Friday, November 27, 2015


As usual I was almost always right. ~ ~ KILLING THEM SOFTLY is a startling prophecy about Charlie Sheen needing to make the right decision at the end in the future 2016 election period. ~ ~ We already know that Charlie the Tuna is a big time Donald Trump supporter. ~ ~ That's a given. ~ ~ Yesterday's news already. ~ ~ Trump will win California, easy as pie. ~ ~ Yada. Yada. ~ ~ But what we still don't know yet is how much is he going to humble himself and cash in on his epic stacks of chips for all of those brilliantly conceived videos that were made of him having sex with two teenagers at a time. ~ ~ Dude. All you have to do is contact these people and cut an honest and square above board distribution deal that is good for [America] and everybody involved. ~ ~ Don't take too much time to think about it. ~ ~ You get a cool $90,000,000, they get only about $10,000,000. Which is more money than they have ever seen in their life. ~ ~ Look at it this way. If you had never fucked up at NBC; you would not be sitting on top of a $$$$$$ billion in free publicity now. ~ ~ Instead, you would have already been most respectfully kicked to the curb with full honors. And now you would be probably remaking DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS:II style sequals for union scale, plus any possible but highly unlikely 10% of the net prophets. ~ ~ Plus, you would be doing me a big favor too; since about 3 1/2 years ago I told everybody that you were my friend. ~ ~ What are friends for anyway? ~ ~ GSR/TOWNSHIPS ~ ~ THE BIG ASSHOLE SHIT NOTES: If Brad Pitt is not yet up to making two sequels to THE BIG LEBOWSKI at a time at this time, simply because his crazy jealous exwife replacement girlfriend "wife" wont let him do it, Charlie Sheen might even be a better PLAN B replacement casting idea. ~ ~ It would not be the first time that something like that had happened for the best in the past 100 million years in Hollywood. ~ ~ PS MR 666 MICROSOFT MAN: I AM has become pretty bored and tired of your neofascist world domination progressive taxation climate change fuel tax credit fantasies. ~ ~ Perhaps it's now high time for me to demonstrate my insane NAPOLEON complex type powers unto you. ~ ~ Unless of course you pay me a gazzillion billon trillian dollars. ~ ~ Don't forget; you owe me. I don't owe you. ~ ~ I'm like your best friend in the future in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: II&III; even if you don't really like me anyway. ~ ~ FAKE REPLACEMENT KILLER TITS NOTES: "President Obama" was born in Hawaii; according to the NYT and Rush Limbaugh et al. ~ ~ What Jew you say? ~ ~ Jesus Christ already!! Where's your sence of humor? ~ ~ PS MEL: According to Bernie Sander's typical Jewish communist homosexual stalanist black listed media, you are either a billionaire, or you don't even have enough money left in your checking account to meet your child support payments. ~ ~ True or false, none of this pop cu!ture politics bullshit even interests me that much anymore. ~ ~ What I'm thinking about now is that me and you and Tom Hanks too hook up and pay for some kind of a seriocomic docudrama film festival comedy about you and Tom hooking up with two underaged teen hotties in the parking lot of some Malibu Beach hotel and bar. And then that self righteous white Nazi reactionary look alike, who obviously hates stupid black people, in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:2 arrests you and him for no good reason. ~ ~ PS TOM HANKS: Now that your beloved wife is almost dead. You might want to start thinking about your future.

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