Thursday, May 21, 2015


One of the biggest long cons in business history is the so-called 10% 90% movie distribution deal that the Jews came up with in Hollywood going back to the 1950s. ~ ~ In other words, I get 10% of all the money that my movie star wives have made in their entire life. ~ ~ And you get to keep the pop corn money. ~ ~ With this in mind, I had completely forgotten that 'LEP:4, In Space' was about the 4th X-37B mini me shuttle rocket launch on the last day of the FDR/JFK/LBJ/MLK Letterman rocketman show. ~ ~ Wherein Woody Allen stabs my little Crown Prince of England figure in the back. So then Woody ends up looking like his weirdo outerspace alien moon face wife from North Korea in M.A.S.H. meets A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. ~ ~ Then Dr.Evil gets the blue blood physical transfiguration blood cleansing procedure that is referenced to at ~ ~ Who then becomes Emma Stone's [regenerated tissues] SPIDERMAN co-star hero like in her last two Woody Allen movies. ~ ~ For example, see: ~ ~ I mean really, come on now; doesn't Miss Stone have a rather odd looking outer-space type face? ~ ~ GSR ~ ~ PS DAVE: Can't wait to go hiking and fly-fishing in the mountain lakes and creeks west of your dude ranch in Montana. Hope it's not a problem if I bring along one of my closest friends, like at: ~ ~ Always remember, whatever I get, you get too, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ PS KEN McLEOD: The absolutely fabulous wilderness hiking experience west of Letterman's remote ranch in Montana has so many miles and miles of gentle elevation trails that one can even enjoy them while sitting in one of those new fangle mountain-bike wheelchairs for older dudes with bad knees. ~ ~ PS KIT WINN: That gentle Ponderosa pines lake 4-mile hike that we went on during your father's [Fourth of July] Tateum Creek fishing trip is what I am talking about. ~ ~ PS TAYLOR SWIFT: The Swift Creek Resevoir on the Lewis River is located south of the Mount Saint Helens volcano because you are my wife. This being the general location of some of Washington State's more successful Christmas tree farms. Hence, Gus Van Sant's new SEA OF TREES movie sequel to his prophetic EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES. ~ ~ PS SEAN AND ANDREW: You will only get your two back child-support 666 checks with full interest when you two come to me. Don't wait for me to come to you. ~ ~ Always remember this, it was your crazy bitch French mother who divorced me; not the other way around. ~ ~ No matter how those two Jew boys from the twin cities tried to make it look in A SERIOUS MAN meets THE BIG LEWBOWSKI; followed up by INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS.

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