Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I have only watched LEP 2 like about 50,000 times. So I have to say, with no ifs, ands, or buts; that latest inferno in LA was yet another sign about those 5 little fools living in a fool's paradise in the ten virgin kids prophecy at: ~ ~ I mean think about it. Most negros are wild at heart and childish. Which is what all of those LEP IN THE HOOP sequels were all about. ~ ~ Note the West Olympic Blvd location that stands in for the future Greek House homosexual President that President George Albert Smith saw in his famous post WWII fried chicken and potatoe salad picnic holocaust vision. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NIGHT VISION NOTES: Last night at 11:36 pm, I had a vision about a smiling old white haired lady peeking out at me from behind the bedroom hallway in Grandma Sanders' house in north Seattle. ~ ~ At first, I did not recognize who she was because she did not look exactly like my 88 year-old mother, or even my 87 year-old grandmother. But then I saw the very same lady at: ~ ~ Of course, all three of these women are Jewish, so the slight confusing resemblance is understandable. Next thing you know, Lizzy is going to start blabbing about Obama being gay. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that ~ ~ SOLID GOLD HIT NOTES: I want me gold. And I want it now. So I'll give you until next week to make good on the first installment of my three picture deal with you. "And if it's peanutbutter [peanuts] I'll throw it back in your face!!" [THE BUBBLE BOY] ~ ~

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