Monday, November 16, 2015


Alvy and Annie decide to stop it in ANNIE HALL when we see that stock BOEING airliner footage of a TWA jet flying over the Bonney Lake, Puget Sound region at 1:18:00. ~ ~ [TWO WITNESSES AIRPLANE] ~ ~ Which is followed up by Annie wearing a royal Scottish [bonney] plaid scar/f during Christmas season. ~ ~ When the 'Wood Man', nicknamed Max, shows her the very first book about the physical transfiguration that he ever had bought for her; entitled THE DENIAL OF DEATH. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LUNATIC NOTES: Woody mentions today's GSR/TWN stick-thin figure in Central Park who is always wearing a medicine wheel hat and usually rolls out a new posting every day at, 1:21:50. ~ ~ Mind you, this was light years in human time before SEINFELD. ~ ~ NATIONAL DEBT NOTES: Over two weeks ago, I had a symbolic proxy dream about Jim Carry being more than willing to pay for the cake that Woody Allen still owes me big time. ~ ~ That is he and I get to co-star in the picture with that blond Scarlett Johansson who blows me a kiss at about 3:40 into ANNIE HALL:II. ~ ~ And that big black spider in her [black face mask soap opera] bath tub represents America's first black president, circa 2016. ~ ~ Who Mr.Singer beats to death with an old rolled up copy of my NATIONAL REVIEW magazine, then using her British DUNLOP tennis racket to finish the job. ~ ~ THE END NOTES: ANNIE HALL ends with a sweet and sour shot of that Italian Brunetto truck that represents my various future brunet wives; such as the Scottish Kristen Stewart, the Italian Ms.Fresh, the whatever Ms.Jenner, the English Ms.Cox and Ms.Megan Fox; and maybe even the Frenchie Pauley Perrette. ~ ~ Who knows? ~ ~ "I love them all!!!!" GREASE:2.

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