Friday, May 29, 2015


Dennis Hastert represented the same 14th district on the expanding edge of Chicago where CADDYSHACK is supposed to take place. ~ ~ Last I remember, conservatives on talk radio etc did not care so much for his brand of moderate country club Republicanism. ~ ~ And to this day, the only reason why the foggy bottom Republicans are not investigating Obama's obviously forged birth certificate is because the Jewish media is blackmailing them with accusations of racism. ~ ~ Which is why the 3.5 big ones in the case is a 35 line of Israel omen that extends from Lake Casablanca in Texas to the twin cities of Judah and Ephraim in 1290' Grand Rapids, Minnesota. For the north and south 35 longitude line that divides modern day Israel in half. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REGULAR PROGRAMMINGS NOTES: All these years later, I finally found a used DVD copy of MULHOLLAND DR last Tuesday at PISTOL ANNIE'S for two bucks. Wherein the Queen Elizabeth II midget and her husband Gordon B Hinckley terrorize Princess Diana in the end. The latter played by a physically transfigured Naomi Watts. ~ ~ Jesus Christ already; what woman would ever want to kill herself if she looked that good? ~ ~ For the record, my favorite scene in the 1999-2000 shot production is when Billy Cyrus' daughter auditions with me in her future 'Sire Us' role. For when we see that a certain 'Hanna' Montana lives in apt. 18 at the Tudor apartments in LA. And the hotel room 16 porno film director has to meet up with the straight-talking Ephraimite cowboy from I-35 Texas at her newly purchased horse corral spread located on top of Beachwood Canyon. During the time when the easy-credit cards of the USA and EU would be completely maxed out. And Charlie's new MAD MAX remake would be showing in movie theaters all across the world. ~ ~ DAILY NOTES: I had already decided to view my exciting new copy of MULHOLLAND DR on Carey Mulligan's 5.28 birthday, when low and behold, I saw the banner for a new DENNY'S [WINKIE'S] coming soon to Bonney Lake. ~ ~ Oh yeah, sometimes I'm wrong, but usually I am right. Just like Mrs. Bonner. ~ ~ U2 NOTES: The Irish band's famous 69er manager named Shee... [whatever] died in LA right after the she/he folks in Ireland got the OK of the people to get married to each other in church. ~ ~ PS RUSH: Obama's stolen Social Security number, that was lifted off of a dead man's death certificate in Hawaii, is hardly a "distraction". In fact, it is the only game in town right now. ~ ~ SIDEKICK NOTES: Dude, you're my kind of guy, generally speaking. What you need to do now is announce that you are gay and that you want to illiminate the Jewish IRS and get rid of all those niggers on the streets after midnight. ~ ~ I mean think about it. All of those old men who are now in charge of the Senate in DC and the Mormon church in Utah would have a heart attact and die instantly. ~ ~ Isn't that what you want?

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