Friday, May 1, 2015


Basically, IN LIKE FLINT is about Hillary Clinton and her bitches trying to take over the White House with the help of today's men who no longer have a pistol in their pants. ~ ~ [Flint doesn't carry a gun.] ~ ~ As confirmed by this week's Russian space station capsule having to be destroyed; because it was out of control. ~ ~ For example, six niggers were shot at a funeral in Brooklyn, New York on the lead up to today's half Jewish nigger queer in the White House making some negro woman from the very same place the top law enforcement officer in America. Of course, the niggers then went crazy in that town where the mayor is a negro woman too; and who is 100% supported by Hillary Clinton et al, like at: ~ ~ Both of the two over-the-top Flint spy movies being parodies of the 19666s cold war paranoia that was inspired by God. ~ ~ "Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean you're wrong." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CLYDE: You never talk about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate for the same reason that you never talk about the wild at heart nature of the negro. ~ ~ "How do you say...phony?" Jerry Seinfeld in THE SUSIE episode, circa 2015. ~ ~ SHIT LOADS OF MONEY NOTES: Some serious Jew out there needs to start producing a for real reality TV internet show about the everyday life of Nazis in America. And not some bullshit southern duck hunters right-wing white christian nonsense. And not some Southern Law Poverty Center propaganda crap either. ~ ~ Big wow. You take in the big money first, you ask for permission later. That's how we roll at the GSR/TWN network.

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