Sunday, November 29, 2015


That crazy PLANNED PARENTHOOD shooter in Barack Obama's colored state of Colorado, from Black Mountain, North Carolina, was a PLAN B pregnancy alternative confirmation of the message in KILLING THEM SOFTLY. ~ ~ You know it. ~ ~ I AM is so fucking pro choice, that I believe that fed up parents even have the right to kill their rebellious preadolescent children sometimes. ~ ~ You don't clear the table and wash the dishes. You don't clean up your room and go to bed on time. ~ ~ Boom, you're dead. ~ ~ Metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWA ~ ~ GREEN NOTES: I watched ANNIE HALL again last night, in preparation for the climate change conference in Paris. This being the film about the black spiders who got killed by a right-wing rock star [heavy metal parody] band at about 57 minutes into it. ~ ~ And of course, Adele's new album covers the very same born-again nostalgic "Seems like old times..." themes, yada yada. ~ ~ Just like the much older now Carley Simone does in her newly published 1977 era biography about her foolishly letting herself get fucked [with no pay off] by the likes of Warren Beaty and Jack Nicholson. ~ ~ So just to mop things up; we see the portraits of America's past Presidents when that future succesful President Trump kid stands up and tells it like it is. After the misspelled 'TEUSDAY, DEC. 1" birthday boy 2015 [no.20 equation 6.14 situation] timeline is seen on the opening sequence's classroom chalkboard. ~ ~ Ergo, the White House men's room attendant conspiracy reference to today's homogaysexual from Chicago. [Who knows how to keep his eyes closed and his mouth shut in the first AUSTIN POWERS.] ~ ~ SECRET SAUCE NOTES: One of those crazy kids who beat the shit out of Nick Cage at the end of WILD AT HEART, was that same kid who he had beat up earlier in the David Lynch movie at the heavy metal rock concert.

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