alien in the Oval Office; per the number 20 that traditionally stands for all things abnormal and strange. Since the handcuffs come out in THE MUNSTERS' REVENGE Egyptian mummy heist plot that confirms my Naomi Watts look alike dream.

In deed, the handcuffs come out right when the Naomi Watts blond introduces us to her Jewish boyfriend.

The Munsters' grandpa vampire goes back to TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 to get his "Youth Rejuvenating Potion" that he tries out on his old Igor sidekick. Who instantly becomes 29ish and decides to retire from the 666 beast creation business.

The Pizza Mafia's look alike monsters get shuttled around in Obama's trademark Big Brown delivery truck in THE MUNSTERS' REVENGE, which is painted black.

Meanwhile on the royal throne of David that once belonged to the amazing Victoria Beckham look alike Queen of Egypt, it is written in Hebrew, "He who sits on the throne, sits there all alone."

Which is why the monster caper plot begins in 1981 with a Grandpa Munster impersonator robot hijacking Kate Holmes' red RX7 in Marina Del Rey while she is making out inside of it with some stranger behind the wheel. Note the Scientology cruise boat in the background at 6:45... on the DVD, right after the Mr Relf 'powerful wolf' surname reference to Senator Reid's Las Vegas, DC politicians. [That is a hangman's rope around the wolf man.]

In 1966's MUNSTER GO HOME theatrical movie release, the Queen of England thinks that my Herman character with forehead scar is an "imposter" who must be thwarted. In this film, the 19 year-old Marilyn character is played by Miley Sire Us. Who does not understand until the end that the Crown Prince of England is the good guy.


This long time 322nd fake image of Kate has a robot logo at:

Here's a look at the LEGALLY BLOND 2 poster at:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Recently various strangely alluring and rather odd looking Jewish bitches, in their best straight 40s' cfake monster faces, have started to blog at HUFF ET al about how in the world could anyone fuck Bucky Larson on camera if they were married to someone as successfully gay as an Adam Sandler or a Steven Speilberg.

Hey, even if the fat ass Jew boy dumps your fat ass, you are going to get at least a cold $10,000,000 in cash out of the fake orgasm gig.

Jesus Christ, what I wouldn't give to see my extremely talented Oscar winning Jewish actress wife having a method acting moment while I was watching my pink torpedo sliding in and out of her from behind her tight little Katy, Texas ass. [You have to press down hard on the vagina from that position, i. e. press hard on the top of her roof from her reverse perspective.]

"Acting is reacting..." Says my older Woody Allen figure in MULHOLLAND DRIVE.

All you apostate Christian Texas rodeo homos and your lesbo girlfriends who think that I'm full of it better read up on Rush's latest radio prophecy about Marco Rubio becoming the next president of the Republic of Texas.

That was immediately confirmed by the new pix of Michael Bay on the beach in South Beach, Miami with one of the IN LIKE FLINK bikini babes who leads the charge into the frozen retro robot TRANSFORMERS Munsters TV dinner future at:

Where the 19 year-old Miley Cyrus virgin in 1966's MUNSTER GO HOME prophecy transforms into a physically transfigured blond Naomi Watts in the 1981 TV movie sequel. Who transforms into AUSTIN POWERS: II's Heather Graham secret agent at the Halloween costume party where the G-Rated Donny Osmond suddenly becomes the X-Rated George Clooney. Right before the big reveal in 1992's KING RALPH prophecy that exposes Victoria Beckham's true Egyptian mummy concubine situation in regards to the English stud horse figure David Beckham; at 57:10... minutes on THE MUNSTERS' REVENGE DVD.

What? You have a problem with being pre-fucked like one of Beckham's many concubines in SEX AND THE CITY 2? Perhaps you never saw my Texas stud buddy fucking Penelope Cruz in my 2005 SAHARA dune-bugger prophecy about the Brown Bomber in WAG THE DOG 2?

Maybe you have a problem with having sex with a real man who plays ball for the hot hot BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM boys at:


PS: The wax museum henchman named 'Ralph' in T.M.R. 1981 is my old film school classmate Bruce Troxell. Who miraculously showed up living in Bucky Larson's Bonney Lake, of all places.

Monday, September 5, 2011


The plane crash that killed 21 on a remote volcano island off Chile was my cue to update OUR MAN FLINT's volcano lair plot. Wherein Al Gore and a trilogy of mad scientists who think that they are god are trying to control the weather via taxation, etc.

Right when the movie's island lair was exploding at around 2:52 am my time Monday, there was a strong 6.4 earthquake in the remote volcano islands of Tonga. For the flash vision I had at 6:41 am on 9.4 of a black widow spider on the rug crawing into a corner. In reference to Dr Evil's henchmen thinking they had Flint in a coffin they were carrying past the pilar numbers of 9 and 4 below the lair's 6-6-6 pattern interior design motif.

To the west of Tonga is were Mel Gibson has his own private FANTASY ISLAND in Fiji.

The traitor behind IN LIKE FLINT's prophetic plot to usurp the White House is named General Carter. The President from the Dum/as, Georgia area who believes that anyone who cares about Barack Obama's birth certificate is a racist. Due east of his Plains hometown is the Flint River that feeds into my sidekick's Lake Blackshear reservoir.

You see my sidekick's African mask in the entrance hall of Flint's penthouse in OUR MAN FLINT; which is heavily decorated with cfake nudes since the joint is actually owned by my wives.

The recent Internet 'planking' fad has been a Divinely inspired lead up to the planking technique used by Flint to prepare for his FFing mission revelations from 1967, like seen today at:


Sunday, September 4, 2011


JC was so moved by Sienna's unreleased Andy Warhol nudie picture remakes from BEHIND THE GREEN DOORs era that he went out and tagged his own remodled VILLAGE PEOPLE place with a huge transandental sperm genie concept rising next to a green F.F.C. sign that yours truly was operating underground there, at:

Because back then there was a prevailing urban legend about how two quasi-virgins would start to look like each other after their body fluids were rubbed and pressed together over and over for a few years. To the point that they began to resemble the various physical transfiguration themes in the two MUNSTERS movie DVD that I had found at TARGET last week, at:
AND, their creepy cum shot swingers logo at:
AND, this image of her hanging out with G.S.R. on Speilberg's sailor dog yacht with my Paltrow F.F.C.N.Y.C.T.G.I.F.F. bikini babe at:

That was simultaneously confirmed by all those prophetic GSR/TWN candids of Michelle Rodriguez FFing that older Italian speaking billionaire capitalist marxist on his Speilberg look alike mini kill cruise ship during this same 2011 summer of love, at:

Believe me you. I'm only about ten pounds away from being the above mother fucker.

Because the gay Jew boy director of ET was just too weak to fuck Gwyneth Paltrow and his hot female onboard cook at the same time his old Jew bitch wife was on the phone with her homosexual Hollywood party planner; planning his next whatever movie with Harrison Ford and you know who. And everybody in West Hollywood knows it.


Friday, September 2, 2011


Katia was my cue to update IN LIKE FLINT's prophetic signs and wonders surrounding Sir Branson's Virgin Islands retreat. The VIRGIN chief has been interested in personal space travel and all that. Plus, Flint was a hip 60s forerunner who uses Woody Norris sound wave technology to escape the 666 beast. Incorporating that brown belt flash vision I had back on 8.27 at 12:55 am into the 1967 film's "Operation Smooch" using an army of seductive bikini babes, like at:

The stars on the two blond cosmonaut babes' hair-drier space helmets are the same inspired star tattoos in Sienna's 'Soft Shoulder' statement at:

I.L.F.'s giant cock rocket is called a "bird" in the climax. Where we see Jude Law at 1:46:17 minutes into the DVD, trying to take over for the REV.17 female plot to rule the 666 beast. [Note the henchmen all wear UN style helmets.]

IN LIKE FLINT ends with the protagonist in a three-way landing course for Manhattan of course. Hence all the recent penthouse signs and wonders. One of his three new penthouse babes being the future redhead Emma Stone look alike in GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST etc. at:

FF's freezing chambers provide the Virgin Islands feminist spa with their "Save For Later" plan. Confirmed by Jennifer Aniston's latest appearance on the cover of one of their magazines; talking about female equality and womens rights.

It took 37 operations to create the fake president look alike in the Oval Office. For the recent 37 line connections with Obama's Colorado earthquake and Virginia's 5.8 physical transfiguration number by Spotsylvania County.

When the intelligence chief points his finger at today's fake president [golf duffer] and declares, "That man is an imposter!" we see a big 'Z' on the wall that stands for the African born usurper's half black and half white mulatto heritage. Often called a 'zebra' in street slang.

At 1:37... on the DVD.


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Those two blond neck sucking Russian cosmonauts who were launched into today's fresh ORBIT chewing gum climax in the 1967 IN LIKE FLINT Virgin Islands prophecy represented the two in-tight ass hole twisters of Renee and Sienna that were wrapped up in silver foil chewing gun type suits.

Talk about WRIGLEY'S STADIUM in north Chicago; not that far south of Gurnee.


The 5 beautiful women on the new cover of FABULOUS FACE magazine, yacking about woman's equality, are the same cheap fucking Jew Ho Bitches who gave us my abomination of desolation sidekick impersonator in the CASABLANCA prophecy. Who loves him some three-way ass action. Per my 1967 IN LIKE FLINT dreams about Julia Roberts and Jennifer Anniston's two Manhattan penthouses [Pentagon] that were produced in the same year that JR was born. Even if she had to watch me fuck her idiot brother's virgin offspring enough times before she finally got it.


FABULOUS FACE's FF brand was based in Sir Branson's Virgin Islands turtle rocket ride paradise of course. Where "Operation Duffer" stood for today's regular FFer poster at JUST JARED. When the half Jew look alike president in the Oval Office would be on the golf course in his mind 24/7. Just like half of the Republican Party politicians in DC who are now a party to Obama's fascistic Big Lie birth certificate bullshit on the Glenn Beck meets Bill O'Reilly shows.