Saturday, November 28, 2015


The mightiest line in KILLING IT SOFTLY is the very last line in the 5 year-old art house movie. That says, "Now fuck'ing pay me." what you owe me. ~ ~ Obviously, I AM is giving it a 5 star rating on this blog, mostly because I need the money. ~ ~ And the PLAN B feature ain't that bad either. ~ Which goes for you too Mr. ROCKET MAN, now based in Seattle. ~ ~ That said. I realize that you are a very happily married man who has probably never even touched another adult man's OINGO BOINGO. ~ ~ But. However. IT is now far past the time for you boys to grow up and learn something about the moral-climate change similarities that you have with Elton John and Charlie Sheen. ~ ~ Not to mention Mel Gibson and Donald Trump. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MICHAEL D. EVANS: I just found your oversized 9x13 envelope mailing in GG's P.O. box on this very special Sabbath holiday morning. Complete with fake 1961 era typewriter style computerised hand written unline notations. ~ ~ And I agree almost completely with everything that you are asking me to do. ~ ~ Only problem is. There was no personal hand written 10% finders fee check made out to me in it. ~ ~ And you must know by now that I don't work for free no more; starting on Jamuary 20, 2016, at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, in Park City, Utah. ~ ~ Faith without works is dead; so say the extremist right-wing Orthodox Jews anyway. ~ ~ So what the fuck is this? ~ ~ Have I not given you enough time and money already to comfortly come up with my 10% in tax free off shore cash money already? Or AM I just being too egotistical and greedy on an indie film crazy director level? ~ ~ Who has too much talent and not enough money for his own good. ~ ~ Wherein everybody gets paid absolutely almost nothing. Just for the Divine privilege of hanging out with me and Taylor Swift for a few days at my alpine chalet love shack for overaged swingers in Sundance. ~ ~ [Not to be confused with the same area's Deer Valley winter lodge; where Mitt Romney likes to hang out from time to time.] ~ ~ CADDYSHACK NOTES: There is a Providential reason why my brother Peter Relf once made a miraculous once-in-a-lifetime hole-in-one at some golf course in Park City, Utah. ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: If you really do still believe that you and your father have the exclusive international commercial rights to that cazy Swiss German [UU] professor's discovery to the cure for lung cancer; I buy you that estate on Lake Como in OCEAN'S 12.~ ~ Whereby me and you and Ken McLeod can set up some kind of a phoney baloney medical research front foundation estate property for older men like us. Who traditionally like to take the grandkids fly fishing on the lake every spring time in their old vintage wooden row boats. ~ ~

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