Friday, November 6, 2015


Here is a little [Ornella] refresher course al a THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, circa 1976. ~ ~ Those 4 corner stones in THE FIFTH ELEMENT represent; 1.) The School of Prophets, who even yours truly has to answer to; 2.) The FFing missionary man's Church of the Lamb; 3.) The UNITED ORDER credit union that takes care of all of the niggers' housing and employment problems; 4.) The Kingdom of God political party that makes sure that America remains the land of the free and the home of the brave. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEXY TIME NOTES: In the opening sequence to THE FIFTH ELEMENT, Dallas' former US MARINES CORP fighter jet buddy tells him that his old pre physical transfiguration picture makes him look like shit. ~ ~ Ergo, the whole idea behind casting Brad Pitt in the role of Mr.Relf's long lost son in THE BIG LEWBOSKI:2 is a remake sequel born again looking good thing. ~ ~ Maybe still a little weathered around the edges, but definitely underaged looking teen fucker material. ~ ~ "Never trust anyone over 39ish." is what I say. ~ ~ And of course, I could give a flying fuck whatever you say. ~ ~ Me Tarzan, you Jane. ~ ~ PS OBAMA: B.F.D. they finally got you. Just remember that you got them first. ~ ~ 69 TIME NOTES: The 69 year-old Sir Donald turns 70 in 2016 for a 70 weeks Latter Day Saints time line. ~ ~ Hence, that little immature Donny Osmond [Peter Relf] look alike Mormon boy bowler symbolically dies and becomes born again at the end of Mr.Relf's big brother [THE BIG LEWBOWSKI] prophecy. ~ ~ Note how much younger my younger brother Peter Relf looks like in this physically transfigured image of him at: ~ ~ PS WOODY: Last Tuesday I found a rather rare used DVD copy of ANNIE HALL in mint condition at GOODWILL. So I grabbed it for no other reason that you and Diane Keaton looked like you were both about 39 years-old at the time, circa 1977. ~ ~ Which was about the same time that my exwife from France started to have serious thoughts about leaving me, like at:

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