Sunday, April 26, 2015


OUT magazine et al have been outing gays during the special era of the two witnesses for a sign from God that all of those homo spirits getting outed at BOB LARSON MINISTRIES is the real thing. ~ ~ Think GHOST BUSTERS meets ROSEMARY'S BABY. ~ ~ Ergo, the current leader of the Mormon church off of 214th in Bonnie Lake, Washington is Bishop Larson. ~ ~ And that is a good thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BOXING DAY NOTES: The big boxing match is about this latinoish dude getting knocked out by me fucking Miley and Cara on my tied-up 50 shades of grey sailboat at WOLF MARINA in Seattle, at: ~ ~ Note the navy blue RL POLO top and the 42 months iPAD icon. ~ ~ TGIF NOTES: Mr. Jenny came out officially on a Muslim mosk services Friday for a reason. ~ ~ I mean think about it. You could put all of those depressed and suicidal secular liberal nonobservant Jews who run the three networks and the NYT into one ordinary size conference room. ~ ~ PS SEINFELD: Those boathouse love shacks for rent in LOST BOYS:2 represent my boathouse on Sag Harbor, Long Island; that you failed to provide for me; even on a temporary bridge loan construction/production basis. ~ ~ Guess it's now time to get my movie moneys from Jennifer Aniston's PLAN B front company located in North Hollywood, LA. ~ ~ Don't laugh, even AMAZON's motion picture tv studio head is now living in some million dollar beach shack in Malibu.

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