Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Trump's trademark TV show line, "YOU'RE FIRED!!" is the inspiration behind the idea in BUBBA HO-TEP that " cleanses evil." Hence that fiery El Salvador church van fire in Prince George County, and that fiery business jet crash where 7 of Jeb Bush's typical big corporate partners in crime died in Summit County, Ohio. ~ ~ All of this being that old bus crash near Ark's Pinnacle's State Park that represented the 7 pyramids beast homosexual mummy in BUBBA HO-TEP who always comes in the middle of the night on the down low. ~ ~ Since that doomed [CRASH] bus from Mitt Romney's state of Michigan was full of dark skinned queer ass LA-man orange pickers from Mexico. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ T.C.B. NOTES: The overriding big idea behind the BUBBA HO-TEP prophecy is that it is now high time to start taking care of business; before it's too late. ~ ~ PS CRUZ: You can not become the next President of Sodom and Egypt in DC for the simple reason that you are not a natural born citizen. ~ ~ So how about accepting Sir Donald's offer to be Secretary of State? Which would then put you into the perfect position to become the next post civil war President of Texas. ~ ~ Think about it, no really. ~ ~ Jesus already wants both Eva Longoria and Cameron Diaz to become your future wives, not to mention Selena Gomez and that Mexican bitch with the big tits who is currently wrongly married to some French billionaire business man who still doesn't know if he is afoot or horseback. ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: Dude, I do like most of your movies; especially the more funny looking [Woody Allen] earlier ones. ~ ~ But dude, you do need to come out and admit that God gave you your really creepy weirdo looking face for a Providential reason. ~ ~ Same thing goes for James Carville et all, a.k.a. "snake head" if that helps at all. ~ ~ There is a reason why God made you who you are today. ~ ~ PS JEFF GOLDBLUM: By now, I have experienced so many overwhelmingly positive dream sequence prophecies about you in recent years that I AM is going to have to ask my exectutive secretary Alison Roth to just go ahead and forward any and all of your midnight type Jesus telephone calls from you. ~ ~ PS LINDSAY LOHAN: Be prepared to pick up the slack where KING CHARLES:III leaves off. ~ ~ Think VIVA LAS VEGAS:II&III meets LEPRECHAUN:II&III meets BLUE HAWAII: FIVE-0. ~ ~ As if yours truly could not lose 20lbs and wear a big shampoo hair wig and play the King of Hawaii during this upcoming Christmas season. ~ ~ Only if it means that Sandra Bullock gives me her 3 big ones down payment after the fact. ~ ~ And I agree to keep my mouth shut about it. ~ ~ In other words, Sandy prepares for me some kind of a love shack and a $3,000,000 checking account at THE BANK OF CANADA. In order that I don't have to embarrass myself on the lead up to getting approxamitlely 10% of all the world's wealth. ~ ~

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