Saturday, May 30, 2015


I hereby nominate Teddy Roosevelt Cruz to be the first President of the United States of Texas. ~ ~ In my opinion, the neo Jewish tall-in-the-saddle man has all of the qualities that one would want in a national leader; He's got those sexy sad puppy eyes that make the women go crazy; He's as smart as any east coast Jew out there right now who hates white people; Yet he has that tall dark and handsome ethnic [Capt.Garrison] thing going on that could easily get the better half of the Latino vote on the EZE.47:1 south side of Texas. ~ ~ But here's the best part. I got the tv ad money to make sure that all it happens according to plan. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DUTCH TREAT NOTES: In the 1999 MULHOLLAND DR prophecy about the two witnesses, my Jennifer Aniston forerunner husband figure is forced to accept the fact that Cara Delevigne is going to be the lead girl in my next movie. Even though that physically transfigured Angelina Pitt actress was pretty damn impressive with her 16 REASONS rendition. ~ ~ As confirmed by that Hillary Clinton 2016 timeline look alike in the talk radio tv repair shop scene where the sexy REV.17 lady falls. ~ ~ This being [Taylor] Swift's name on the retro Tudor apartments directory across from [Miley] Hanna's name. ~ ~ Remember, both of my prophetic vivid VANILLA SKY dreams about Miley Cyrus and Gisele Bundchen took place in San Francisco. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ Remember, that no.53 VW beetle movie sequel was also about Adriana Lima. ~ ~ Think BLAME IT ON RIO meets WILD ORCHID makes me interested in having billionaire sailboat sex on Lake Union in Seattle with those two teenager hottie's who live in David Lynch's neighborhood. ~ ~ Just a suggestion, both Cara and Miley could easily play underaged 17ish characters. But if that doesn't work for you, go ahead and cast Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfekd in the roles. ~ ~ Don't play with me on this one. ~ ~ I got the stars, and the money. And you got the insider Jew distribution connectionwas ~ ~ ALOHA NOTES: This one is about Emma Stone's new Pearl Harbor movie; costarring that arrogant looking idiot who recently dumped Rene Zellwegger at: ~ ~ Because he is still too gay to believe in the principle of three-way sex polygamy. Kind of like Glenn Beck, and or Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now; I do still enjoy retro fringe right-wing anti communist radio, a la MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets ROMA DI NOTTE. ~ ~ You got that much right. ~ ~ Me and my German beer hall loving right-wingers are going to destroy anything and everything that tries to get in our way this time around. ~ ~ Long live Leslie Winn. Whatever floats your boat; yada yada. ~ ~ NEW AND EXCITING NOTES: Looks like Gisele made Tom wear some kind of a [Dad's best friend] top at: ~ ~ Again, whatever works, all is well that ends well. Whatever it takes to get your next wildly inappropriate indie film project financed by me and the boys. ~ ~ Dude. You mean to tell me that you don't even have enough money on you right now to buy a used commercial grade video camera and pay for a couple of weeks of cast and crew union wages?

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