Saturday, November 14, 2015


The big boner idol that President Elvis Trump gets in BUBBA HO-TEP represents the 555' Egyptian phallic icon rising above today's idolaltereous 666 DC. ~ ~ As confirmed by Mr.Bono having to cancel the rest of his EU tour; because it was his Catholic ilk that let so many terrorists into the Israelitish latter-day saints land of EZE.38 in the first place. ~ ~ Remember all his friendly and supportive visits to the Bush W. White House? ~ ~ And all of the liberal pop culture idiots in the new and improved media thought that that was kind of strange? ~ ~ No wonder that his brother Jeb is now in the proverbial guest dog house in the ratings. ~ ~ And yours truly is just starting to get his second wind; after being treated like a dog for the past 20 years by all of my so called wives and friends. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BARRY: You could have at least called me once in awhile. ~ ~ Maybe even the occasional hand job and back scratch. ~ ~ They don't charge you for that. ~ ~ PS MRS FRESH: David Cronenberg thought that it was so funny that Sandra Bullock would rip off and exploit his $3,000,000 cash money CRASH movie that he decided to make his very first feature film in America called MAPS TO THE STARS. In reference to those same year [1996/7] STAR MAPS scenes that show everybody where Sandy and her birthday party photographer clown lover are now living in LA, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Think DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS meets BEVERLY HILLS COP:III.

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