Tuesday, November 10, 2015


We come to understand that the underground 2002 film festival movie prophecy entitled BUBBA HO-TEP is about George W.'s royal brother prince named Jeb, a.k.a. "...King Tut's brother." at 1:03:22ish into the film. ~ ~ Whereas we see at the end of the first act at 35:35 that Elvis Trump had not had a boner like that since the last two elections of Barack Obama. ~ ~ Wherein the good looking light skin negro nurse gives him such an amazing medicine wheel hand job that the former rich and famous casino performer businessman finally rises up from his [spiritual] death bed and decides to start taking care of business. ~ ~ GREGORY SCOTT RELF / TWO WITNESSES \ NEWSLETTER ~ ~ FIRING LINE NOTES: By age 17, I already had my own private annual $17 magazine subscription to NATIONAL REVIEW; and I was already watching FIRING LINE every week on PBS. ~ ~ So please, don't any of you Jew boy shit-eating butt sucker assholes at THE NEW YORKER or THE NEW YORK TIMES, who are around my same age by now, think that you can still fuck me in the ass and get away with it. ~ ~ That goes for you too Jim Carrey. ~ ~ Only not so much. ~ ~ Since nobody out there takes you and me that seriously anymore. ~ ~ Except for perhaps me and my [WHAT, ME WORRY?] Alfred E. Newman look alike buddy in Seattle; who is the richest man in the world. ~ ~

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