Monday, November 2, 2015


I knew that Howard Stern was one of the two witnesses of sodom and Egypt when he said that those white christian Republican Party cops did not beat that crazy fat Jew nigger Rodney King enough. ~ ~ And then that Mitt Romney type mormon leader in SLC,UT Gordon B. Hinckley, said that the police had violated Mr.King's civil rights. ~ ~ It was a no-brainer really; since the scriptures say that the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim will appear in the last days of the New Jerusalem. And not in the last days of the old Jew Jerusalem. "Never trust anyone over 30." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RIGHT RIGHT NOTES: Bruce Willis represents around the right idealic-age look in the upcoming [born again] physical transfiguration in his [1260 days] THE FIFTH ELEMENT prophecy. ~ ~ Complete with died-blond-shampoo hair job.~ ~ That was/is about the 4 corner stones of the four square gospel that features the woman with child in REV.12. ~ ~ Therefore, expect the niggers to keep acting crazy until the rich white folks start taking care of their housing and unemployment problems. ~ ~ Desperate people do desperate things; no matter what the color of their skin. ~ ~ Think SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT:II meets EATING RAOUL:II. ~ ~ P.S.TARANTINO: Yeah fuck whatever. ~ ~ P.S.BILL GATES: Yeah fuck whatever. ~ ~ P.S.HILLARY: I am not going to ever fuck you and your sister too in a thousand years if you two don't square up with me. ~ ~ See MYSTIC PIZZA and that PRETTY WOMAN prophecy about the rich billionaire Donald Trump winning the election in Long Beach, Orange County, California if you doubt me on this. ~ ~ Obviously, THE BIG LEBOWSKI prophecy sensation was about that low life Mr.Relf helping out that high life sensation Mr.Trump, circa 2015 2016. ~ ~ P.S.BRAD PITT: Clooney already has his rich Hollywood money partners in place for it. The Coens have already agreed to direct it. Better hurry up before the shit hits the fan.

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