Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Back on 4.9 at 11:10 pm, Michael told me that "three states" will pool their resources and initiate the upcoming three-way breakup after the Rt.111 Chocolate Mountains earthquake in REV.11 meets REV.16. Hence, those six Balitimore police officers were brought up on false murder charges for a third world style show trial on INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST WORKERS DAY. ~ ~ In confirmation of the historic fact that it was the 666 workers' unionist political thugs who put both Mussolini and Hitler into power. ~ ~ And then 6,666,666 Jews were murdered because they themselves had played the pivitol role of the social justice backstabbers in the media. ~ ~ Exactly like they are doing again today; as they stonewall the truth about Barack Obama's stolen Social Security number, and call for federalising and reforming the Balitimore Police Department. ~ ~ Yada yada. ~ ~ For example, when Kramer breaks up with George in the Italian restaurant called POMODORO'S, we see an angry black negro Obama figure sitting at a table in the background. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AMERICAN PHARAOH NOTES: After the horse race in Kentucky, three niggers robbed and murdered a white man from Canada named Scott Hunter. For the 2bc.info prophecy about the D&C 86ers getting hunted down and 86ed, one by one, for what they have done to America. ~ ~ UFO REPORT NOTES: Clyde Lewis et al are receiving so many UFO visions and manifestations from God right now because their religious and [liberal] political views are so weird and alien to Him. ~ ~ Take for example polygamy; which is normal in the Bible, but not normal in today's decadent and decaying world of apostate christian Sodomy and Egyptian fascism. Not to mention righteous slavery and righteous genocide; which is the Bible's way of keeping that big black African sized killer bee away from George in THE SUMMER OF GEORGE.

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