Friday, May 8, 2015


Don't let those old fucks who are leading today's Mormon church astray try to tell you that you can't have a cold one after work. Which was normal during the days of Joseph Smith, but is not normal anymore in Utah high society; where men like Orin Hatch would vote for a negro woman like Loretta Lynch, but would never let a BUD LIGHT beer touch their lips in a million light years. ~ ~ Ergo, Miller Lake, Washington is located right in between the Clinton and Sunlight Beach landmarks on Whidbey Island that resent Emily Dickinsons' prophetic poem about that "...sunrise yellow noise..." A-bomb going off in LA, and Atlanta, GA. ~ ~ Not to mention Frisco and DC. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ USELESS NOTES: Miller Lake's nearby Useless Bay setting is about the obvious uselessness of arguing with emotionally disturbed and mentally ill liberals and neo-cons, like Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, about Obama's fake birth certificate. ~ ~ YADA YADA NOTES: Yeah, yeah, we know already; according to the Word of Wisdom in DC 89, hot drinks like coffee and tea are not good for you in the long term. Nor is hard liquor and too much red meat; but that is another post for another day. "Line upon line, precept upon precept." ~ ~ First things first. ~ ~ PROBABLY NONSENSE NOTES: The idea that "probably" Tom Brady was using soft ball [media questions] when he beat the crap out of the midwest COLTS is the same thing as saying that Barack Obama's birth certificate is "probably" a blatant amateur computer graphics forgery file composed of 8 or 9 layers using three 1960s era typewriter fonts. ~ ~ In other words, who gives a shit? Certainly not me. ~ ~ Look at it this way. The sooner my niggers start burning down America's Democrat Party controller ghetto cities, the sooner I get my money.

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