Sunday, November 15, 2015


Last night I watched my new used copy of 1975's ANNIE HALL, that finally came out in 77. Wherein that really creepy guy asks Woody Allen for an autograph made out to 'Relf' while standing in front an art theater that shows foreign made Fellini movies. ~ ~ And we also see that little Howard Stern school boy who says that 7.3 is the symbolic number 9 for all things that come to an end after the 1260 days [female period] in REV.11-12. ~ ~ So the little 5'4" redhead Levite boy named Woody slaps his hand hard on his forehead scar for the sake of the marred [MAD MAGAZINE] servant in the BM; just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ No. I'm not kidding. Really. ~ ~ This is the same original movie that has Max originally agreeing with me about everything that I AM is trying to say now; some 40 years later. ~ ~ Including today's Jew York City being run by a political cabal of communist Jewish homosexual Italian gangster transsexuals who look like lesbian feminists; just for starters. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Last night I dreamed over and over again that you finally would could around, after all these years, and be willing to get into the shower with me and pull on my boner a little bit more. ~ ~ Just a suggestion. Guys really like it when girls clamp down really hard on them when they are sucking them dry. ~ ~ Everybody should always remember that the girls always like it soft, and the boys always like it hard. Because that is just the way that God made mankind.

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