Wednesday, November 18, 2015


In confirmation of that lightening strike in the KING RELF prophecy that causes the new King of England to come over the trout pond from VIVA LAS VEGAS during NFL season; see: ~ ~ Then see the new it girl in town arrived down under wearing nothing on her top except the correct temple garments in 2BC:91, at: ~ ~ Do I have your attention yet boys? ~ ~ GSR/TWA ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: If not for Jesus, you would just be some overweight middleaged faggot working for tips at a piano bar in some old run down Las Vegas casino in LEPRECHAUN:III meets BUBBA HO-TEP:II; or something like that. ~ ~ I will never forget what I told you that you still owe me. ~ ~ Except now I AM has been forced to up the stakes in order to get your attention in these matters. ~ ~

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