Thursday, November 26, 2015


I dreamed over and over and again and again about Brad Pitt all night long last night. So I went back to WAL*MART again in the morning and found that 2012 movie about today's political establishment mob who have set aside their differences and hired a man to get rid of that amateur player named Donald Trump, time-stamped at 21:29 at: ~ ~ Hope I'm not wrong on this. I never did see it. I am only going on what it says on the back of the DVD case. ~ ~ Which is exactly what all of the apostate christian church priests [Who were fighting like hell against each other.] in upper New York did. When suddenly Joseph appeared out of nowhere and told them that God had told him in the woods that they were all wrong. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE PLAIN TRUTH NOTES: There is a Divine reason why Hollywood's most famous mega bucks movie star on the down low [Will Smith] looks like the spawn of an illegal alien invader from outer space. Who is obviously the breed of some HIV monkey from Charlize' Africa in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER meets SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT. ~ ~ And his sexy man wife really does look like a hardass bisexual man eater lesbian. And therefore the children that he/she spawned with her/him all look like sexually confused underaged transsexuals. Who have been fucked in a real good way by rich older white Jewish men. Not only because the big 6-figure money from Charlie Sheen et al was right; but also for decadently inspired artistic reasons. ~ ~ SEE:,_Manhattan ~ ~ Where ANNIE HALL's future little school girl Sandy is now living part time. ~ ~ CRASH NOTES: Today's uncivilized and disobediant niggers are rioting because the white people who are better than them in EZE.38 are still disobeying the word of God at, etc. ~ ~ PS BRAD: Anyway that you shoot it, you always end up looking like a really handsome tall white blond Nazi. ~ ~ And that's a good thing. Like in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN on the one side, and A RIVER RUNS THROUGHT IT on the other side, at: ~ ~ SON OF THE LITTLE LEBOWSKI NOTES: Am I the only one out there right now who is feeling this one? ~ ~ Don't force me to go to Mel Gibson to get the six figure budget for it; just in order to prime the pump. Because I will if I have to; fuck you very much.

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