Saturday, November 7, 2015


We see the weird looking number 20 in all of those THE BIG LEBOWSKI scenes where the Dude insists that the billionaire businessman pays for what happened to his Persian vagina icon throw-rug. ~ ~ Since his MISS USA trophy wife owes money all over town. And Barack Obama's Republican Party [golf club] partners in crime just made their last deal with the devil that will raise the national [Chicago, Chinatown mob shark loan] debt to around $20 trillion. ~ ~ Hey, desperate people do desperate things. ~ ~ Ergo, Sir Donald has not really been making that big of a deal about the debt that has been rung up by the woman who wears purple in REV.17. ~ ~ After all, the tall dude from Manhattan with the blond shampoo job is mostly Jewish. ~ ~ Ever gone to a really expensive restaurant with one of your Jewish friends, and at the end of the meal he or she pretends that it's no big deal that he or she get's the bill? ~ ~ "Only about 50,000 times!" says the sexy Taylor Swift look alike figure in WILD AT HEART meets BLUE VELVET. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PURLE RAIN NOTES: At the 1:30:00 [WHAT TIME IS IT?] marker in 1984's PURPLE RAIN prophecy, we see THE THIRD MAN who also has the spotlight shining down upon his royal purple blood cock] head of the Prince of England crown hair job. ~ ~ PS LONDON: The future King of England will not be the King of today's England. Rather, he will become the King of England after the fact. ~ ~ FARMERS CAR INSURANCE NOTES: The former VP of FCI, who is now retired and livinG in Bonney Lake, Washington, once told GG that she is going to live to be 90ish. Works for me. ~ ~ Therefore, keep an eye out for that original mint condition baby blue 1973 convertible TRIUMPH with 'STAG 73' plates that comes on the market in 2016. ~ ~ Believe it or not, I do still have the hots for Neve Campbell. ~ ~ PS BRUCE: Your recent devil's backbone surgery cost BOEING 250k in confirmation of the 250k that I will be paying you up front for each and evey DISCOVERY CHANNEL documentary that you make about the invisible lost tribes of Israel. ~ ~ Don't forget, Dr. [Kenny] Kemp is the prophetic coward figure in THE INVISIBLE MAN latter day saints prophecy; which takes place in England in winter time. ~ ~ PS ALISON ROTH: Be sure to confirm the identity of anybody who telephone calls you up and says that she or he is an old friend of mine. ~ ~ That said, don't waste your time waiting for Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to call you either. ~ ~ I do understand how weird all of this sounds now. ~ ~ But I just realised this morning that OCEAN'S ELEVEN, TWELVE, & THIRTEEN were all about stealing Donald Trump's hard earned casino hotel resort money in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER:2 ~ ~

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