Thursday, April 30, 2015


Now that my girlfriend Jennifer Aniston has left her other man, in spirit anyway, I pulled out my lone DVD copy of FRIENDS, season 4, and watched the 3.26 1998 one where Ross falls in love with a woman from London who resembles Keira Knightley. And who suddenly calls him back when he is down on his knees praying beside his bed. ~ ~ That had started out with a reference to the tv remote Bubble Boy from upstate Republican, New York who replaced Jay Leno. ~ ~ Talk about a FRIENDS reunion reality tv movie idea. That has never happened because Chicago's David Swimmer still has serious Jew boy pinko issues. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DARK DREAM NOTE: Last night I dreamed that David Lynch was shooting a movie in Twin Peaks, Washington. When suddenly some German director's film crew/gang showed up and declared that they were taking over the entire cast and crew for his next porno. But instead of calling the police, Lynch just smiled and went along with the foreign guy who seemed to come out of nowhere. ~ ~ PS DAVID: If those squirrely unprincipled Jews at SHOWTIME are still fucking with you; you can always just go ahead and shoot your next feature in Buckley, Washington on some kind of a negative pick up deal. "Name your price man!" [J.Peterman]

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