Thursday, November 19, 2015


People think of ANNIE HALL as the proverbial romantic relationship comedy. When in fact the iconic 70s film is mostly about politics and the election process from start to finish. ~ ~ Wherein today's crazy mixed up modern women like Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton can't make up their minds about anything. And therefore all they do is just gum up the works. ~ ~ Which is why Alvy asks Annie if she has a can of RAIDERS bug killer when he comes over in the middle of the night to kill the big black spider in her bathtub. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS: That is Carey Mulligan who walks by on the sidewalk after Alvy and Annie get out of her LOVE BUG no.53 car icon that bears my '100 ...' wives license plates. Who is then followed up by my French German region exwife role playing my half French and half German wife from EZE.47 South Africa nicknamed Charlie. ~ ~ Towards the end of the low budget indie art film, we see Cara Delevigne rehearsing for the lead remake role in ANNIE HALL:II meets HANNA AND HER SISTERS:II. ~ ~ When Alvy returns to LAX in order to make up with Annie, we see Howard Stern sitting next to him sporting his college years 1970s style Jewfro SHAMPOO job; Providentially positioned directly below the [REV.11 street] sidewalk cafe's ADDIOS umbrella sign. ~ ~ PRISONER OF LOVE NOTES: When Woody Allen gets out of his self imposed REV.13 666 prison in the above year 2016 scenario. He finally sees that his west coast actor buddy, who drives a 450SL, is now fucking two teenagers at a time. And he is wearing protective atomic bomb radiation fallout head gear that retards the aging process of the physical transfiguration. ~ ~ See every SI-FI horror movie that was ever made for peanuts during the white christian Republican Eisenhower era. ~ ~ Since THE SORROW AND THE PITTY opens with a direct FRENCH CONNECTION confirmation of Don Trump's June 14th BIRTH OF A NATION birth date. Wherein all of the darker skinned antichrist Muslims in France will be driven out of the country starting in October of 2027; including all of their children and widows. ~ ~ PS KEIRA AND CAREY: Don't worry if your post-baby-birther mommy LEVI jeans have become just a bit too tight in the butt and the thighs lately. ~ ~ This too will pass. ~ ~

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