Sunday, May 31, 2015


In the synagogue of Satan performances in the middle of the night in MULHOLLAND DR, that is the star of LA STORY who plays the muted trumpet. Because Woody Allen's [black snake] clarinet blow job players are not allowing the sons of Israel to trumpet the truth about the abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12. ~ ~ Seeing is believing at: ~ ~ Say what you will about wild-at-heart niggers being 4.4 times more violent than white people. What about all the Jew boys being 4.4 times more likely to be homosexuals? ~ ~ For example; the most honest cowboy sheriff figure in all of America is now being persecuted by the niggers, Jews, and queers who run things behind the scenes at the desecrated DOJ. ~ ~ I AM is not making this stuff up; just google 'Loretta Lynch' and see what I mean nowadays. ~ ~ "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; [about Obama's F FOR FAKE birth certificate] behold, I will make them to come and worship before my feet, and to know that I have loved the." [REV.3.9] ~ ~ If they pay me enough money of course. ~ ~ Don't fool yourself. I am not Jesus. I just play him in the movies. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHATEVER WORKS NOTES: One of Woody Allen's better movies in recent years was that one about Larry David marrying Miley Cyrus. Which would have never worked in a million years unless and until Larry started to look more like her much younger looking lover boy at the end of the movie. ~ ~ See my slimmed down 4runner figure wearing his John Gray jacket at: ~ ~ OK, I may not be an Iggy Pop or a Captain Ron yet, but don't bet on it not happening in the next 9 days or less. ~ ~ PS JT: What did I tell you? I give you those two hot actress babes in their 20s; you turn over to me Jennifer Anniston and her brunet looker girlfriend. We call it even Steven. ~ ~ Plus you get to keep those two underaged teenagers in your LA hills neighborhood who want to be in the movies.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


I hereby nominate Teddy Roosevelt Cruz to be the first President of the United States of Texas. ~ ~ In my opinion, the neo Jewish tall-in-the-saddle man has all of the qualities that one would want in a national leader; He's got those sexy sad puppy eyes that make the women go crazy; He's as smart as any east coast Jew out there right now who hates white people; Yet he has that tall dark and handsome ethnic [Capt.Garrison] thing going on that could easily get the better half of the Latino vote on the EZE.47:1 south side of Texas. ~ ~ But here's the best part. I got the tv ad money to make sure that all it happens according to plan. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DUTCH TREAT NOTES: In the 1999 MULHOLLAND DR prophecy about the two witnesses, my Jennifer Aniston forerunner husband figure is forced to accept the fact that Cara Delevigne is going to be the lead girl in my next movie. Even though that physically transfigured Angelina Pitt actress was pretty damn impressive with her 16 REASONS rendition. ~ ~ As confirmed by that Hillary Clinton 2016 timeline look alike in the talk radio tv repair shop scene where the sexy REV.17 lady falls. ~ ~ This being [Taylor] Swift's name on the retro Tudor apartments directory across from [Miley] Hanna's name. ~ ~ Remember, both of my prophetic vivid VANILLA SKY dreams about Miley Cyrus and Gisele Bundchen took place in San Francisco. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ Remember, that no.53 VW beetle movie sequel was also about Adriana Lima. ~ ~ Think BLAME IT ON RIO meets WILD ORCHID makes me interested in having billionaire sailboat sex on Lake Union in Seattle with those two teenager hottie's who live in David Lynch's neighborhood. ~ ~ Just a suggestion, both Cara and Miley could easily play underaged 17ish characters. But if that doesn't work for you, go ahead and cast Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfekd in the roles. ~ ~ Don't play with me on this one. ~ ~ I got the stars, and the money. And you got the insider Jew distribution connectionwas ~ ~ ALOHA NOTES: This one is about Emma Stone's new Pearl Harbor movie; costarring that arrogant looking idiot who recently dumped Rene Zellwegger at: ~ ~ Because he is still too gay to believe in the principle of three-way sex polygamy. Kind of like Glenn Beck, and or Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now; I do still enjoy retro fringe right-wing anti communist radio, a la MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets ROMA DI NOTTE. ~ ~ You got that much right. ~ ~ Me and my German beer hall loving right-wingers are going to destroy anything and everything that tries to get in our way this time around. ~ ~ Long live Leslie Winn. Whatever floats your boat; yada yada. ~ ~ NEW AND EXCITING NOTES: Looks like Gisele made Tom wear some kind of a [Dad's best friend] top at: ~ ~ Again, whatever works, all is well that ends well. Whatever it takes to get your next wildly inappropriate indie film project financed by me and the boys. ~ ~ Dude. You mean to tell me that you don't even have enough money on you right now to buy a used commercial grade video camera and pay for a couple of weeks of cast and crew union wages?

Friday, May 29, 2015


Dennis Hastert represented the same 14th district on the expanding edge of Chicago where CADDYSHACK is supposed to take place. ~ ~ Last I remember, conservatives on talk radio etc did not care so much for his brand of moderate country club Republicanism. ~ ~ And to this day, the only reason why the foggy bottom Republicans are not investigating Obama's obviously forged birth certificate is because the Jewish media is blackmailing them with accusations of racism. ~ ~ Which is why the 3.5 big ones in the case is a 35 line of Israel omen that extends from Lake Casablanca in Texas to the twin cities of Judah and Ephraim in 1290' Grand Rapids, Minnesota. For the north and south 35 longitude line that divides modern day Israel in half. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REGULAR PROGRAMMINGS NOTES: All these years later, I finally found a used DVD copy of MULHOLLAND DR last Tuesday at PISTOL ANNIE'S for two bucks. Wherein the Queen Elizabeth II midget and her husband Gordon B Hinckley terrorize Princess Diana in the end. The latter played by a physically transfigured Naomi Watts. ~ ~ Jesus Christ already; what woman would ever want to kill herself if she looked that good? ~ ~ For the record, my favorite scene in the 1999-2000 shot production is when Billy Cyrus' daughter auditions with me in her future 'Sire Us' role. For when we see that a certain 'Hanna' Montana lives in apt. 18 at the Tudor apartments in LA. And the hotel room 16 porno film director has to meet up with the straight-talking Ephraimite cowboy from I-35 Texas at her newly purchased horse corral spread located on top of Beachwood Canyon. During the time when the easy-credit cards of the USA and EU would be completely maxed out. And Charlie's new MAD MAX remake would be showing in movie theaters all across the world. ~ ~ DAILY NOTES: I had already decided to view my exciting new copy of MULHOLLAND DR on Carey Mulligan's 5.28 birthday, when low and behold, I saw the banner for a new DENNY'S [WINKIE'S] coming soon to Bonney Lake. ~ ~ Oh yeah, sometimes I'm wrong, but usually I am right. Just like Mrs. Bonner. ~ ~ U2 NOTES: The Irish band's famous 69er manager named Shee... [whatever] died in LA right after the she/he folks in Ireland got the OK of the people to get married to each other in church. ~ ~ PS RUSH: Obama's stolen Social Security number, that was lifted off of a dead man's death certificate in Hawaii, is hardly a "distraction". In fact, it is the only game in town right now. ~ ~ SIDEKICK NOTES: Dude, you're my kind of guy, generally speaking. What you need to do now is announce that you are gay and that you want to illiminate the Jewish IRS and get rid of all those niggers on the streets after midnight. ~ ~ I mean think about it. All of those old men who are now in charge of the Senate in DC and the Mormon church in Utah would have a heart attact and die instantly. ~ ~ Isn't that what you want?

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Michael Medved got deep throat cancer for the same reason that that half pint midget Spencer W. Kimball got deep throat cancer; I.E. they both believe that a negro should become the president of America and why not therefore the president of the Mormon church. ~ ~ Think Clyde Lewis and Glenn Beck meet Jerry Seinfeld and George Castanza on the SEINFELD show and you get the big picture from the two witnesses' 1260/1290 days period. ~ ~ YES!! I too like a little fried chicken thigh with potatoe salad once in awhile. But Jesus Christ already, not every God damn fucking day; like in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SELL BY DATE NOTES: The day of Obama's fake birth certificate and MLK's fake doctor's degree has come and passed. Game over. ~ ~ TROPHY WIFE NOTES: The LARRY O'BRIEN trophy is a Divine reference to TNT's Conan O'Brien, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ The name 'Larry' being a traditional word for describing something that has been ruined or wrecked.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


OK, so you don't even believe in the DC, much less DC 85. How about I AM the anti hero in CADDYSHACK who is introduced when he is polishing his shaft with his hand? ~ ~ Still nothing? ~ ~ After all, I AM that wise virgin in the original 1987 LOST BOYS who uses the two hidden arrows [sticks] of Judah and Ephraim to kill that vampire in DC. ~ ~ Per the film's premise that if you invite a vampire into your [White] house, it will render you powerless to oppose him. ~ ~ "LISTEN, O [Islay] isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far; The LORD hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother [Granny Grass] hath he made mention of my name. ~ ~ And he hath made my mouth like a sharp [offensive] sword; in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me [in Bonney Lake] and made me a polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me. ~ ~ And said unto me, Thou art my [marred Bill Murray Irishman face of lost Israel] servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified. ~ ~ Then I said, I have laboured in vain, I have spent my strength for nought, and in vain: yet surely my judgement is with the Lord, and my [film] work with my God." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ALMOST FAMOUS NOTES: My libertarian wife Kate Hudson showed up at Joe Silver's beach party on Memorial Day weekend wearing her ALMOST FAMOUS movie sunglasses, seen at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Sure wish that more of my wives were like her and less fascistic and controlling. ~ ~ PS SIENNA: The issue of unequal pay is neo Marxism. ~ ~ On that note, the flooding in Texas is about the flood in the rainbow days of Noah. Hence the rainbow symbolism used by today's Sodom and Egypt fascists at NPR and FOX etc. Not to mention STARBUCKS, APPLE, and the BBC. ~ ~ PS CLYDE: The "Charlie Charlie Challenge" is about David Lynch's ERASERHEAD no.2 pencils of Judah and Ephraim prophecy, circa 77. See: ~ ~ Remember, you always need two yellow sunshine sharpened wood sticks to kill a blood sucking vampire. Talk about putting a little lead in your pencil. "We're all gonna get laid!" Rodney Dangerfield. Speaking to us from the dead, per: ~ ~ PS TAYLOR SWIFT: The climactic "death by stereo" ending to LOST BOYS, 1987, was a prophecy about your future devastating career in the music business. ~ ~ PS SCARLET JOHANSSON: My dream about you in Provo, Utah telling me that Woody Allen has written in 29 new pages of dialogue for me in his next project is still open to interpretation. ~ ~ Since Michael recently suggested to me that he has a good five years left on his career. ~ ~ Who knows, maby he will be dictating his new penciled in lines to us from the other side in the meantime. ~ ~ Doesn't really matter to me, as long as the check clears. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Remember, there are lots of old run down motel locations outside of Yellowstone and Billings, Montana. So don't worry about casting; I have already let Cara Delevinge and Chloe Moretz know that I expect them to fully cooperate with you on this one.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The white Christian country club Republicans like Bush W. make a deal with the devil in CADDYSHACK that comes back to zap them at the end of 9 holes. When they lose their bet of lies about Obama's fake birth certificate and now they pay for it. ~ ~ As confirmed by the Biblical wind and rain storms around Hwy.290's San Marco. That represent the corrupt judge's '... 290' plate on his ROLLS. ~ ~ Which therefore would also include that deadly Mexicano border tornado that struck just south of the dry Devils River area around DANIEL 12's 1290 days Del Rio landmark. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KK NOTES: There was a reason why you spent some of your teen years on your father's vast farm in southern Texas. Shooting pond turtles and stray dogs with your SPRINGFIELD .22 long rifle just to pass away the time. ~ ~ CADDYSHACK NOTES: Some say that the depressed producer and co-writer of CADDYSHACK died when he fell off of a REV.13:1 beach cliff in Barack Obama's future fantasy world State of Hawaii, circa 1980/1981. Others say that he jumped. ~ ~ Whatever, in the film's final cut version Ty cracks jokes about the iconic .44 Son of Sam, and overcoming his own homogaysexuality after Viet Nam happened. As he rubs down Gwyneth Paltrow's sexy back side with coconut oil. ~ ~ Which ended up being a prelude of the civil war between the northern Jews and the southern Ephraimites in FOREST GUMP, etc. ~ ~ PS CLYDE: The new world order was set up to become destroyed by God's half Jew servant George W. Bush. Per the prophecy in DANIEL that says that the abomination of desolation will be surrounded and attacked from all 4 points of the compass by ISIS et all. And no one will come to save him in the end; not even Jerry Seinfeld or Steven Spielberg. ~ ~ The son of Abraham destroyed his father's idols of clay [explosives] and all that, see:

Monday, May 25, 2015


Basically, an 18 hole golf course is a giant grass field. ~ ~ Oh yeah, all the good guys are gonna get laid now. ~ ~ No coincidence that the Arizona sheriff who gets no respect in the Jew fucker media looks like Dangerfield himself, at: AND: ~ ~ "And there shall come forth a [Rodney] out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch [Davidian] shall grow out of his roots." ISAIAH 11. ~ ~ Yeah, Jesus got laid too, big time. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ YOUR ASS IS GRASS NOTES: "...and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up." in California. REV.8:7. ~ ~ So much for the Pope's warning that climate change is being caused by man. Hence the REV.12 Biblical flooding in San Marco, Texas for a ST.MARK 13:14 confirmation. ~ ~ Look at it this way, the abomination of desolation supports a two state solution in Israel; the Pope of the seven hills of ROMA supports a two state solution in Israel. Not to mention the EU and the UN's new world order that was kicked off by FDR. Who was probably the most unconstitutional Jewish president of America; after the Jewish Abraham Lincoln. ~ ~ GOTCHA NOTES: I don't have a copy of 1985s GOTCHA prophecy. But if I did I would watch it tonight and post the links to it, like at:!_%281985_film%29 ~ ~ WOODY ALLEN NOTES: The last time that I attended Van Brooks' actor workshop in Seattle, I got there about a half hour early. So I went across the street and had a couple of cold MILLER scooners at some dock-side bar for rich retired millionaire sailors. ~ ~ Not a bad idea actually for a TV reality series. ~ ~ Think SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE meets LAGGIES.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


The US OPEN happens this year right next to the [Paul] Garrison Springs trout hatchery in Chambers Bay. Because at the end of the filming of 1980's CADDYSHACK prophecy some airline pilot radioed in an emergency report about an [ALASKA] airliner crashing on a golf course. ~ ~ Going back to when I myself suddenly crashed at Ken Keisler's place on nearby Days Island marina for classic 29' wooden sailboats right before the 1260/1290 days prophecy about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephrain suddenly appearing on the radio in sodom and Egypt. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CJ: I still owe your late husband Nyle Smith's estate $900 in back rent. For the exact same 900 bucks that I still owe KK in 10% overdraft commissions, circa 1996. ~ ~ Would you both be willing to double down two or three times already and accept 9 large at this late point in the game and we all call it even Steven? ~ ~ PS TERRY McKNIGHT: According to the above reckoning, I now owe you 33 large. ~ ~ PS SEAN AND ANDREW: According to my above guilty pleasure mathematics, I now owe each of you one big one. And I don't owe your mother from Epinal, France, Laurence Pierceson, shit. ~ ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: That Ash Wednesday earthquake happened off of Anderson Island. ~ ~ Don't make me send my two boys after you to get my ten percent payola like at the end of CADDYSHACK. ~ ~ I mean think about it. Washington State's no income tax status quo is a prophecy about the time when there will no longer be an income tax from Washington, DC. Plus, you get to become completely cured of your homogaysexual Jewish problem. ~ ~ And then you get to start enjoying your new life as an olderish born again Christian man fucking underaged girls who look like HANNA MONTANA type Boy Scouts. ~ ~ Look at it like this. You are one of God's special exception cases. Wherein I get 90% and you get to keep 10%. ~ ~ Since you think that you are God; and God always gets his 10%. ~ ~ And that goes for you too Bill Gates. ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: All that you have to do is shoot 6 half hour segments about some older guy fucking teenage girls on his 51' sailboat tied up on Union Bay in Seattle and you have completely fulfilled your direct to tv movie contract deal with for ten big ones. ~ ~ Trust me on this one. You would not even have to leave the dock. ~ ~ Include CJ DELI in your craft services contract for all of your brown-sack egg salad sandwiches on wheat needs. And I WILL make sure that everything is well that ends well; times ten. ~ ~ Like that old rich Jew fuck says at the end of CADDYSHACK, "...we're gonna get laid!!!" And then he went on to enjoy an amazingly born again career in the movies for quite some years.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


The Providentially lucky tennis club pro in MATCH POINT is Irish; for when the time would come that they normalized homosexual marriage in Ireland. ~ ~ Ergo, that portrait of Queen Elizabeth II above the used TV at the PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop in LEP 3. ~ ~ Wherein the little marred servant in the BOOK OF MORMON says on TV that "... the signs point to a tragedy about to happen." Due to today's Republican neo con party making a huge "... bet of lies." regarding Barack Obama's fake birth certificate. ~ ~ "I'm so fucking mad I could punch my fist through a wall !!" Said my next door neighbor Tammy, yesterday. ~ ~ Who is one little right-on-the-money crazy bitch; most of the time. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: Your upsetting dreams that are keeping you awake all night are about the upcoming [REV.16] civil war earthquake in America. Not the new world order, per se; "State against state, county against county, city against city..." [] ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: You are lying about the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 for the very same [Jewish problem] reason that your are lying about the lost ten tribes of Israel in JER:31, EZE.38, and ISAIAH 11. ~ ~ In other words, you have more in common with the moderate Republican leadership of the Mormon church than I have. ~ ~ And please stop the delusional nonsense about the Jews not killing the Holy One of Israel. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Oh for God's sake, stop it already. And get your hand off of my knee. ~ ~ I do like you, but not in that way. "You're kind of sweet, and you're kind of mean." To paraphrase ANOTHER 9 1/2 WEEKS meets me fucking two of my girly boyfriends for at least 9 weeks on my 51' yatch in Seattle. ~ ~ Can't wait to see which movie was the best at SIFF. ~ ~ PS OLIVER: Typically, first time full-budget directors like to hire a camera man who can almost direct the entire movie for them. ~ ~ Do you really want to be reduced to that late career level at this point your life just because I can offer you a couple of big ones for a 9 1/2 weeks gig?

Friday, May 22, 2015


Yeah we know, the NYT still has a serious Jewish problem; as if I'm not half Jewish myself. ~ ~ For example, here is a royal blue blood transfiguration [Kit Winn] figure making a toast to the preservation and restoration of the nearly extinct lost tribes of Israel, Ernist Hemmingway style, at: ~ ~ Think MY OWN PRIVATE PORTLAND, OREGON meets THE SNOWS OF KILLAMANJARO at: ~ ~ Because the last time that I ever saw Kit, I was wearing that very same J.PETERMAN CATALOGUE mail-order hat seen in the above link. ~ ~ If you don't believe me, just ask him; not me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DEAR COUSIN DAVE NOTES: Our beloved uncle Dickie died in Northern Seattle on Jesus Christ's 4.6 Branch Davidian birthday anniversary. And then at his [1260 days era] gravesite memorial, your little innocent daughter who just had had brain tumor surgery suddenly shouted out that Dickie was not supposed to die until Jesus would come back to save us from the 666 beast. ~ ~ Whereupon I looked at her and said that she was right on the money. And everyone else there just looked at me, in stone silence, as if I was just as crazy as her. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: You are not going to be allowed to move forward and get completely cured of your deep throat cancer insider career until and unless you admit that Obama's birth certificate is a fake. ~ ~ Talk about completely scraping out the bottom of the rotten apples barrel. ~ ~ PS DAVE: Now that those hook nose fucks at SHOWTIME have finally agreed to pay you what they said they were going to pay you in the first place; how about you and the girls just go ahead and shoot the entire thing at some fly fishing dude ranch in Montana? ~ ~ Personally, if it were up to me, I would set the series' location at that high society log cabin delevopment for billionaires like Bill Gates in the Yellowstone area where Justin Timberlake et al are now living. ~ ~ Because Jesus has personally informed me that I am not going to have that much time to go fly fishing in the next 50/50 years. ~ ~ However, if I live near a really nice trout stream or a lake somewhere in England, or Montana, or even on Vancouver Island, BC, then maybe, just maybe. But only in the evening after one is done with one's daily chores and family responsibilities. ~ ~ Think SCOOP meets MATCH POINT. ~ ~ LUCKY U NOTES: Today's 5.3 along Nevada's Rt.317 in Obama's bone dry EZE.37 Lincoln County was for me hitting the golden state nugget [777] jackpot in LEP:3 and then getting lucky with my first three wives; Scarlett Johansson, Amber Heard, and Emma [gem] Stone at the same time. ~ ~ This being the sudden disappearance of Conan O'Brien in the 3rd LEPRECHAUN movie. Which was a Providential prelude to the sudden vanishing of David Letterman's fantasy existence career for 33 years at CBS. ~ ~ PS BILL MURRAY: Yeah, I'm gonna be reviewing your CADDY SHACK prophecy in the lead up to the US OPEN in Tacoma, for sure. ~ ~ PS STANLEY TUCCI: I always like to throw a chopped up eggplant into my simmering pot of polo cacciatore in the final 30 minutes third act. Which gives the dish a nice parmasan eggplant flavor when you serve it up with a little grated goat urine cheese on top and a nice hard crusted 'pane compagna' wheat roll on the side.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


One of the biggest long cons in business history is the so-called 10% 90% movie distribution deal that the Jews came up with in Hollywood going back to the 1950s. ~ ~ In other words, I get 10% of all the money that my movie star wives have made in their entire life. ~ ~ And you get to keep the pop corn money. ~ ~ With this in mind, I had completely forgotten that 'LEP:4, In Space' was about the 4th X-37B mini me shuttle rocket launch on the last day of the FDR/JFK/LBJ/MLK Letterman rocketman show. ~ ~ Wherein Woody Allen stabs my little Crown Prince of England figure in the back. So then Woody ends up looking like his weirdo outerspace alien moon face wife from North Korea in M.A.S.H. meets A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. ~ ~ Then Dr.Evil gets the blue blood physical transfiguration blood cleansing procedure that is referenced to at ~ ~ Who then becomes Emma Stone's [regenerated tissues] SPIDERMAN co-star hero like in her last two Woody Allen movies. ~ ~ For example, see: ~ ~ I mean really, come on now; doesn't Miss Stone have a rather odd looking outer-space type face? ~ ~ GSR ~ ~ PS DAVE: Can't wait to go hiking and fly-fishing in the mountain lakes and creeks west of your dude ranch in Montana. Hope it's not a problem if I bring along one of my closest friends, like at: ~ ~ Always remember, whatever I get, you get too, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ PS KEN McLEOD: The absolutely fabulous wilderness hiking experience west of Letterman's remote ranch in Montana has so many miles and miles of gentle elevation trails that one can even enjoy them while sitting in one of those new fangle mountain-bike wheelchairs for older dudes with bad knees. ~ ~ PS KIT WINN: That gentle Ponderosa pines lake 4-mile hike that we went on during your father's [Fourth of July] Tateum Creek fishing trip is what I am talking about. ~ ~ PS TAYLOR SWIFT: The Swift Creek Resevoir on the Lewis River is located south of the Mount Saint Helens volcano because you are my wife. This being the general location of some of Washington State's more successful Christmas tree farms. Hence, Gus Van Sant's new SEA OF TREES movie sequel to his prophetic EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES. ~ ~ PS SEAN AND ANDREW: You will only get your two back child-support 666 checks with full interest when you two come to me. Don't wait for me to come to you. ~ ~ Always remember this, it was your crazy bitch French mother who divorced me; not the other way around. ~ ~ No matter how those two Jew boys from the twin cities tried to make it look in A SERIOUS MAN meets THE BIG LEWBOWSKI; followed up by INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Bill Murray popped out of that huge cake that Woody Allen owes me by now for the end of the Letterman show, at: ~ ~ WOW!! ~ ~ The invisible holy ghost of Woody Allen was one of David's last special good bye guests. ~ ~ Talk about getting in just under the wire. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSH IS RIGHT NOTES: People who don't listen to Rush Limbaugh are probably not aware that Hillary Clinton is already president. Hence, there is no need for any gay ass election in 2016. ~ ~ Yeah yeah we know already; Obama is still her house nigger inside of the big Greek temple pillars white [fraternity] house plantation mansion in Virginia. ~ ~ PS SANDY: If you could just relax and let me fuck you for a few years, I promise you that I will do everything in my power to make Matthew McConaughey your eternal husband forever and ever. ~ ~ Plus, you get to keep the kids, according to the Word at ~ ~ I mean think about it. I'm a pretty sharp TOMMY BAHAMA meets BANANA REPUBLIC style dresser with the older dude body of an Iggy Pop, post 2015. Who also knows how to cook a mean dish of tortillini in low fat chicken broth and CLUB MED herbs with whole wheat bread rolls for the dipping. Plus, you get to keep 90% of your money, and you no longer have to worry about Hillary Clinton's neo-fascist IRS union thugs in Hollywood who want to steal half of everything that you have worked for all your life. ~ ~ Half of whom are Jews of course. Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ REV.15 NOTES: Today's fascistic fixation with a fixed $15 per hour wage is about those KIRO 7 Indian medicine wheel cures in REV.15. which are going to bring back the one buck per hour wage during the days of Joseph Smith. ~ ~ LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW NOTES: Last night on the Clyde Lewis [KING OF COMEDY] show, some humble simple minded working stiff who drives one of those billboard advertising trucks up and down the Las Vegas strip, for minimum wage, said that he saw two ISIS terrorists casing out one of the casinos. Upon which the proverbial typical neo con host laughed him off as if he was some kind of a birther nut calling into the Michael Medved show, per: ~ ~ Note how much the woman in the above clip looks like Jerry Seinfeld's late no nonsense mother in his hit Bill Clinton era 1260 days TV series.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


According to GOOGLE, the Jewish Greek actor who played George on SEINFELD [Jason Alexander] is 5'5", and the Jewish Greek journalist actor named George Stephanopolus is 5'7". ~ ~ And no I am not being petty by bringing this up at this time. Since two nights ago I had a flash vision of Woody Allen standing in my room looking at my DVD collection set of the first 4 LEPRECHAUN movies. ~ ~ Sadly, I don't have any of the LEP IN THE HOOD follow up movies. Or I would definitely be all over those too like white on rice. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SPIKE LEE: You strange Chinatown name is about the liberal Brooklyn Jewish neo con media spiking the truth about Barack Obama not being a US citizen. And that's the triple truth. For example, see: ~ ~ Meanwhile, I'm having more fun than a barrel of monkeys, like at:

Monday, May 18, 2015


When I saw Taylor Swift's new BAD BLOOD video on Sunday, I realized why God had tipped me off to Mark Blitz' blood moon book introduction to LOST BOYS: The Thirst at: AND: ~ ~ That was confirmed on the very same day by the bad blood between those rival cool riders at TWIN PEAKS, Waco, Texas off I-35. Because in the bloody vampire prophecy, the ex-Republican congressman turned vampire weapons designer, Jesses James style, says that his custom designed Branch Dravidian motor cycle is a real killer at exactly 35:00 minutes on my DVD copy. ~ ~ Speaking of numbers, the number 322 at Blake's shop stands for this F FOR FAKE image no.322 that was made by some dude who uses a holy water hand grenade logo, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CLYDE: Your man in the White House is banning local police from using armored vehicles. Sounds like he is a big fan of your UFO aliens AM radio show. ~ ~ Personally, I would rather see my local law enforcement heros riding around town in sand colored surplus army ABRAM M1 tanks than see an illegal alien "Commander in Chief" sitting in the Greek temple White House in DC. Who is obviously using a forged birth certificate and a stolen Social Security number. No thanks to you, and your Jewish neo con buddies who are syndicating your late night rerun talk show. Since you voted two times for the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ Hey, you don't give a fuck about the US Constitution, I don't give a fuck about the US Constitution. Not to mention your gay ass King James translation of the Bible. ~ ~ PS THE POPE: You are in fact the very fulfilment of the Pope on roller skates in ROMA, circa 1973. ~ ~ PS TRAVOLTA: Tell Mr.Stone that you would be willing to make a sexed up remake sequel to URBAN COWBOY with Miley and Ariana if you get to play a juicy role playing me in his upcoming Janis Joplin movie. ~ ~ Look at this way. You get to stick it to all of those asshole weirdos out there who are making Scientology movies.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


When things start to go downhill towards the end of the BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy, yours truly shows up with a couple of my future movie star girlfriends who look like boys and tells the [Bible Belt] Burt Reynolds figure that video is the way of the future. ~ ~ Wherein BR reacts very offended, much like today's same age [2015] time-line leadership of the Mormon church does at ~ ~ However, all is well that ends well at the end of the movie. ~ ~ And everyone involved gets a nice piece of the action. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ QUEENS NOTES: That nigger who got shot riding around in one of Seinfeld's symbolic 911 cars in Queens was a sign from God that Natalie Portmanteau is not going to get away with what she and he are trying to do. ~ ~ See what I mean at: ~ ~ You don't listen to Rush Limbaugh anymore, I don't listen to you anymore. ~ ~ AMERICAN PHARAOH NOTES: God is now saying that all you smarty pants [David Letterman] type Jew boys who are still living in an intellectual, political, and cultural bubble need to watch A VIEW TO A KILL again. Yeah we know, I have seen it a hundred times already, but you have not. ~ ~ Not only that; you probably haven't even listened to Rush's full monologue opening more than two or three times in your entire life.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


There have been a lot of great Woody Allen movies about me over the years. But my favorite one still has to be the one about my own private physical transfiguration experiences that were so artistically portrayed in 50 shades of gray tones in MANHATTAN. ~ ~ BROADWAY DANNY ROSE being a close second. Not to mention THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO and TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN. ~ ~ True, the last days' status quo of sodom and Egypt is over, dead, but the fun has just begun at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEINFELD NOTES: Today's date is the same death date on Susan's tombstone in THE FOUNDATION episode for a wrap up of George's contributions to the Clinton's phony baloney plastic banana good time rock'n roll foundation. Both Georges being a little bit on the short side of 5'7". ~ ~ Not that Charlize Theron or Nicole Kidman have a problem with that. ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Now that George finally married his devil woman who hates my good friend BiBi, look for his probate estate on Lake Como to suddenly come on the market. ~ ~ I'm thinking that my wife Gwenyth Paltrow is going to need a second bed and breakfast fly-fishing retreat after she buys that one for me in northwest Spain. ~ ~ You can't expect to keep and have a lot of wives if you do not have the means to keep them entertained while you are away having fun visiting your other wives. ~ ~ For example, my crazy sexy FFing wife Lindsay Lohan says that she has a friend in Monte Carlo who ownes a little hotel pensione just like the one in LAST TANGO IN PARIS. Which resembles the exact same place where Ken Keisler and I stayed in ROMA, circa 1988. ~ ~ For that small hotel in Siena, Italia where I like to spend my Christmas seasons every year. ~ ~ God damn!! All I need now is a used yard-sale price SONY video camera like the one that David Lynch used to make his last feature length film, plus a sound man, plus a lighting man, plus two really hot sexy actresses who can also sing; and I'm in like Flint. ~ ~ PS MR.& MRS. JUSTIN THEROUX: Last night I dreamed that the three of us were sitting around a table trying to come up with an amicable engagement-divorce settlement. ~ ~ How about this?.. Since I'm older than JT, I fuck Jen and her same age friend in the feature length Internet movie. And JT gets to fuck two actresses that are much younger than he is, if in fact they have the acting talent. ~ ~ Believe it or not; I'm not interested in throwing good money after bad money. ~ ~

Friday, May 15, 2015


Woody Allen told DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD that MATCH POINT was the most Providential movie production in his entire career, at: ~ ~ Because the movie is basically a prophetic stand-in for the annual royal grass court games at: ~ ~ Don't kid yourself. Mr.Allen may not even own a computer, but he does have a girlfriend who prints out all of my blog posts for him on a DAILY MAIL, London type basis. ~ ~ See this prophetically inspired 1776 train ride clip for instance at: ~ ~ "I'm ahead of the curve..." says the Joker to the Batman. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LOST BOYS NOTES: In the third one, the transfigured Elizabeth Hurley look alike author of the TWILIGHT vampire books and movies hands Frog a photo of my lost girlfriend, who looks like a boy, a.k.a. Keira Knightley, at 9:28 minutes. ~ ~ FULL DISCLOSURE NOTES: DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD banned me from posting any comments on their insider blog about five years ago. ~ ~ PS CRAIG FERGUSAN: Never forget about that white dishwasher repairman family man with children, named 'Mr.Fergusan' getting electrocuted to death in Florida right when the niggers started to riot in Ferguson; HA HA HA HA HA HA... MY OWN PRIVATE FILMAKER NOTES: I attended every SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL event in Park City, Utah during the 1980s; and all I ever got was a smile and a [we'll call you] thank you for my business card from Ethan Coen and the director of SEX LIES AND VIDEO. ~ ~ Then I attended the SIFF premier movie at the EGYPTIAN in Seattle. Where the French 16mm camera man on F FOR FAKE walked right up to me and said that he wanted to be involved in my next Orson Welles look alike film. ~ ~ If I could afford to pay union scale of course; plus a respectable amount of Italian style cash under-the-table per dium.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Tuesday afternoon at 2:09 pm, I had a cat nap flash vision of Bonnie Lake's famous blood moons prophecy author standing next to my Evergreen Drive T location. Wherein he looked at me for a second and then walked away. ~ ~ Then the next day I was surprised to see that I still had a copy of LOST BOYS:III; shot in South Africa. Wherein they try to sacrifice my evergreen 1974 ALFA GTV girlfriend Keira Knightley on a full blood moon. Which was made five years ago, and begins with a 'Five years ago in DC' subhead. ~ ~ This being around the same time when I started to link to various porn clips because I was getting nowhere explaining the true nature of the great church of the whore in 1NEPHI and REV.17, etc. ~ ~ Therefore I was forced to go to plan B and show them what they are actually doing these days in more graphic terms. ~ ~ In other words, the Devil made me do it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DOMINOS NOTES: You may have heard about the salesman who got $50,000 for each word when he told COCA COLA to "bottle it". Well I got two words for you too; "sprinkle it" with virgin olive oil. Probably as an extra-charge topping; in order that your customers are not expecting something more than they bargained for in the flavor department. ~ ~ You might want to sex it up with the use of olive oil marinated in Mediterranean herbs; yada yada. ~ ~ PS MILEY: How about you sail your mint condition classic Hollywood 1960s movie star sail boat into Marseille, France and wreck everything that is going on over at that gay ass Cannes Film Festival, like at: ~ ~ You do this for me, I make you the star of that Janis Joplin biopic that all of those old Jewish men in Hollywood have never had the balls to make in the past 22 years or so... ~ ~ Ah fuck it. Just show up in Seattle sucking on a huge completely legal corncob pipe full of LSD grade weed and we'll call it even. ~ ~ Same deal, same money, same screenplay; but less hassles for me anyway. ~ ~ And don't forget to pack your hiking boots and your fishing pole. ~ ~ SIFF NOTES: The reason why Miley and her girlfriends might want to make the side bar film festival scene in Seattle, instead of say Cannes, is because there is way more tax free money there right now to invest in movies. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The negro train derailment from Philly to Jew Town was about Jerry and Elaine sitting in between Mr.Milk Dud and Mr.Raisonette in the opening to THE ENGLISH PATIENT; post day 1260. ~ ~ Because the reformed fascist New City mayor of Sodom and Egypt went down to meet with the abomination of desolation in DANIEL as the terrifying images rolled on the Internet newspapers. ~ ~ [Let me guess, he's also giving another graduates speech somewhere this month.] ~ ~ Meanwhile, THE GRADUATE's mother just died in confirmation of my TIME TO DIE post. ~ ~ Sorry about that; but you can't be straight and be gay at the same time. ~ ~ There is no such thing as the 'third way' in the long run. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CANNES JURY NOTES: Sienna Miller's tragic dark comedy called CAMILLE was about that Honeymoon Bay landmark north of Miller Lake on Holmes Harbor, directly across from Beverly [Hills] Beach in REV.13:1. Nearby Baby Rock is a REV.17 mother thing. For all of today's modern mothers who don't care if their children are being educated with the perverted values of lesbians, homosexuals, communists, and negros. ~ ~ REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT NOTES: Probably the best thing to do right now is buy up every single listed property that is for sale right now on Lopez Island. Then before you know it, the locals will get the big money picture and approach you to buy them out too; and before you know it we will pretty much own the entire island. ~ ~ Apart from the usual amusing and entertaining eccentric hold outs. ~ ~ Would we want it to be any other way? ~ ~ BALTIMORE APPLECORE NOTES: As of last Monday, police records show that 87 niggers have been killed by other niggers so far this year in Baltimore. And only one nigger was supposedly killed by a cop, who was also black. ~ ~ However, fear not; Clyde Lewis et al are already getting to the bottom of the situation and exposing the evil satanic shadow government forces behind the obviously predictable situation. ~ ~ No wonder almost no one is buying the NYT anymore.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Do you two want to continue to fuck really attractive nice-young-well-educated women for the next 50/50 plus years? Or do you want to be stuck in bed with some old dying bitch who looks like Hillary Clinton until the day you die? ~ ~ At least in the AMERICAN DREAMZ prophecy, they had the presence of mind to cast your third way successor in bed with a still very fuckable Neve Campbell look alike. ~ ~ Say what you will about the Jews; they do know how to make a movie. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BERRY: Bored out of your mind already? Wanna have some fun? ~ ~ How about a racy TV reality Internet show from the White House after the shit hits the fan and they can't stop you anymore from doing what feels good to you? ~ ~ Dude, this is me talking. Not one of Hillary Clinton's high priced political advisors who was working for the other side of the fence in the last major landslide Republican Party election. ~ ~ PS CLOONEY: The reason why Brad and Angelina did not attend your satanic wedding to that devil woman is because they have not yet crossed over completely to the dark side. Yeah I know. I was pretty surprised myself. ~ ~

Monday, May 11, 2015


Most of today's dumb fuck half-Jew neo-con naive Mormons don't even know that the Berkley, Cal college landlord in the above cinematic prophecy was played by a Michael Savage talk radio figure. Who was the inspiration in the first place for him finally settling down in the Bay Area; rumor has it. ~ ~ Talk about DUMB & DUMBER: II. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VAMPIRE INTERVIEW NOTES: Here are a couple of nice shots of Emma Stone role playing Elizabeth Hurley and Sienna Miller at: AND: ~ ~ NAPOLEON DYNAMITE NOTES: The reason why those BYU film students never did make a sequel to my own private Idaho [GSR/TWN] comedy masterpiece comes down to simple self righteous pride. ~ ~ Ergo, I eventually sign a check for the entire remake/sequel production costs; plus P&A publicity and distribution money. ~ ~ While another one of my fundamentalist polygamist Mormon wives gives me a close creamy cum face covered shave after she sucks off my cock in OUR MAN IN LIKE FLINT. ~ ~ See the suggestive images and crazy left-wing Labor Party allegory sub plots at: ~ ~ ~ ~ TO DIE FOR NOTES: Darling, sweetheart, it's time for you to start wrapping up your bankrupt marriage finances in Tennessee and get out of town while the getting is good. ~ ~ PS HUGH GRANT: I realize that a lot of stuck-up people in high society London made fun of you for fathering two children with a Chinese restaurant waitress. But you will always be my hero in NOTTING HILL meets TWO WEEKS NOTICE. ~ ~ Hope to see you at the US OPEN next month in Tacoma, at: ~ ~ OPERATION DUFFER NOTES: In the OUR MAN IN LIKE FLINT prophesies, the "operation duffer" plot will happen when there is a major duffer in the White House in 2015/16. Who was raised up in Hawaii on the 19666s socialist values of born again democratic fascism. Actually during the same time when Elvis 'The King' was over there making his BLUE HAWAII FIVE-O movies.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Those two niggers shot that black cop down at the I-59 [May 9] Mississippi crossroads in order to shed more light on Sunday's NYT MAGAZINE cover about the 1/1000 ratio of white police shooting black drug dealers who are constantly shooting each other. ~ ~ Think COMEDIANS DRIVING AROUND IN CARS GETTING COFFEE; 97% of whom voted for the 1290 days abomination of desolation in DANIEL. ~ ~ And would probably do so a third time if given the chance. ~ ~ Talk about the clinical definition of mentally ill liberalism that repeats itself over and over no matter what the result. ~ ~ Guess it's now high time to try a different approach. ~ ~ I mean, get real already. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AMERICAN DREAMZ NOTES: I found a used copy of AMERICAN DREAMZ last year at THE CHECKOUT. But after about ten minutes into it I realized that the time was not right. So after the conservatives were reelected in England, I checked it out again; and was amazed to see the conservative election winner reading THE GUARDIAN left-wing newspaper of London just for the satisfaction of seeing them eat crow. ~ ~ MAY 9 NOTES: That deadly twister in Eastland County's bloody meat cleaver area was for the twisted [sister] Jews on the east coast getting their kicks out of oppressing the white people in Texas. ~ ~ RL NOTES: Long before the present day B&B tourist beach house economy on Whidbey Island, there was a MILLER TIME loggers industry there. ~ ~ Hence, RL's amazing Mother's Day tribute to Sienna Miller. ~ ~ The first thing that I'm gonna do after the niggers go ape shit, and I finally get my off-shore tax-free money, is stop into RL's flagship store with a four of those retro designer shipping trunks that were featured in JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO. ~ ~ PS MRS.Z: Calm down, relax, take your time; have a little fun under the sun in the meantime. ~ ~ You and I can get together later and fuck each other all you want after your husband dies and you get to inherit all of his crazy money. ~ ~ Per your own two private prophecy movies entitled SPLITTING HEIRS and KING RALPH, circa 2015. ~ ~ Happy Mother's Day. ~ ~ Hope it's not a problem if I bring along a friend or two, like at: AND: ~ ~

Saturday, May 9, 2015


These were the last words that Mr. Byrd said right after takeoff from PEACHTREE, Atlanta in Kenny Kemp's PIPER 32. Because the hearts and minds of the sons of Israel are still frozen unto him at 32°. ~ ~ And because they were going to some college graduation ceremony that represented Natalie Portman's graduation diploma from Harvard in THE SOCIALIST NETWORK meets BYU. ~ ~ Where you can't even get your cock sucked or go down on some hot feminist coed bitch without the threat of getting expelled for immoral sexual harassment fornication. Even though 97 percent of the university faculty voted for that Greek house homosexual who is not even a citizen of the United States. ~ ~ See what I mean to say at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BYA NOTES: I now have enough money in my private non-of-your-business offshore tax free accounts to buy out the bankrupt public library in Provo, Utah; and turn it into my own private ping pong room for THE SCHOOL OF PROPHETS at 2bc.into. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ PS DON WILLEY: Act fast now and buy up any and all of the nearby pizza restaurant properties in the surrounding area. Remember, whatever I get you get too; even if you have to form a real estate partnership with Steven Fresh if you need more operating cash. ~ ~ The only thing that I would ask is that you consult me before you finalize any of your menu ideas. ~ ~ You can't expect to compete with a Harvard University or a Yale University if you don't even have a couple of world class pizza and micro-brew joints within walking distance. ~ ~ Let the gold rush begin. ~ ~ AMERICAN DREAMZ NOTES: Last night at 1:22 minutes into the 2006 pre Obama movie, I saw Drew Barrymore's Jewish Arab date from out of nowhere strap on his suicide vest bomb in the men's room; while a negro Obama figure was waiting to get in. ~ ~ Think MISS CONGENIALITY: I&II meets whatever fuck film indie movie that I feel like making for the next ten years. ~ ~ PS KEN KEMP: Your Japanese WW II B-24 audition tape for your picture scrap book is very impressive. Congratulations, you got the job, the money, etc. I'm now thinking about a 12-part PBS channel behind-the-scenes history series about the 12 tribes of Israel that would rival the former civil war series that was broadcast years ago on the same government controlled network. ~ ~ Only this time the southern [Georgia] states of the former Soviet Union are the good guys who win. ~ ~ RELATED RELATIVES LYRICS NOTES: ~ ~

Friday, May 8, 2015


Don't let those old fucks who are leading today's Mormon church astray try to tell you that you can't have a cold one after work. Which was normal during the days of Joseph Smith, but is not normal anymore in Utah high society; where men like Orin Hatch would vote for a negro woman like Loretta Lynch, but would never let a BUD LIGHT beer touch their lips in a million light years. ~ ~ Ergo, Miller Lake, Washington is located right in between the Clinton and Sunlight Beach landmarks on Whidbey Island that resent Emily Dickinsons' prophetic poem about that "...sunrise yellow noise..." A-bomb going off in LA, and Atlanta, GA. ~ ~ Not to mention Frisco and DC. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ USELESS NOTES: Miller Lake's nearby Useless Bay setting is about the obvious uselessness of arguing with emotionally disturbed and mentally ill liberals and neo-cons, like Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, about Obama's fake birth certificate. ~ ~ YADA YADA NOTES: Yeah, yeah, we know already; according to the Word of Wisdom in DC 89, hot drinks like coffee and tea are not good for you in the long term. Nor is hard liquor and too much red meat; but that is another post for another day. "Line upon line, precept upon precept." ~ ~ First things first. ~ ~ PROBABLY NONSENSE NOTES: The idea that "probably" Tom Brady was using soft ball [media questions] when he beat the crap out of the midwest COLTS is the same thing as saying that Barack Obama's birth certificate is "probably" a blatant amateur computer graphics forgery file composed of 8 or 9 layers using three 1960s era typewriter fonts. ~ ~ In other words, who gives a shit? Certainly not me. ~ ~ Look at it this way. The sooner my niggers start burning down America's Democrat Party controller ghetto cities, the sooner I get my money.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


At the end of THE ENGLISH PATIENT, my wife takes me to England, via Canada, for a little R&R recovery and healing time-off period. Her being my physically transfigured look alike wife named Elizabeth Hurley in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, the sequel. ~ ~ [People have a way of returning from the dead in Hollywood remake prequel sequels.] ~ ~ Ergo, Elaine has to fly to north Africa in order to understand how the sons and daughters of Israel make their big comeback from living in a cave like those savage dark skin gentiles at the end of the BM. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MICHAEL NOTES: Savage is still banned from entering England. Think KILL CRUISE: II in reverse, meets THE INVISIBLE MAN: II "He becomes visible again", meets THE BIG LEWBOWSKI: II, filmed in and around San Francisco and Seattle. ~ ~ BRAD NOTES: How about we do some kind of THE WEIGHT OF WATER rip off thing for THE BIG LEWBOWSKI rip off sequel? Co-starring Sean Penn in a SPEEDO as your replacement sidekick for John Goodman? Seriously now, I can easily see Michael Savage in a flowing over-sized Hawaiian shirt fucking Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz, no problem. Of course, the money would definitely have to be way more than right, times two. ~ ~ PS NATALIE PORTMAN: Your gold framed graduation diploma from Harvard is way more of an idol than you gold plated OSCAR statue. ~ ~ PS HOWARD: I can relate to how you felt when you saw yourself on the cover of MAD. ~ ~ When I saw myself walking along a sidewalk on the cover of that DC SUPERMAN comic book back in the late 90s, I knew that I AM was the one mighty and strong in D&C 85. ~ ~ HOT NAZI LEATHER SEX NOTES: That little brown-eyed look alike co-star of ANOTHER 9 1/2 WEEKS claims that me and the boys are racist. ~ ~ Well fuck me Jesse now!! ~ ~ I just got another brilliant super16mm idea for another super sexy XXX underground Internet indie film. ~ ~ See my latest mind fuck preview ideas even now at: ~ ~ Just in time for Cannes. ~ ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Everything thing that I have ever thought to say about you relates directly to your Miller Lake landmark on Whibley Island. That said, I do need you to take care of my special boy until the time is right for him to leave the nest. ~ ~ PS SANDY: If buying up the entire south side of Lopez Island, which is shaped like the island of England, doesn't do it for you; how about buying George McLeod's property off of Campbell Lake and installing one of those rustic looking pre-cut Montana white pine log cabin houses on it; just for now. ~ ~ Believe me you, you could do a lot worse. ~ ~ Think about it; the hot bisexual underaged sex with teenage girls; the unbelievable financial returns; the campfire girls sing-along breakfasts around an open fire. ~ ~ There is a reason why you lost your [REV.19] virginity at age 19.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


That white nigger who shot and killed officer [Greg] Moore in Post Falls, I/da/ho was caught hiding underneath a semi at CABELAS sporting goods store for a sign from God that hunting season is coming up, sooner rather than later. ~ ~ SEE:|brand_brand+keywords-exact|USA&WT.z_mc_id1=43700001431544243&gclid=CIvim-mjrcUCFdKEfgod0GAAAw&gclsrc=aw.ds ~ ~ Check out the Jimmy Fallon look alike upstate Republican figure at: ~ ~ I shit you not. Leno's replacement is also a secret moderate Republican. Some things never change. ~ ~ Like that gay ass christian Republican leader of the Senate at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEINFELD 8 NOTES: In THE ENGLISH PATIENT, no.17, the blond babe who voted for the [Danielle] abomination of desolation mistakes George for her boyfriend as we see the "HOT CHOCOLATE" machine in the background at MONKS' D&C 86 coffee shop. Who later sticks it to George when he wins in 2008 and 2012. ~ ~ Note the inspired and prophetic invisible man bandage job at the end of the 1997 episode, yada yada. ~ ~ BOOGIE NIGHTS NOTES: JT just came out with an English accent fly guy limestone trout creek thing about the 2BC 9_1 king of the limo limies at: ~ ~ Just in time for the genealogy tree of Israel that fell down on top of those kids in Chelsea, Mass. Which represented Chelsea, London on the day we learned the name of the newborn royal baby, at: ~ ~ In other words, the Queen of England is supposed to be the queen of Israel; not THE AFRICAN QUEEN, like at: ~ ~

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Back on 4.9 at 11:10 pm, Michael told me that "three states" will pool their resources and initiate the upcoming three-way breakup after the Rt.111 Chocolate Mountains earthquake in REV.11 meets REV.16. Hence, those six Balitimore police officers were brought up on false murder charges for a third world style show trial on INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST WORKERS DAY. ~ ~ In confirmation of the historic fact that it was the 666 workers' unionist political thugs who put both Mussolini and Hitler into power. ~ ~ And then 6,666,666 Jews were murdered because they themselves had played the pivitol role of the social justice backstabbers in the media. ~ ~ Exactly like they are doing again today; as they stonewall the truth about Barack Obama's stolen Social Security number, and call for federalising and reforming the Balitimore Police Department. ~ ~ Yada yada. ~ ~ For example, when Kramer breaks up with George in the Italian restaurant called POMODORO'S, we see an angry black negro Obama figure sitting at a table in the background. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AMERICAN PHARAOH NOTES: After the horse race in Kentucky, three niggers robbed and murdered a white man from Canada named Scott Hunter. For the prophecy about the D&C 86ers getting hunted down and 86ed, one by one, for what they have done to America. ~ ~ UFO REPORT NOTES: Clyde Lewis et al are receiving so many UFO visions and manifestations from God right now because their religious and [liberal] political views are so weird and alien to Him. ~ ~ Take for example polygamy; which is normal in the Bible, but not normal in today's decadent and decaying world of apostate christian Sodomy and Egyptian fascism. Not to mention righteous slavery and righteous genocide; which is the Bible's way of keeping that big black African sized killer bee away from George in THE SUMMER OF GEORGE.

Monday, May 4, 2015


A strong one rocked Queenstown, New Zealand's divided ten virgins landmark on the say day that they announced that the new royal baby's name is C/harlot/te in London. For a latter days confirmation that we are now living in the REV.17 era of THE MOTHER OF WHORES. ~ ~ Meanwhile, the niggers continued to run riot over America, the promised land, at: ~ ~ Where it says in the Virgin Islands prophecy IN LIKE OUR MAN FLINT, the order to destroy the (7) Mountain Island comes down as an official "Purple Alert" ~ ~ Since the sons and daughtets of Israel have declared complete 2 NEPHI 8 type "capitulation" to the underground 666 climate change scientists. ~ ~ This being those two dormant volcanos of Judah and Ephraim in the first one that are about to errupt with a violent ferocity and show of [police] force; which we have not seen since the white Christian crusaders came down hard against their black skinned oppressors. ~ ~ "Playtime is over." says Gen. Carter to the ladies in the second one. ~ ~ "Women running the world..." "FORGET IT!!" says our man Flint. ~ ~ Because at the end of the world, the beautiful woman who is adorned in expensive apparel and priceless pearls and gold will be found sitting down on the dirt wearing next to nothing, with no hair on their heads. ~ ~ Kind of like we see today in Africa; where the abomination of desolation prince in DANIEL 10 was born in 1961. ~ ~ Actually in the very same country where the prince of England proposed marriage to the princess of England in an old rustic log cabin on the side of a mountain. ~ ~ Hence, the place where I have been living in Bonnie Lake, Washington all these years looks like a brown wooden cabin; which was built way out in the woods back around 1971. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

Sunday, May 3, 2015


That 4.2 at 12:23 happened again right between Portage and Climax, Michigan. For when I will be fucking both Miley and Cara on my sailboat on Portage Bay in Seattle. If you get my drift. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ Because the annual NYC MET BALL vampire happening happens on my X's 504 birthday. In confirmation of Cosmo and George making their big 29ish forever-young backless-dress ball entrance at TAVERN ON THE GREEN. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEMI-PRO MOVIE REVIEW NOTES: Yeah, fuck, whatever happens will be God's plan for Flint, Michigan, circa 1974.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Watch this video of Sean Hannity interviewing a mob witness cop in disguise and you will get sick to your stomach with each new disrespectful Jew media cover-up report about the gangsta thugs who are now in charge of Baltimore, at: ~ ~ Oh yeah, you invest next-to-nothing in some kind of a respectful and artistic Middle America Nazi reality TV Internet show; with lots of surreal wide-angle high-contrast dark-shadow shots; you laugh your guts out all the way to the bank. ~ ~ Think ERASERHEAD meets LOST HIGHWAY down at the crossroads in Mississippi, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ERASERHEADS NOTES: It happens almost every time. Just when I start to think that I AM is a Mr. Knowitall, along comes some new information at: ~ ~ In confirmation of my Miley type girlfriend who also likes it up the ass, like at: ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: You don't know what you are missing if you are not up to casting Ms Montana in that long awaited Janis Joplin movie. ~ ~ You better hurry up, before Quentin Tarantino beats you to the punch. ~ ~ And if he doesn't I will. ~ ~ And here is how I intend to do it. ~ ~ I will find out who is that extremely gifted video camera man behind Jerry Seinfeld's comedians and coffee series; and I will steal him away from right under Jerry's nose for twice the money. ~ ~ You think Seinfeld is pretty rich do you? Guess you never been to King County, Seattle. ~ ~ PS LAURENCE PIERSON: Go tell my two sons that you lied about me, and you tried to poison the well of my royal genealogy line of Israel in the third Da Vinci Code movie now being filmed in Venice. And I let Steven Fresh do anything that he wants to do to you. Per the ending to ANOTHER 91\2 WEEKS in Paris. ~ ~ Just like my back-stabbing Jewish wife Jennifer Anniston does in THE ONE WITH THE JELLYFISH, circa 9.25 1997.

Friday, May 1, 2015


Basically, IN LIKE FLINT is about Hillary Clinton and her bitches trying to take over the White House with the help of today's men who no longer have a pistol in their pants. ~ ~ [Flint doesn't carry a gun.] ~ ~ As confirmed by this week's Russian space station capsule having to be destroyed; because it was out of control. ~ ~ For example, six niggers were shot at a funeral in Brooklyn, New York on the lead up to today's half Jewish nigger queer in the White House making some negro woman from the very same place the top law enforcement officer in America. Of course, the niggers then went crazy in that town where the mayor is a negro woman too; and who is 100% supported by Hillary Clinton et al, like at: ~ ~ Both of the two over-the-top Flint spy movies being parodies of the 19666s cold war paranoia that was inspired by God. ~ ~ "Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean you're wrong." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CLYDE: You never talk about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate for the same reason that you never talk about the wild at heart nature of the negro. ~ ~ "How do you say...phony?" Jerry Seinfeld in THE SUSIE episode, circa 2015. ~ ~ SHIT LOADS OF MONEY NOTES: Some serious Jew out there needs to start producing a for real reality TV internet show about the everyday life of Nazis in America. And not some bullshit southern duck hunters right-wing white christian nonsense. And not some Southern Law Poverty Center propaganda crap either. ~ ~ Big wow. You take in the big money first, you ask for permission later. That's how we roll at the GSR/TWN network.