Monday, November 30, 2015


The fad junk science happening in Paris right now is being confirmed by the climate change Pope of Rome telling everyone down in Africa today that black people are the same as white people. ~ ~ Hence the JEW YORK TIMES is still reporting with a straight face that Barack Obama was not born beside his grandmother in a British hospital in Kenya. ~ ~ What goes around comes around. ~ ~ You Jew it to me. I Jew it to you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWN NOTES: The proverbial two-weeks-notice movie plot line cliché in OCEAN'S 12 has very thematic similarities with the two weeks long moral climate change that is now happening in Paris. ~ ~ [Think AN AMERICAN VAMPIRE IN PARIS meets AN AMERICAN VAMPIRE IN LONDON.] ~ ~ Sometimes I get that erie dear-in-the-headlights feeling in the middle-of-the-night that I need to slow it down a bit in order to give my very successful and busy readers, who have real jobs, careers and family obligations, enough time to catch up with me. ~ ~ When this happens, I usually just bide my time by laying back and relaxing and watching the various prophetically inspired mormon vampire polygamist movies that I have at: ~ ~ This way, I stay on the ball and keep up with the latest gossip pix about Lindsay Lohan and Emma Watson et al. ~ ~ For example, last night I watched THE BIG LEBOWSKI while taking copious screenplay idea notes about how I would cast Brad Pitt in THE SON OF LEBOWSKI sequel. ~ ~ For whatever it's worth. I finally came to the conclusion that it would never work if we could not get the same two Coen brothers to make it. ~ ~ Too complicated. Too many ins and outs. Too many busy schedules. ~ ~ Too much money? Nah, that was the last thing on my mind.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


That crazy PLANNED PARENTHOOD shooter in Barack Obama's colored state of Colorado, from Black Mountain, North Carolina, was a PLAN B pregnancy alternative confirmation of the message in KILLING THEM SOFTLY. ~ ~ You know it. ~ ~ I AM is so fucking pro choice, that I believe that fed up parents even have the right to kill their rebellious preadolescent children sometimes. ~ ~ You don't clear the table and wash the dishes. You don't clean up your room and go to bed on time. ~ ~ Boom, you're dead. ~ ~ Metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWA ~ ~ GREEN NOTES: I watched ANNIE HALL again last night, in preparation for the climate change conference in Paris. This being the film about the black spiders who got killed by a right-wing rock star [heavy metal parody] band at about 57 minutes into it. ~ ~ And of course, Adele's new album covers the very same born-again nostalgic "Seems like old times..." themes, yada yada. ~ ~ Just like the much older now Carley Simone does in her newly published 1977 era biography about her foolishly letting herself get fucked [with no pay off] by the likes of Warren Beaty and Jack Nicholson. ~ ~ So just to mop things up; we see the portraits of America's past Presidents when that future succesful President Trump kid stands up and tells it like it is. After the misspelled 'TEUSDAY, DEC. 1" birthday boy 2015 [no.20 equation 6.14 situation] timeline is seen on the opening sequence's classroom chalkboard. ~ ~ Ergo, the White House men's room attendant conspiracy reference to today's homogaysexual from Chicago. [Who knows how to keep his eyes closed and his mouth shut in the first AUSTIN POWERS.] ~ ~ SECRET SAUCE NOTES: One of those crazy kids who beat the shit out of Nick Cage at the end of WILD AT HEART, was that same kid who he had beat up earlier in the David Lynch movie at the heavy metal rock concert.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


The mightiest line in KILLING IT SOFTLY is the very last line in the 5 year-old art house movie. That says, "Now fuck'ing pay me." what you owe me. ~ ~ Obviously, I AM is giving it a 5 star rating on this blog, mostly because I need the money. ~ ~ And the PLAN B feature ain't that bad either. ~ Which goes for you too Mr. ROCKET MAN, now based in Seattle. ~ ~ That said. I realize that you are a very happily married man who has probably never even touched another adult man's OINGO BOINGO. ~ ~ But. However. IT is now far past the time for you boys to grow up and learn something about the moral-climate change similarities that you have with Elton John and Charlie Sheen. ~ ~ Not to mention Mel Gibson and Donald Trump. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MICHAEL D. EVANS: I just found your oversized 9x13 envelope mailing in GG's P.O. box on this very special Sabbath holiday morning. Complete with fake 1961 era typewriter style computerised hand written unline notations. ~ ~ And I agree almost completely with everything that you are asking me to do. ~ ~ Only problem is. There was no personal hand written 10% finders fee check made out to me in it. ~ ~ And you must know by now that I don't work for free no more; starting on Jamuary 20, 2016, at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, in Park City, Utah. ~ ~ Faith without works is dead; so say the extremist right-wing Orthodox Jews anyway. ~ ~ So what the fuck is this? ~ ~ Have I not given you enough time and money already to comfortly come up with my 10% in tax free off shore cash money already? Or AM I just being too egotistical and greedy on an indie film crazy director level? ~ ~ Who has too much talent and not enough money for his own good. ~ ~ Wherein everybody gets paid absolutely almost nothing. Just for the Divine privilege of hanging out with me and Taylor Swift for a few days at my alpine chalet love shack for overaged swingers in Sundance. ~ ~ [Not to be confused with the same area's Deer Valley winter lodge; where Mitt Romney likes to hang out from time to time.] ~ ~ CADDYSHACK NOTES: There is a Providential reason why my brother Peter Relf once made a miraculous once-in-a-lifetime hole-in-one at some golf course in Park City, Utah. ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: If you really do still believe that you and your father have the exclusive international commercial rights to that cazy Swiss German [UU] professor's discovery to the cure for lung cancer; I buy you that estate on Lake Como in OCEAN'S 12.~ ~ Whereby me and you and Ken McLeod can set up some kind of a phoney baloney medical research front foundation estate property for older men like us. Who traditionally like to take the grandkids fly fishing on the lake every spring time in their old vintage wooden row boats. ~ ~

Friday, November 27, 2015


As usual I was almost always right. ~ ~ KILLING THEM SOFTLY is a startling prophecy about Charlie Sheen needing to make the right decision at the end in the future 2016 election period. ~ ~ We already know that Charlie the Tuna is a big time Donald Trump supporter. ~ ~ That's a given. ~ ~ Yesterday's news already. ~ ~ Trump will win California, easy as pie. ~ ~ Yada. Yada. ~ ~ But what we still don't know yet is how much is he going to humble himself and cash in on his epic stacks of chips for all of those brilliantly conceived videos that were made of him having sex with two teenagers at a time. ~ ~ Dude. All you have to do is contact these people and cut an honest and square above board distribution deal that is good for [America] and everybody involved. ~ ~ Don't take too much time to think about it. ~ ~ You get a cool $90,000,000, they get only about $10,000,000. Which is more money than they have ever seen in their life. ~ ~ Look at it this way. If you had never fucked up at NBC; you would not be sitting on top of a $$$$$$ billion in free publicity now. ~ ~ Instead, you would have already been most respectfully kicked to the curb with full honors. And now you would be probably remaking DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS:II style sequals for union scale, plus any possible but highly unlikely 10% of the net prophets. ~ ~ Plus, you would be doing me a big favor too; since about 3 1/2 years ago I told everybody that you were my friend. ~ ~ What are friends for anyway? ~ ~ GSR/TOWNSHIPS ~ ~ THE BIG ASSHOLE SHIT NOTES: If Brad Pitt is not yet up to making two sequels to THE BIG LEBOWSKI at a time at this time, simply because his crazy jealous exwife replacement girlfriend "wife" wont let him do it, Charlie Sheen might even be a better PLAN B replacement casting idea. ~ ~ It would not be the first time that something like that had happened for the best in the past 100 million years in Hollywood. ~ ~ PS MR 666 MICROSOFT MAN: I AM has become pretty bored and tired of your neofascist world domination progressive taxation climate change fuel tax credit fantasies. ~ ~ Perhaps it's now high time for me to demonstrate my insane NAPOLEON complex type powers unto you. ~ ~ Unless of course you pay me a gazzillion billon trillian dollars. ~ ~ Don't forget; you owe me. I don't owe you. ~ ~ I'm like your best friend in the future in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: II&III; even if you don't really like me anyway. ~ ~ FAKE REPLACEMENT KILLER TITS NOTES: "President Obama" was born in Hawaii; according to the NYT and Rush Limbaugh et al. ~ ~ What Jew you say? ~ ~ Jesus Christ already!! Where's your sence of humor? ~ ~ PS MEL: According to Bernie Sander's typical Jewish communist homosexual stalanist black listed media, you are either a billionaire, or you don't even have enough money left in your checking account to meet your child support payments. ~ ~ True or false, none of this pop cu!ture politics bullshit even interests me that much anymore. ~ ~ What I'm thinking about now is that me and you and Tom Hanks too hook up and pay for some kind of a seriocomic docudrama film festival comedy about you and Tom hooking up with two underaged teen hotties in the parking lot of some Malibu Beach hotel and bar. And then that self righteous white Nazi reactionary look alike, who obviously hates stupid black people, in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:2 arrests you and him for no good reason. ~ ~ PS TOM HANKS: Now that your beloved wife is almost dead. You might want to start thinking about your future.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


I dreamed over and over and again and again about Brad Pitt all night long last night. So I went back to WAL*MART again in the morning and found that 2012 movie about today's political establishment mob who have set aside their differences and hired a man to get rid of that amateur player named Donald Trump, time-stamped at 21:29 at: ~ ~ Hope I'm not wrong on this. I never did see it. I am only going on what it says on the back of the DVD case. ~ ~ Which is exactly what all of the apostate christian church priests [Who were fighting like hell against each other.] in upper New York did. When suddenly Joseph appeared out of nowhere and told them that God had told him in the woods that they were all wrong. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE PLAIN TRUTH NOTES: There is a Divine reason why Hollywood's most famous mega bucks movie star on the down low [Will Smith] looks like the spawn of an illegal alien invader from outer space. Who is obviously the breed of some HIV monkey from Charlize' Africa in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER meets SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT. ~ ~ And his sexy man wife really does look like a hardass bisexual man eater lesbian. And therefore the children that he/she spawned with her/him all look like sexually confused underaged transsexuals. Who have been fucked in a real good way by rich older white Jewish men. Not only because the big 6-figure money from Charlie Sheen et al was right; but also for decadently inspired artistic reasons. ~ ~ SEE:,_Manhattan ~ ~ Where ANNIE HALL's future little school girl Sandy is now living part time. ~ ~ CRASH NOTES: Today's uncivilized and disobediant niggers are rioting because the white people who are better than them in EZE.38 are still disobeying the word of God at, etc. ~ ~ PS BRAD: Anyway that you shoot it, you always end up looking like a really handsome tall white blond Nazi. ~ ~ And that's a good thing. Like in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN on the one side, and A RIVER RUNS THROUGHT IT on the other side, at: ~ ~ SON OF THE LITTLE LEBOWSKI NOTES: Am I the only one out there right now who is feeling this one? ~ ~ Don't force me to go to Mel Gibson to get the six figure budget for it; just in order to prime the pump. Because I will if I have to; fuck you very much.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I don't know about you. But I myself has been awaken in the middle of the night by a very soft and clear voice from the other side that says simply 'Hello'; like only about 50,000 times in the last million years. ~ ~ Usually the preternatural voice sounds rather friendly and reassuring. But sometimes it can also sound strangely sardonic and evil. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS PAULEY PERRETTE: I read somewhere that that crazy homeless guy, from a good white healthy Ephraimite family in South Carolina, who attacked you up in the 7 hills of Hollywood, told you to always remember the name "William Holden"; i.e. the legendary star of STALAG 17, at: ~ ~ Which was a prophetic film about the arrogant Democrat Party left-winger Jews in the last days. Who had forced the white Ephraimite right-wingers into captivity, and finally they themselves end up in REV.13 type born again captivity. "What goes around comes around." David Lynch. ~ ~ PS CHRIS WOOD: Your upcoming birthday on 12.6 promises to be a very special occasion for you on a personal level. ~ ~ PS WOODY: Your own Dec.1 birth date written in the scrambled numbers on the crazy math teacher's chalkboard in ANNIE HALL is a Judah 1335 days period [WORLD AIDS DAY] thingy. ~ ~ It is no coincidence that both of you two are about the same height.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Woody Allen says that the two families of Judah and Ephraim are " oil and water." at around 47:00 into the split screen scene in ANNIE HALL. ~ ~ This being the two worlds logo on the tail of that TWA jet flying over Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ ~ So the next time that you hear some white cracker with hostility issues say that the Jews are trying to do to America what they did to Jesus, don't be so reactionary. ~ ~ Yes, IT'S ALL TRUE!! ~ ~ That half Jewish bastard child in the re occupied Casa Blanca, named Barack Obama, is not even a half-ass fact-checked US citizen. Thanks to 7 straight years of stonewalling by conservative neo con apostate christian JEWS FOR JESUS style talk radio. ~ ~ How gay is that? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REV.12 NOTES: Everything you need to know about OCEANS 12 happens in the movie's very last shot. Wherein Catherine Z-J suddenly falls out of her chair at the future round table of Donald Trump. ~ ~ Exactly like in one of his APRENTISHIP reality television show episodes. ~ ~ I never did see the show. But I understand that it was pretty good TV. ~ ~ [Think those chairs of sudden death in the opening sequence to AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY.] ~ ~ PLAY IT AGAIN NOTES: Woody Allen's original San Francisco film was about the importance of remaking sequels and prequels of the most inspired movies of the past 100 years. In order that the next two generations of the last days could also become as informed and enlightened as their grand fathers who came before them. ~ ~ Hence the, "...seems like old times..." song theme in ANNIE HALL meets STARDUST MEMORIES, MANHATTAN, THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO, and RADIO DAYS, yada yada. ~ ~ PS MS LIMA: If you really are serious about getting into pictures. Here is what you do. ~ ~ Become your own producer and hire Paul Nestor to be your [SEX LIES AND VIDEO TAPE] cameraman in your own private debute remake of THE WOMAN IN RED, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Of course, I get to play the cute older horny Jewish guy who can't wait to fuck you.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Jesus Christ people. Even my immature and uneducated futurist psychedelia 16 year-oldish underaged wife Miley Cyrus has enough common sense, and gets it enough, to open her new MILEY'S DEAD PETZ tour in some art theater venue located in the Jewish orthodox north side of Chicago. ~ ~ Talk about billions of $$$$$$ in free publicity for my upcoming Janis Joplin biopic, directed by Oliver Stoned. ~ ~ Oh boy. I'm gonna get it whenever and as often as I want it. ~ ~ GREG/RELF/TWN ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT: Haven't you wasted enough opportunities in your life time already to double-fuck two 16 year-olds at a time? ~ ~ Dude. Get real. It's time to come out of the closet. ~ ~ Heaven is a place on earth where the men have 7 wives, like in ISAIAH 4, etc. And the crazy women in your life are not even allowed to vote in any of today's country club federal prison stylings elections; only locally. ~ ~ 11-12-13 NOTES: You won't get OCEAN'S 12 if you don't see OCEAN'S 11 first. Same thing goes for AP:I,II,III and LEPRECHAUN:I,II,III. ~ ~ Therefore I would recommend that we shoot THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II&III at the same time. ~ ~ Just to get it all over with rather quickly. ~ ~ Because after last night's [Dan] rather disturbing dream sequences, Jesus promised me that he would scare up another 100 big ones for us if we make two of them at a time, and save everybody a lot of time and money. ~ ~

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Duh, Barack Obama is an apostate Muslim homosexual anti semite reformed [orange robe] Buddhist neo nazi who likes little girly Jewish boys who can relate to him. And the entire half Jewish neocon Bush family clan/cult represents the better half of apostate Christianity, who hates the above abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 for a good reason. ~ ~ Enny meany mighty Moe, catch a Jew nigger by the toe. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO.12 NOTES: Now that I have watched OCEAN'S 11, for like the first time in about 11 years, I can't wait to watch my new and improved used copy of OCEAN'S 12 tonight. Which I had found last week at GOODWILL for 2.99, plus 10% sales tax. ~ ~ PS BRAD AND JANET: As the one who will be generously over-paying you for everything, thanks to my imaginary good buddy Elton John, I do have some thoughts about your upcoming sequel prequel remake of THE BIG LEBOWSKI meets THE WEIGHT OF WATER. ~ ~ How about some kind of a deathbed flashback rip off version of BUBBA HO-TEP? ~ ~ Wherein everything plays out onboard some vintage 51' boat that is now long retired and tied up on some old wooden dock in Marin County, California. That travels back in time to Michael Savages' wasted youth [THE GRADUATE] years spent sailing around in the south seas while looking for the physical transfiguration's fountain of youth. ~ ~ I'm thinking we get that guy who wrote the screenplay for ADAPTATION, and we get the director who did SEX LIES AND VIDEO TAPE. Since most everything is shot on video these days anyways. ~ ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Two nights ago I dreamed that you get to be the star in any movie that my own private SCIENTOLOGY cult religion studio friends are producing and paying for; just because you are my girlfriend, and therefore they want to remain on your best side. ~ ~ If the money is big enough to satisfy you of course; let's not shit in our panties. ~ ~ Not metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ I know that you have to support your sister's famlily too; and that's a good thing that you are doing. ~ ~ To say the least, daddy doesn't like it when people threaten his family. ~ ~ 12 NOTES: The director of OCEAN'S 12 said that this one is his favorite one in the 11,12,13 trilogy.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


"Harvard makes mistakes too..." says Alvy about Obama at about 1:20:30 into ANNIE HALL. As the iconic Blowfeld look alike figure from DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER meets THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW walks by on the sidewalk in front of the art theater. ~ ~ Then the movie cuts to today's Ms Wilde look alike who still doesn't get it either; after all these years. ~ ~ And then the film's next mighty line warns Annie Hall on some midnight telephone booty call that, "...I'm gonna come out there and get Jew..." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LEATHER & LACE NOTES: Here is a fake depiction of Sandy at image [W. 63 ST.] who likes the motorcycle bad boys in leather jackets, When Alvy gifts Annette with a VICTORIA'S SECRET nightie and a RALPH LAUREN watch on her birthday, we see that ANNIE HALL is about the career timelines of Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima; not to mention Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner. ~ ~ 11,12,13 NOTES: I started to get tired of ANNIE HALL last night. So I plugged in my new and used copy of OCEAN'S 11 and discovered for the first time ever that the 2001 movie opens with a shot of TRUMP PLAZA in the background of Atlantic City, New Jersey. ~ ~ Personally, I could give a flying fuck who my personal assistant DON JUAN DE MARCO sidekick wanna be chooses for his running mate in 2016. ~ ~ But it would be more fun than a barrel of monkeys if he went with Gov. Christie, per: ~ ~ Not only that, a lot of the older and more overweight Jewish men and their wives still like their Reagan Democrat type New Jersey governor. Who kind of looks like Larry David's best buddy manager agent CPA guy in all of those CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM episodes on HBO, etc. ~ ~ "I never watched THE SORPRANOS; but I understand that it was pretty good." Woody Allen. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ PS WOODY: My own quasi bipolar brother with hostilty issues in ANNIE HALL is also a Teamster. Even the same crazy brunet guy who once got fired by Bob, and about a day later he went back and semi violently confronted Robert Redford's blond hair job persona in his own private prime rib with baked potato mob party front joint at SUNDANCE. Demanding that he give him his overtime severance paycheck now; instead of waiting for it to come in the mail. ~ ~ F FOR FAKE NOTES: This particular computerized fake birth certificate image of Scarlett Johansson was made by the [Hawaii Pearl Harbor] 'admiral' for that shot of her on Coney Island with all of those car 49 bumper car Navy sailor dog [militant Merchant Marines] guys, at: ~ ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: Right now it is not really that important if you want to fuck me or not. Your mission in life right now is to encourage Elton John et al to let me stay at his place in the English country side and do a little bit of fly fishing until things blow over. ~ ~ We can always get around to what is right and what is wrong later; first things first, line upon line, precept upon precept. ~ ~

Friday, November 20, 2015


Alvy's strict white teacher in ANNIE HALL holds up the future successful businessman named "Donald" as an example of how he should behave. ~ ~ After the 1970s movie had opened with a joke about today's crazy old Jew from Brooklyn who is still screaming about socialism. ~ ~ That comes before the relationship breakup of America into three parts in REV.16. ~ ~ When Alvy has to relive his traumatic boyhood years while growing up under the future stock market rollercoaster. ~ ~ After the movie's ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy about riding to the hijackers airport in a 911, and hearing the shattering glass and seeing the fuel explode into a massive fire. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CLASS OF 42 NOTES: That is little Ken Keisler sitting in back when yours truly kisses Alison Roth. And then we are introduced to my long lost stepbrother Kit Winn; wearing a pair of his SEARS eyeglasses. ~ ~ Last but not least, little Sandy Bullock stands up and makes an innocent comment about her surname reference to bullhide. ~ ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: When you walk by in a blue heron top on the sidewalk in ANNIE HALL, a woman from your native Africa appears. ~ ~ REV.13 NOTES: The election of Donald Trump is about today's liberals going into spiritual, political and cultural captivity; i.e. those who had lead the saints into [Barack Obama] captivity, will go into captivity. ~ ~ THE GREAT HALL NOTES: Annie Hall's surname is a play on Hitler's Great Hall speeches. Hence her new '... NZY' license plate in LA, the 'SS' sign in the Italian cafe scene background, the black face soap bar of Barack Obama's future African mask, etc. ~ ~ It is no coincidence that Donald Trump was born on June 14th, the year after WWII ended. ~ ~ PS BERNIE: Exactly like you, FDR was not a socialist. Rather he was a reformed democratic fascist. ~ ~ Which is why the God of Abraham caused 6,666,666 Jews to be murdered by the simple minded and self righteous fascists of the first 666 beast in REV.13. ~ ~ Communism always evolves into socialism. Socialism always elvolves into fascism. Fascism always evolves into liberalism. ~ ~ A rose is a rose by any other name.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


People think of ANNIE HALL as the proverbial romantic relationship comedy. When in fact the iconic 70s film is mostly about politics and the election process from start to finish. ~ ~ Wherein today's crazy mixed up modern women like Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton can't make up their minds about anything. And therefore all they do is just gum up the works. ~ ~ Which is why Alvy asks Annie if she has a can of RAIDERS bug killer when he comes over in the middle of the night to kill the big black spider in her bathtub. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS: That is Carey Mulligan who walks by on the sidewalk after Alvy and Annie get out of her LOVE BUG no.53 car icon that bears my '100 ...' wives license plates. Who is then followed up by my French German region exwife role playing my half French and half German wife from EZE.47 South Africa nicknamed Charlie. ~ ~ Towards the end of the low budget indie art film, we see Cara Delevigne rehearsing for the lead remake role in ANNIE HALL:II meets HANNA AND HER SISTERS:II. ~ ~ When Alvy returns to LAX in order to make up with Annie, we see Howard Stern sitting next to him sporting his college years 1970s style Jewfro SHAMPOO job; Providentially positioned directly below the [REV.11 street] sidewalk cafe's ADDIOS umbrella sign. ~ ~ PRISONER OF LOVE NOTES: When Woody Allen gets out of his self imposed REV.13 666 prison in the above year 2016 scenario. He finally sees that his west coast actor buddy, who drives a 450SL, is now fucking two teenagers at a time. And he is wearing protective atomic bomb radiation fallout head gear that retards the aging process of the physical transfiguration. ~ ~ See every SI-FI horror movie that was ever made for peanuts during the white christian Republican Eisenhower era. ~ ~ Since THE SORROW AND THE PITTY opens with a direct FRENCH CONNECTION confirmation of Don Trump's June 14th BIRTH OF A NATION birth date. Wherein all of the darker skinned antichrist Muslims in France will be driven out of the country starting in October of 2027; including all of their children and widows. ~ ~ PS KEIRA AND CAREY: Don't worry if your post-baby-birther mommy LEVI jeans have become just a bit too tight in the butt and the thighs lately. ~ ~ This too will pass. ~ ~

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


In confirmation of that lightening strike in the KING RELF prophecy that causes the new King of England to come over the trout pond from VIVA LAS VEGAS during NFL season; see: ~ ~ Then see the new it girl in town arrived down under wearing nothing on her top except the correct temple garments in 2BC:91, at: ~ ~ Do I have your attention yet boys? ~ ~ GSR/TWA ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: If not for Jesus, you would just be some overweight middleaged faggot working for tips at a piano bar in some old run down Las Vegas casino in LEPRECHAUN:III meets BUBBA HO-TEP:II; or something like that. ~ ~ I will never forget what I told you that you still owe me. ~ ~ Except now I AM has been forced to up the stakes in order to get your attention in these matters. ~ ~

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Charlie Sheen [shine] getting AIDS is a latter-day-saints missionary man confirmation of DURAN DURAN performing at The City of Light's iconic REV.9 stinger symbol, seen at: ~ ~ [Think Seattle's heroin filled SPACE NEEDLE scene that finally killed off the city's fantasy =NIRVANA= garage band scene.] ~ ~ As refered to in such movies as DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER and KISS OF THE [black] SPIDER WOMAN meets ANNIE HALL; a.k.a. Barack Obama hooks up with Mr.Boner from Ohio. ~ ~ Hence, DURAN DURAN had already performed at Al Gore's gay ass event called 24 HOURS OF TRUTH, before he got attacked by the beast who hates the negro trans-asexual whore in the White House in REV.17. And DURAN DURAN perform the theme song for A VIEW TO A KILL, 1985; wherein Donald Trump is plotting to blow up the Gay Area with a detonator bomb that looks exactly like an indoors sports arena. ~ ~ No really. Watch the movie. ~ ~ Wherein the Clock Boy's clock says '1995' for the special 1269 days prophecy about the two earthquake fault lines of Judah and Ephraim in PLAY IT AGAIN SAM at;,_Sam_(film) ~ ~ This being the same movie back when that inspired Michael Savage to finally settle down in Marin County and start taking life a bit more seriously. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MEL: Your 1960s comedy that took place at the HYACK in San Francisco was also a big part of Michael Savage's conversion story.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Alvy and Annie decide to stop it in ANNIE HALL when we see that stock BOEING airliner footage of a TWA jet flying over the Bonney Lake, Puget Sound region at 1:18:00. ~ ~ [TWO WITNESSES AIRPLANE] ~ ~ Which is followed up by Annie wearing a royal Scottish [bonney] plaid scar/f during Christmas season. ~ ~ When the 'Wood Man', nicknamed Max, shows her the very first book about the physical transfiguration that he ever had bought for her; entitled THE DENIAL OF DEATH. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LUNATIC NOTES: Woody mentions today's GSR/TWN stick-thin figure in Central Park who is always wearing a medicine wheel hat and usually rolls out a new posting every day at, 1:21:50. ~ ~ Mind you, this was light years in human time before SEINFELD. ~ ~ NATIONAL DEBT NOTES: Over two weeks ago, I had a symbolic proxy dream about Jim Carry being more than willing to pay for the cake that Woody Allen still owes me big time. ~ ~ That is he and I get to co-star in the picture with that blond Scarlett Johansson who blows me a kiss at about 3:40 into ANNIE HALL:II. ~ ~ And that big black spider in her [black face mask soap opera] bath tub represents America's first black president, circa 2016. ~ ~ Who Mr.Singer beats to death with an old rolled up copy of my NATIONAL REVIEW magazine, then using her British DUNLOP tennis racket to finish the job. ~ ~ THE END NOTES: ANNIE HALL ends with a sweet and sour shot of that Italian Brunetto truck that represents my various future brunet wives; such as the Scottish Kristen Stewart, the Italian Ms.Fresh, the whatever Ms.Jenner, the English Ms.Cox and Ms.Megan Fox; and maybe even the Frenchie Pauley Perrette. ~ ~ Who knows? ~ ~ "I love them all!!!!" GREASE:2.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Last night I watched my new used copy of 1975's ANNIE HALL, that finally came out in 77. Wherein that really creepy guy asks Woody Allen for an autograph made out to 'Relf' while standing in front an art theater that shows foreign made Fellini movies. ~ ~ And we also see that little Howard Stern school boy who says that 7.3 is the symbolic number 9 for all things that come to an end after the 1260 days [female period] in REV.11-12. ~ ~ So the little 5'4" redhead Levite boy named Woody slaps his hand hard on his forehead scar for the sake of the marred [MAD MAGAZINE] servant in the BM; just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ No. I'm not kidding. Really. ~ ~ This is the same original movie that has Max originally agreeing with me about everything that I AM is trying to say now; some 40 years later. ~ ~ Including today's Jew York City being run by a political cabal of communist Jewish homosexual Italian gangster transsexuals who look like lesbian feminists; just for starters. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Last night I dreamed over and over again that you finally would could around, after all these years, and be willing to get into the shower with me and pull on my boner a little bit more. ~ ~ Just a suggestion. Guys really like it when girls clamp down really hard on them when they are sucking them dry. ~ ~ Everybody should always remember that the girls always like it soft, and the boys always like it hard. Because that is just the way that God made mankind.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


The big boner idol that President Elvis Trump gets in BUBBA HO-TEP represents the 555' Egyptian phallic icon rising above today's idolaltereous 666 DC. ~ ~ As confirmed by Mr.Bono having to cancel the rest of his EU tour; because it was his Catholic ilk that let so many terrorists into the Israelitish latter-day saints land of EZE.38 in the first place. ~ ~ Remember all his friendly and supportive visits to the Bush W. White House? ~ ~ And all of the liberal pop culture idiots in the new and improved media thought that that was kind of strange? ~ ~ No wonder that his brother Jeb is now in the proverbial guest dog house in the ratings. ~ ~ And yours truly is just starting to get his second wind; after being treated like a dog for the past 20 years by all of my so called wives and friends. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BARRY: You could have at least called me once in awhile. ~ ~ Maybe even the occasional hand job and back scratch. ~ ~ They don't charge you for that. ~ ~ PS MRS FRESH: David Cronenberg thought that it was so funny that Sandra Bullock would rip off and exploit his $3,000,000 cash money CRASH movie that he decided to make his very first feature film in America called MAPS TO THE STARS. In reference to those same year [1996/7] STAR MAPS scenes that show everybody where Sandy and her birthday party photographer clown lover are now living in LA, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Think DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS meets BEVERLY HILLS COP:III.


There is half of a baloney sandwich on Mr.Haff's plate when Bush Sr is firing off his two cap pistols of Judah and Ephraim in the BUBBA HO-TEP prophecy; pretending to fight off the fascistic agenda of the sodomite Egyptian in DC. While giving him everything that he wants; and they want. ~ ~ Including full legal citizenship status; even though he is using a stolen Social Security number. ~ ~ And everyone and his dog knows it. ~ ~ Flash forward to ISIS terrorists sneaking into the EU with the Syrian refugee children of Angelina Jolie et all and you start to get the big picture. ~ ~ Obviously, that blue tourist bus crash in gay ass San Francisco was confirmation of Al Gore's 24 HOURS OF TRUTH concert with Elton John at the Eiffel Tower; where A VIEW TO A KILL begins. ~ ~ The one about the white billionaire businessman and his May Day sidekick. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LAST TANGO IN PARIS NOTES: Pauley Perrette was walking over to my little Love Shack guest house in the hills when she was attacked by some crazy guy who calls himself "William..." Shakespeare. ~ ~ [Think KING CHARLES III's political theater.] ~ ~ BUBBA NOTES: Those two ladies call Mr.Presley 'Mr.President' at about 24:00. ~ ~ We see his shadow on the toilet stall wall when he looks closer at the Egyptian stick figures. ~ ~ Bush Sr tells Tonto to get his 42 months boots when the ambush happens. Who used to play [trump] card games with Elvis before he finally lost his mind. And is now wearing his own taylor made brand of an Elvis Presley fantasy hero uniform. ~ ~ 1290 DAYS NOTES: That father and son were ambushed near Abraham's Hebron because BiBi et al are still pretending that Barack Obama is their wanna be best friend in the world. ~ ~

Friday, November 13, 2015


Stick a fork in it already, like Elvis Trump does in BUBBA HO-TEP. ~ ~ This turkey is already done. ~ ~ Donald Trump is going to win the election in 2016. ~ ~ And as I recently wrote on this BB, there isn't even going to be an election next year, technically speaking. ~ ~ Oh sure, you probably will still get to vote, but it won't matter. ~ ~ You will just be wasting your time. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VOTER NOTES: Now that so many of the latter-day era 50/50 states are requiring proof of American citizenship I.D. at the voting booth, there is no way in hell that an illegal alien Democrat Party homosexual half Jew negro feminist icon could win the next election. ~ ~ FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE NOTES: The third-way lesbian figure in this 1963 James Bond movie is a Hillary Clinton prophecy. ~ ~ In other words, she is not a communist anymore; but a new and improved Evita Madonna type stream-lined marxist 666 fascist. Who represents about half of today's young Jewish women at NYU who are parodied in movies like KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN and SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT. ~ ~

Thursday, November 12, 2015


The reason why all of those white christian middle aged career men at the FBI are now gunning for Hillary Clinton et all is because the corrupted DOJ, that is now being run by a gang of Jewish lesbian negros, has been stonewalling the truth about Obama's fake birth certificate and his confirmed use of a stolen Social Security number for the past 7 years. ~ ~ Think Brad Pitt tries to overcome his Naziast family history of apostate christianity and Republican Party roots in SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET, and you begin to get it, at: ~ ~ GREGORY SCOTT RELF ~ ~ BUBBA NOTES: The demented lone ranger in BUBBA HO-TEP brings out his two little boy cap pistol toys of Judah and Ephraim at around the same age as today's Bush Sr. and says, "...It's an am/bush!!" ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ I AM IT NOW NOTES: My friend Mike told me that I will get to see my two lost sons of Israel when they get to be around 40; and I get to start looking like I AM is about 50; more or less. ~ ~ PS MRS. FRESH: After I watched the first half of FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE; wherein James Bond is a polygamist who hooks up with his polygamist contact in Turkey; the news broke about those eastern Turks who are hell bent on destroying Barack Obama's disgusting Nation of Islam culture that is now trying to take over America's higher institutions of learning. ~ ~ PS JODIE FOSTER: Why don't you want to become my future wife anymore? ~ ~ Do I have bad breath or something? ~ ~ CHRISTMAS IN HAWAII MOVIE NOTES: Elvis Trump made all of those BYU blue Hawaii pictures in the 1960s for a reason. Remember, this was still the era when they played a couple of DONALD DUCK cartoons in between the double feature presentations at the NEPTUNE in Seattle. ~ ~

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Trump's trademark TV show line, "YOU'RE FIRED!!" is the inspiration behind the idea in BUBBA HO-TEP that " cleanses evil." Hence that fiery El Salvador church van fire in Prince George County, and that fiery business jet crash where 7 of Jeb Bush's typical big corporate partners in crime died in Summit County, Ohio. ~ ~ All of this being that old bus crash near Ark's Pinnacle's State Park that represented the 7 pyramids beast homosexual mummy in BUBBA HO-TEP who always comes in the middle of the night on the down low. ~ ~ Since that doomed [CRASH] bus from Mitt Romney's state of Michigan was full of dark skinned queer ass LA-man orange pickers from Mexico. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ T.C.B. NOTES: The overriding big idea behind the BUBBA HO-TEP prophecy is that it is now high time to start taking care of business; before it's too late. ~ ~ PS CRUZ: You can not become the next President of Sodom and Egypt in DC for the simple reason that you are not a natural born citizen. ~ ~ So how about accepting Sir Donald's offer to be Secretary of State? Which would then put you into the perfect position to become the next post civil war President of Texas. ~ ~ Think about it, no really. ~ ~ Jesus already wants both Eva Longoria and Cameron Diaz to become your future wives, not to mention Selena Gomez and that Mexican bitch with the big tits who is currently wrongly married to some French billionaire business man who still doesn't know if he is afoot or horseback. ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: Dude, I do like most of your movies; especially the more funny looking [Woody Allen] earlier ones. ~ ~ But dude, you do need to come out and admit that God gave you your really creepy weirdo looking face for a Providential reason. ~ ~ Same thing goes for James Carville et all, a.k.a. "snake head" if that helps at all. ~ ~ There is a reason why God made you who you are today. ~ ~ PS JEFF GOLDBLUM: By now, I have experienced so many overwhelmingly positive dream sequence prophecies about you in recent years that I AM is going to have to ask my exectutive secretary Alison Roth to just go ahead and forward any and all of your midnight type Jesus telephone calls from you. ~ ~ PS LINDSAY LOHAN: Be prepared to pick up the slack where KING CHARLES:III leaves off. ~ ~ Think VIVA LAS VEGAS:II&III meets LEPRECHAUN:II&III meets BLUE HAWAII: FIVE-0. ~ ~ As if yours truly could not lose 20lbs and wear a big shampoo hair wig and play the King of Hawaii during this upcoming Christmas season. ~ ~ Only if it means that Sandra Bullock gives me her 3 big ones down payment after the fact. ~ ~ And I agree to keep my mouth shut about it. ~ ~ In other words, Sandy prepares for me some kind of a love shack and a $3,000,000 checking account at THE BANK OF CANADA. In order that I don't have to embarrass myself on the lead up to getting approxamitlely 10% of all the world's wealth. ~ ~

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


We come to understand that the underground 2002 film festival movie prophecy entitled BUBBA HO-TEP is about George W.'s royal brother prince named Jeb, a.k.a. "...King Tut's brother." at 1:03:22ish into the film. ~ ~ Whereas we see at the end of the first act at 35:35 that Elvis Trump had not had a boner like that since the last two elections of Barack Obama. ~ ~ Wherein the good looking light skin negro nurse gives him such an amazing medicine wheel hand job that the former rich and famous casino performer businessman finally rises up from his [spiritual] death bed and decides to start taking care of business. ~ ~ GREGORY SCOTT RELF / TWO WITNESSES \ NEWSLETTER ~ ~ FIRING LINE NOTES: By age 17, I already had my own private annual $17 magazine subscription to NATIONAL REVIEW; and I was already watching FIRING LINE every week on PBS. ~ ~ So please, don't any of you Jew boy shit-eating butt sucker assholes at THE NEW YORKER or THE NEW YORK TIMES, who are around my same age by now, think that you can still fuck me in the ass and get away with it. ~ ~ That goes for you too Jim Carrey. ~ ~ Only not so much. ~ ~ Since nobody out there takes you and me that seriously anymore. ~ ~ Except for perhaps me and my [WHAT, ME WORRY?] Alfred E. Newman look alike buddy in Seattle; who is the richest man in the world. ~ ~

Monday, November 9, 2015


Right now I'm in the middle of re-examining BUBBA HO-TEP's 2002 prophecy about the time when Elvis Trump and Dr.Carson team up to take out Jeb Bush et all in Texas. ~ ~ Remember, it doesn't matter how rich one is when it comes to health and longevity. Everybody gets to play the same role. ~ ~ You can't take it with you, yada yada. ~ ~ For example, George W. recently had the exact same $250,000 back surgery that Bonney Lake's Bruce Troxell had recently. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HIPSTER NOTES: The king broke his hip in BUBBA HO-TEP for a warning about the end to happy hippie fascism. ~ ~ Which is what THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II is going to be all about. ~ ~ Personally, I could care less if Angelina Jolie insists on directing. All I want to know is who's in it, and how much will it cost me? ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: The eternal Christ like principle of love has nothing to do with racism. ~ ~ It's far past high time that you and your immature Jew boy friends grow up and graduate from high school. ~ ~ The time bomb that brought down the Danite airliner over Moses' Mt.Sinai was confirmation of the Clock Boy's time-bomb at the end of DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: You can't have your chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and eat it too; i.e. you pay me what you owe me, in one form or the other, or it's all over for you. ~ ~ Not metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: I do hope that you keep those trout pounds on your country estate near Wales fully stocked with German brown trout. ~ ~ You know me; I much prefer one star rated restaurants that are located in the French countryside over most four star rated movies. ~ ~ Not always, but most of the time.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Jesus Christ, I knew it. ~ ~ Donald Trump has always reminded me of somebody in my past; but I could never put my finger on it. ~ ~ Probably because I was not factoring in the physical transfiguration angle at; ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Nothing but jibberish you say? ~ ~ That's understandable. ~ ~ So how about I boil it all down and make it more simple for you. I end up fucking both Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley in any future movie that fancies me. ~ ~ And you get stuck with all of the after-tax ying-yang 666 child support payments. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SOUL TRAIN NOTES: A train derailed across from the prince's day 1290 MISSISSIPPI at the exact place where Rt.42 meets Obama's Hwy.61 birth certificate landmark. ~ ~ Therefore, according to the 1984 Orwellian media, today's unemployment rate is now only 5%; and the homogaysexual prince in MARK 13:14 was born in Hawaii. ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: There is a reason why you looked like Richard Burton back in 1989. ~ ~ My distinct impression is that it is now high time for you to sell out and get into the video movie Internet FRENZY [1973] film business. ~ ~ You do know what the niggers always say in the NFL and the NBA; always sell out for the highest price while you are still at the top of your game. ~ ~ I shit you not. Today's James Bond looks like a 49ish boozer Richard Burton. ~ ~ So why not make up some kind of a surreal rip-off sequel to A VIEW TO A KILL? ~ ~ What? You think that you are now too old to play 56? ~ ~ Don't sell yourself short.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


We see the weird looking number 20 in all of those THE BIG LEBOWSKI scenes where the Dude insists that the billionaire businessman pays for what happened to his Persian vagina icon throw-rug. ~ ~ Since his MISS USA trophy wife owes money all over town. And Barack Obama's Republican Party [golf club] partners in crime just made their last deal with the devil that will raise the national [Chicago, Chinatown mob shark loan] debt to around $20 trillion. ~ ~ Hey, desperate people do desperate things. ~ ~ Ergo, Sir Donald has not really been making that big of a deal about the debt that has been rung up by the woman who wears purple in REV.17. ~ ~ After all, the tall dude from Manhattan with the blond shampoo job is mostly Jewish. ~ ~ Ever gone to a really expensive restaurant with one of your Jewish friends, and at the end of the meal he or she pretends that it's no big deal that he or she get's the bill? ~ ~ "Only about 50,000 times!" says the sexy Taylor Swift look alike figure in WILD AT HEART meets BLUE VELVET. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PURLE RAIN NOTES: At the 1:30:00 [WHAT TIME IS IT?] marker in 1984's PURPLE RAIN prophecy, we see THE THIRD MAN who also has the spotlight shining down upon his royal purple blood cock] head of the Prince of England crown hair job. ~ ~ PS LONDON: The future King of England will not be the King of today's England. Rather, he will become the King of England after the fact. ~ ~ FARMERS CAR INSURANCE NOTES: The former VP of FCI, who is now retired and livinG in Bonney Lake, Washington, once told GG that she is going to live to be 90ish. Works for me. ~ ~ Therefore, keep an eye out for that original mint condition baby blue 1973 convertible TRIUMPH with 'STAG 73' plates that comes on the market in 2016. ~ ~ Believe it or not, I do still have the hots for Neve Campbell. ~ ~ PS BRUCE: Your recent devil's backbone surgery cost BOEING 250k in confirmation of the 250k that I will be paying you up front for each and evey DISCOVERY CHANNEL documentary that you make about the invisible lost tribes of Israel. ~ ~ Don't forget, Dr. [Kenny] Kemp is the prophetic coward figure in THE INVISIBLE MAN latter day saints prophecy; which takes place in England in winter time. ~ ~ PS ALISON ROTH: Be sure to confirm the identity of anybody who telephone calls you up and says that she or he is an old friend of mine. ~ ~ That said, don't waste your time waiting for Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to call you either. ~ ~ I do understand how weird all of this sounds now. ~ ~ But I just realised this morning that OCEAN'S ELEVEN, TWELVE, & THIRTEEN were all about stealing Donald Trump's hard earned casino hotel resort money in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER:2 ~ ~

Friday, November 6, 2015


Here is a little [Ornella] refresher course al a THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, circa 1976. ~ ~ Those 4 corner stones in THE FIFTH ELEMENT represent; 1.) The School of Prophets, who even yours truly has to answer to; 2.) The FFing missionary man's Church of the Lamb; 3.) The UNITED ORDER credit union that takes care of all of the niggers' housing and employment problems; 4.) The Kingdom of God political party that makes sure that America remains the land of the free and the home of the brave. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEXY TIME NOTES: In the opening sequence to THE FIFTH ELEMENT, Dallas' former US MARINES CORP fighter jet buddy tells him that his old pre physical transfiguration picture makes him look like shit. ~ ~ Ergo, the whole idea behind casting Brad Pitt in the role of Mr.Relf's long lost son in THE BIG LEWBOSKI:2 is a remake sequel born again looking good thing. ~ ~ Maybe still a little weathered around the edges, but definitely underaged looking teen fucker material. ~ ~ "Never trust anyone over 39ish." is what I say. ~ ~ And of course, I could give a flying fuck whatever you say. ~ ~ Me Tarzan, you Jane. ~ ~ PS OBAMA: B.F.D. they finally got you. Just remember that you got them first. ~ ~ 69 TIME NOTES: The 69 year-old Sir Donald turns 70 in 2016 for a 70 weeks Latter Day Saints time line. ~ ~ Hence, that little immature Donny Osmond [Peter Relf] look alike Mormon boy bowler symbolically dies and becomes born again at the end of Mr.Relf's big brother [THE BIG LEWBOWSKI] prophecy. ~ ~ Note how much younger my younger brother Peter Relf looks like in this physically transfigured image of him at: ~ ~ PS WOODY: Last Tuesday I found a rather rare used DVD copy of ANNIE HALL in mint condition at GOODWILL. So I grabbed it for no other reason that you and Diane Keaton looked like you were both about 39 years-old at the time, circa 1977. ~ ~ Which was about the same time that my exwife from France started to have serious thoughts about leaving me, like at:

Thursday, November 5, 2015


I'm gonna have to come half way around now and agree with at least half of what Quentin Tarantino said on NBC. ~ ~ Obviously, black inferiority is a part of the reason why once in awhile police lose their tempers when dealing with wild-at-heart negros who have too many muscles, and not enough sense, for their own good. ~ ~ For example, that dude named Mr.Relf in THE BIG LEWDBOWSKI tells the naive white Donald Trump figure that his latest MISS CONGENIALITY trophy wife needs to feed the monkey child that Sandra Bullock has now adopted. ~ ~ Therefore, the entire post 1260/1290/1335 days period cinematic prophecy revolves around the latter day saints' illegal alien Latino casino song called VIVA LAS VEGAS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LOOK ALIKE NOTES: Some college kids got stabbed on Rt.59 in California when my 'cutting time' stamped GSR/TWN post rolled out at 5:09. Like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ Whatever, in Cara's latest movie, she does the shooting and the stabbing; not the other way around. ~ ~ PS ANGELINA JOLIE AND BRAD PITT: Something tells me that both of you now want in on this deal. ~ ~ Think that's just too weirdo do you? ~ How about Tom Cruise turns over his entire new fabulous motion picture video-production studio facilities to me. Without even wanting to see the scripts or any of the casting memos. ~ ~ PS S. KING: I understand how much you want to hand over around 90% of your surplus monies to the poor people who need it before you die and become born again. ~ ~ Which is why I AM is now offering you my two physically transfigured wives in THE WEIGHT OF WATER:II, meets THE BIG LEWBOSKI:II, meets CAPTAIN RON:II. ~ ~ Think ESCAPE FROM GILLAGAN'S ISLAND meets THE LOVE BOAT. ~ ~ PS PAUL AND KIT: Our 1969 post summer of love fly fishing road trip in my beat up white 57 CHEVY throughout Alberta and Montana was a prophecy about my dude ranch real estate investment opportunities. All financed with nothing down; and nothing has to be even paid later. ~ ~ According to David Letterman and the Democrat Party, and Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel, et all. ~ ~ So now I'm thinking that we pool our resources and construct some kind of a luxurious white pine log cabin stag hunters lodge community development along the shores of Lake McLeod. That would rival anything that Bill Gates is now doing outside of Yellowstone.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I realize that many of you don't think that I AM is a serious candidate to become the next King of England and France. Perhaps because in part France does not even have a monarchy anymore, thanks to Napoleon. ~ ~ But I got good news for you. ~ ~ God caused BLAME IT RIO to become an actual real movie, filmed on real 35mm film reel cameras, back in 1984 in order that older rich men with receding blond hairjobs like Ken Keisler could be allowed to fuck barely legal girls again, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ For starters, in THE FIFTH ELEMENT, a 29ish blond job Bruce Willis is cast as the future high compression composite number boyfriend of Sienna Miller. Who is a retro futuristic blond yellow TAXI DRIVER figure who lives at '1281-53' [12-28-81] [LOVE BUG no.53] ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ In the 1997 movie the future President is a negro who is wearing a warrior's mask. ~ ~ And in 1998's THE BIG LEWBOWSKI, the angry meanie white dude looks at the Dude's big black bowling ball that represents a black man being in the White House by way of a fake birth certificate and a stolen Social Security number, and asks out load, "What the fuck is this?" And the dude replys, "...obviously, you're not a golfer." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS LARRY DAVID: It's gonna cost you if you still want to get in on this deal. ~ ~ I don't work for free. ~ ~ Remember, you can't take it with you. ~ ~ So you might as well give most of it to me. ~ ~ "You said it man!!" says the illegal alien purple Jesus homo in THE BIG LEWBOWSKI:II, costarring Brad Pitt and Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld sailing around the world on my vintage 91' sailboat. With guest appearances by Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevigne in various port of calls. ~ ~ Dude. This is going to happen. ~ ~ There is nothing that you can do to stop it. ~ ~ So you might as well get in on it while you can. ~ ~ NO.69 NOTES: That famous GSR/TWN post 1260 days scene in THE BIG LEWBOWSKI, where we see Mr.Relf at KING RALPHS, buying a 69 cent pint of 50/50 cream for his white Russian cocktails, features a naive looking white christian Republican mormon George Bush declaring that "...this will not stand." ~ ~ While that Barack Obama negro figure who was born in Africa is standing right behind his ass. ~ ~ Then we see yours truly arriving at his apartment no.6-9, circa 1987, Provo, Utah, BYU, yada yada.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


After a pretty long hour and a half of nonsense, PURPLE RAIN finally comes to life at 1:30:.. minutes with a shot of those two especially enlightened and lit up white dudes of Judah and Ephraim in the Twin Cities audience. ~ ~ When the negro Prince forerunner to the gay prince in DANIEL starts to sing PURPLE RAIN [royal purple reign], followed up by I WILL DIE FOR YOU. ~ ~ Which is topped off by his SEX SHOOTER guitar number that portrays him squirt gunning his royal sire guitar boner onto his audience full of adoring hot young babes. ~ ~ Hence, those three rare orgasmic earthquakes north of Black Canyon City, Arizona Sunday evening. ~ ~ Located along the I-17 landmark confirmation of the beautiful woman who wears purple in REV.17; just below Crown King, south of Cherry. ~ ~ "So shall he sprinkle many nations; [kindred and tongues] the kings shall shut their mouths at him: for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that [rock music] which they had not heard shall they consider." ISAIAH 52:15 ~ ~ Think the end of KING RALPH:II meets SPLITTING HEIRS:II, costarring Emma Watson and Emma Roberts. ~ ~ All payed for of course by "Big Daddy Don Garlits". ~ ~ Sometimes known simplely as 'The Donald' at: ~ ~ Note the WHAT TIME IS IT? time stamp. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ P.S.DONALD: That black Republican Party doctor dude is in fact a pretty groovy guy. But as we all know, he is not presidential material. So how about you announce that he is your preferred choice for your southern [White House Plantation] VP house nigger; per the BLUES BROTHERS:II prophecy about my niggers who have my back in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE:II meets IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT:II. ~ ~ The way I'm seeing it right now; a billion $$$ in free publicity is a pretty good thing. ~ ~ But 20 $$$ trillion dollars in free publicity debt that nobody ever has to pay for in a thousand years is even a better 1980s era no money down Hawaii time-share forever and ever condo deal that seems to never end. ~ ~

Monday, November 2, 2015


I knew that Howard Stern was one of the two witnesses of sodom and Egypt when he said that those white christian Republican Party cops did not beat that crazy fat Jew nigger Rodney King enough. ~ ~ And then that Mitt Romney type mormon leader in SLC,UT Gordon B. Hinckley, said that the police had violated Mr.King's civil rights. ~ ~ It was a no-brainer really; since the scriptures say that the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim will appear in the last days of the New Jerusalem. And not in the last days of the old Jew Jerusalem. "Never trust anyone over 30." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RIGHT RIGHT NOTES: Bruce Willis represents around the right idealic-age look in the upcoming [born again] physical transfiguration in his [1260 days] THE FIFTH ELEMENT prophecy. ~ ~ Complete with died-blond-shampoo hair job.~ ~ That was/is about the 4 corner stones of the four square gospel that features the woman with child in REV.12. ~ ~ Therefore, expect the niggers to keep acting crazy until the rich white folks start taking care of their housing and unemployment problems. ~ ~ Desperate people do desperate things; no matter what the color of their skin. ~ ~ Think SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT:II meets EATING RAOUL:II. ~ ~ P.S.TARANTINO: Yeah fuck whatever. ~ ~ P.S.BILL GATES: Yeah fuck whatever. ~ ~ P.S.HILLARY: I am not going to ever fuck you and your sister too in a thousand years if you two don't square up with me. ~ ~ See MYSTIC PIZZA and that PRETTY WOMAN prophecy about the rich billionaire Donald Trump winning the election in Long Beach, Orange County, California if you doubt me on this. ~ ~ Obviously, THE BIG LEBOWSKI prophecy sensation was about that low life Mr.Relf helping out that high life sensation Mr.Trump, circa 2015 2016. ~ ~ P.S.BRAD PITT: Clooney already has his rich Hollywood money partners in place for it. The Coens have already agreed to direct it. Better hurry up before the shit hits the fan.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


So I buy PURPLE RAIN at 5:41 pm last Thursday at TARGET. Then later I read about that massive recycling plant fire in South LA that had erupted around the very same time. ~ ~ Then 27 of those white trash [JUNGLE LOVE] kids in the movie's rock club scenes died in a horrific Holloweenish fire the next day in Romania. ~ ~ Speaking of white European trash. Billy Bob bumped his head pretty hard in an early morning car CRASH in LA-manite LA LA Land on the same day that CRISIS IS OUR BRAND opened in LA. ~ ~ Because the ridiculous politics story takes place down in Central America's dark skinned savage [BM] country. ~ ~ Wherein Sandra Bullock has Billy Bob role playing yours truly at: ~ ~ PER: ~ ~ More and more, it looks like one look alike will lead to another look alike in the last days of disco. ~ ~ Ergo, the breaking news that Jeb Bush has just hired a new team of Hillay Clinton type dirty-politics-hit-men to take out Sir Donald. ~ ~ BIG PROBLEM. ~ ~ Nobody but nobody out there knows how to play down and dirty and under-the-radar fuck-you-in-the-ass times-two revenge politics, religion, and culture, than I do; who is the ultimate super half moon bay werewolf Jew. ~ ~ If the money is right. ~ ~ Seriously folks. Does Mr.BB look like some dude in the above pix who has no problem at all calling a nigger a nigger? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FULL OF SHIT NOTES: DAF opens with that pistol cock covered in brown mud anal sex shit in order to set the tone for Sean Con/nery's last Jimmy Bond 007 movie shot in Las Vegas. ~ ~ ["I found myself surrounded by the two Jimmys." David Letterman.] Then it goes on to portray the two homos of Judah and Ephraim starting with the scorpion [AIDS] bugger-butt-hole bite of death plague in REV.9. ~ ~ Hence; their brown shit [Colorado] colored car that has 007 put into the car's rear ass trunk; leading up to the anal sex rat tunnel scenes. ~ ~ All of which leads to the explosive anal sex climax that features the Clock Boy's bomb fulfillment in the year 2015. ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: Speaking on behalf of that bored-to-death [AP:II] evil billionaire guy up in Seattle who is more than willing to pay you and me too for your 9th film tv series that will take at least 18 episodes to achieve full completion consciousness. I need you to admit that that giant jungle love nigger had to die for his sins in [Craig] Furgeson, MO. And that those law enforcement officers in Baltimore were doing the right thing. ~ ~ So this is my very last flaky HOLLYWOOD reel estate offering deal that I can put on the table for you. ~ ~ I give you whatever Mike Myers has been asking for in the past ten years to make AUSTIN POWERS:4; if you agree to direct it. ~ ~ Because nobody out there right now wants to touch you with a ten foot PC pole. ~ ~ Take your time to think it over. ~ ~ You want to start preproduction on it tomorrow? ~ ~ Maybe next year? ~ ~ Remember, I'm the only guy who ever said that an illegal alien half Jew nigger, who was born in Kenya, should become the best president ever of America. Just in order to teach America's white ass Democrat Party a lesson. ~ ~ Whatever, unlike those two fat ugly looking Jew pigs who have been paying for all of your motion picture projects for the past 20 years; I myself don't want to hear shit about your latest brilliant screenplay casting ideas. ~ ~ Just do it and send me the bill for God's sake and get it over with. ~ ~