Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I picked up a tape of 1996's SPY HARD spoof, starring Leslie Neilson, with my copy of THE BLOB prophecy last week. I watched SPY HARD's Dick Steel swinger in action Monday morning starting at 12:42 am, a.k.a. "DW-40", a.k.a. Mr GREASE 2. Within 24 hours, the news was rolling out fast about that Jennifer Aniston look alike Russian agent at:

The breaking reports are all describing her unusual secret agent status as being an "illegal" resident operative. In confirmation of the undercover marxist agent operating from the Greek revival White House. Who is also an illegal resident of the United States, born in Africa to a foreign father and raised in Indonesia, complete with a false background file and no legitimate documentation.

For a corroborating case witness, the beautiful spy news corresponded with TMZ' breaking reports about Mel Gibson's beautiful turncoat Russian lady coming back and filing dental reports on him. That were filed in turn by the gossip blogs on the eve of my June 30th dental bill payment deadline dream. Which was confirmed by that Billings twister near Mel's Australian boomerang island duck hunting reserve.

Another major spy case unfolding this week involves the not so secret lesbian marxist agent up for the Supreme Court of today's latter-day Sodom and Egypt. In this silly nutty spy farce, both the Orin Hatch style castrated Senators, and the well known lesbian dike from Harvard, are involved in an incredibly unsophisticated and clumsy undercover operation.

In SPY HARD, the evil Gen. Rancor has his secret lair on a remote [Hawaiian] Island, connected to his branch offices in L.A. But a precious [TIFFANY] pendant exposes the secret BLACKBERRY chip plot hatching inside one of Mel's Catholic convents for hot and horny virgin nuns. Which they chase down in a queer as orange fully restored 69 CHARGER, bearing '481 YLD' plates in front of it's revved up V-8.

Dick Steel's prophetic assignment was confirmed by some undercover code video shown on TMZ Monday night; posing as standard gossip show material. That revealed Gov Schwarzegger, the Austrian castrator, walking out of ROMA with his arm around some gay looking black dude. Then suddenly Andy Dick comes out of nowhere from behind and grabs the black Donald Young figure for some reason. Before the party can escape the renown Orange County swinger and move quickly to their awaiting rides.

Gregory Scott Relf


The Chicago Blob's REV.9 gay pride parade featured Stanley Dunham's Stanley Cup of the WILLIS TOWER of Babylon woman in REV.17. In ancient Babylon, the languages were scrambled because the people did not know what they were talking about, even in their original tongues. Exactly like what is happening today in the deliberately confusing and prophetically Orwellian 'don't ask don't tell' media. Where no one reports the plain and simple truth about anything.

See what you'll never see in the NYT etc. at:


Hence the Chicago breakup dated 6.2 earthquake in Mexico Wednesday on the 2:22 am local time date of big time homogaysexual supporter and Love Bug pest Drew Barrymore.

SPY HARD is a word play on DIE HARD's WILLIS TOWER prophecy about all those secret Obama documents getting blasted out of the media's alien owned safe.

Here's Renee's recent response to my Drew Barrymore dream that ended with me in Tom Cruise's RISKY BUSINESS underwear outfit on a pay phone calling collect at:

I saw the above Paris pix right after watching 1957's FUNNY FACE for the first time ever Tuesday.


They found the crash site Wednesday of that 1968 PIPER ARROW[head] with some journalists on board, that was returning from icy Glacier Nat Park. The day a Billings dentist payment was due. The plane carrying 4 went down south of Dick Steel's Rt.211, near Dixon and Mt Harding, north of French Town.

At the end of THE BLOB prophecy, they hope that the ice will never melt and bring back the blob beast.

To the west of the [Adam] Sanders County crash site is Montana's prophetic Hitchcock side profile outline formed by the state's border line. That was a regular feature in his TV series, like at:

The crash report I read is at:

Ashley Greene was in Audrey Hepburn's Belgium Tuesday, looking very 50s chic at:

Most of FUNNY FACE takes place in Paris. Hence the dreamy Renee photo confirmations from Paris.

9 inches of rain fell in Brownsville, Texas as Alex came ashore on THE BLOB side of the border; located in Cameron County.


The same day reports broke about Mel Gibson warning his sleazy Russian seductress about being attacked by "a pack of niggers", the UN issued a warning to westerners attending the World Cup in South Africa to be aware of dangerous packs of blacks. The liberal media has been stonewalling the situation, but the details are now available on the uncensored Internet at:

No coincidence that the above warning went out right after all those slutty pix of Paris Hilton getting on a plane for Africa with dozens of designer suitcases and trunks.

At least 21 Mexicans died Thursday in a drug&people smugglers gang shoot out south of the Arizona border. The same day SPY HARD's future Gen Rancor was trashing Arizona's new illegal alien law at American University; which was designed to protect USA citizens from such violent elements.

Gen Rancor lost both his arms in the first act. That came out in 1996, at the end of the official 1260 days period.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Friday at GOODWILL, I found an old tape staring at me of the original 1958 'Paul Revere invasion' EZE.38 warning to Phoenixville, USA called THE BLOB. Later in the day, I saw the shocking, unbelievable, racist comments coming out of Phoenix, USA about how most illegal aliens are smuggling drugs from Mexico. When in fact, it's probably somewhere less than 50%.

For decades, the cheaper tar-like brown Mexican heroin flowing across the US border by the tons has been called "mud" on Main Street, USA. But it looks as much like Chocolate Mtns fudge in the original movie promotion artwork on this DVD at:
This prophetic one sheet depicts the unstoppable BP oil leak of the abomination of desolation period at:

In THE BLOB, Phoenixville, PA has been invaded by a gooey chocolaty alien force that only today's young at heart GREASE 2 soda fountain teens can see; like that 22 year-old high school teen star of 90210. All the old D&C 86 church ladies out there, both male and female, don't have a clue, and wish that the GSR/TWN kids would just knock it off.

That is until, they see all the SCREAM 4 kids come running out of the Washington, DC named COLONIAL THEATER. Where one clearly SEES that an illegal alien has taken over the place with the help of his secret 666 combination allies in the lunatic media.

Gradually, the feeding chocolate flubber ball grows bigger and bigger. Until it becomes a huge boulder rolling down the G7 mountains in DANIEL 2, smashing the feet of the giant Babylon Jesus idol. Confirmed by that plane crash on the REV.13:1 beach in Babylon, NY when some foolish Bible only Touchdown Jesus expert at WND claimed that the mystery woman of Babylon was not here yet.

Here is a look at those two lightening bolts of Judah and Ephraim that struck the WILLIS TOWER of Babylon last week. In confirmation of the Israelite butcher's electric chair with two REV.12 eagle wings in 1991's GUILTY AS CHARGED prophecy at:

All those Steve McQueen teens driving backwards in THE BLOB are white [Cacasian Mtns] descendants of the lost ten tribes of Europe. Confirmed by the gory death of those 5 virgin teens from Mexico who died in a head on collision with an [I-35] F-350 pickup Saturday on EZE.39's Rt.39 in Utah, near REV.12:14 Eagles Campground. On the same day that the well known African born alien, Mr Obama, met with England's Mr Cameron at the G20 meeting in Canada's 5.0 Lac Cameron earthquake country.

For a second Boulder, Colorado witness, a P2-NEPTUNE wildfire tanker plane crashed through a symbolic border fence near Cameron Diaz' Rt.14 Cameron Pass. The day after she was on Leno at night to promote KNIGHT AND DAY.

But the cherry on top was the winning team from the continent of Obama's birth place, that beat the USA team in South Africa's World Cup of the mystery woman in REV.17. Reportedly, the blob went wild when they won the game with a final 2/1 blackjack score.

Start honking your car horns kids. It's time to raise some hell.

Gregory Scott Relf


When the lake inside SLC's Liberty Park turned black from all that Colorado oil pouring down Red Butte Creek, the LDS church's President Monson was in the land of the 1776 Chocolate Hills dedicating the latest desecrated temple. For years now, the city's crime infested Liberty Park has been overrun by gangs and illegals.

The Billings, Montana [dentist] tornado that hit all THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORs on East Main Street in Bridgeport, Conn was about a "Bored Beyond Belief" computer WINDOWS Harris telling Sarah in L.A. STORY that 'you have your ex... and I have that bridge thing..." i.e. the regular Angeline Road bridge signs on Hwy.410 in Bonney Lake. When I picked up a '258 XWP' license plate lying on the bridge Saturday, a BEACON PLUMBING truck drove by sporting their big tornado company logo at:

Much of the sticky BP oil coming ashore looks like brown Mexican heroin. The whistle blower Larry Sinclair's surname is an inspired SINCLAIR OIL sign from God.

One can see the defrosted Mel's plane in YOUNG AT HEART parked next to his House of the Lord. It was built atop a temple mount bluff above the sea in Malibu, years after the 1992 movie, at:

This is an inspired prophetic depiction of a physically transfigured Mel from 2005 at:

Thursday, June 24, 2010


KNIGHT & DAY has something to do with the physical restoration of an old 60s GTO, and those seeking to block it. The movie stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, whose official number has been 14 for some years now. Therefore, on the day it opened, there was a fairly rare symbolic five virgins 5.0 earthquake near Lac Cameron in Quebec at 1:41:41 local time; recorded at:

The bloody murder, by an unstable stepfather, of that INLAND EMPIRE family inside a DEL TACO happened below Arrowhead Peak, due south of David Lynch's Twin Peaks, [white flour] Miller Canyon, and Green Valley. The Chocolate Mtns L.A. STORY connection is at:

Before Harris slips and falls inside the L.A. museum, he skates past a huge chocolate painting, hanging next to a steel mountain peaks sculpture. Then they go out to eat at the gentile Nazi food restaurant.

We see some black Obama actor on the restaurant's Nazi screen, whose last movie did 62 million. The symbolic 6.2 number of THE BREAKUP in Chicago. Then we see the name "Clark" that is carved into the stone on Pompey's Pillar outside Billings, Montana.

At the big pecker stand, Sarah told her ex Roland about the time she was skating out of control and crashed into my future giant Obama sidekick, who was wearing an Emerald City green jumpsuit from Seattle. Hence the Seattle Area Code 206 room number that Harris and Sandee have at the CHICKEN OF THE SEA resort.

After having met Harris at the "party of ten" virgins REV.16 earthquake brunch, Sarah phones up the wacky weatherman for an interview. Whereupon he jokes about speaking "...French, Italian, or English" The exact same three languages that I speak.

Stanley Kramer directed the GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER prophecy about Stanley and Obama Sr, with it's mysterious 'X' guessing title theme. Think giant
'Stanley Crammer' when you study the 60s MLK civil rights poster at:

They have come out with a new Elvis Potato Head at:

Reportedly, they will have a trimmer Elvis Potato Head in his GREASE 2 black leather jacket days by this Christmas season. The timing would be perfect. Here's the Obama Potato head at:

There was a big REV.12 flood in confirmation of my Gisele Bundchen post, reported at:

That black man being held in Rod Steiger's meat packing jail for murder, in 1991's GUILTY AS CHARGED, was a prophetic Barack Obama figure. The royal blood throne of Israel poster artwork is at:

SJParker's 'presenter class' in L.A. STORY was an inspired STARBUCKS merchandise theme about her role in presenting latter-day prophecy.

Wednesday's 5.0 quake in Canada was also about my PARTY OF 5 star flashback portrait. Confirmed by the breaking casting news for her flashback role in SCREAM 4 at:

Keira Knightley's official number is 4.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sunday's Main Street twister in Billings, Montana was a telephone call from Umpire Jesus to America's mainline churches. That stopped and hovered over the RIMROCK AUTO ARENA sports stadium, where the indoor football OUTLAWS play, in order to make a few foul calls.

The day before, I had a vivid dream. Wherein some dentist told me on the phone that he needed to get a payment on his billing balance by June 30th. Now I realize that he must have been Steve Martin's dentist in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.

To the east of town is a solid rock butte named Pompey's Pillar. Which looks like a sports arena, or even one of those mega church auditoriums, at:

It's a historic place, with an ancient pervert town name for those homogaysexual Greek revival pillars in L.A. STORY. Where one of the two inspired Judah and Ephraim explorers, Lewis and Clark, carved their name into the rock.

To the west of Billings is the prophetic waterfowl reserve of my sidekick Tonto, named Halfbreed Lake. In confirmation of the duck that they won't serve Harris at L.A. STORY's Nazi restaurant. The place is located upriver from Fort Peck, i.e. pecker. Revealing the red ball boomerang beast that comes back miraculously after it is thrown out in REV.13, with a Hawaii island theme, at:

The Biblically named Hailstone Reserve is right there. For an amazing grace reference to the only person who received any serious injury during the entire Providential storm. By getting hit in the head with a golf ball size hail stone.

The white ice ball must have looked like one of those castrated museum balls in L.A. STORY. Since Montana Gov Schweitzer surveyed the damage Monday, standing in for the film's future emasculater Gov Schwarzenegger-Kennedy.

L.A. STORY starts out at the posh pool in back of Jennifer Aniston's future hillside shag pad, decorated with Steve Martin collector grade art work. Where a HEBREW brand kosher hot dog flies by overhead. Before we see two guys fetching the morning LA TIMES with their four wives. While my ISAIAH 52:15 sprinklers water the grass.

"Damn all convention." says Roland later.

In fact, Saturday morning at 7:12 am, I was awaken by a serious voice that declared simply "V-8". Revealing a FAST&FURIOUS July 12 reference to that physically transfigure red skinned V8 FERRARI couple. As in this transfigured 90s rimrock art shot of Neve Campbell, with crystal time-machine stone ring, tagged by 'V8' himself a few years ago, at:

Mr V8 also tagged that 29ish Chocolate Mtns Impact Area two door Tudor TV watching threesome of Jenny at:

Which I saw in a surprise flash vision, from only the neck up, last Saturday at 9:21 pm.

At the finale of L.A. STORY, Sarah turns in the keys to her cheap BUDGET rental car. Where we see Harris anchoring the news now in front of a WILLIS TOWER building. When Gisele Bundchen comes along and sets a cup of water down in front of him. Made out of the same plastic foam that formed the body of Touchdown Jesus. Before the wacky weatherman's thunder and lightening storm blew through SJParker's home town.

Gregory Scott Relf


That horrible DELTACO shooting on Highland and Sterling happened below San Bernardino's Harrison Mtn., Waterman Creek, and Gregory Drive. See their rising sun logo that looks like Scarlett's DEEP HORIZON tattoo fire ball at:

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Windows were blown out on the WILLIS TOWER's 29th story by Friday's strong wind and rain storm confirmation of the L.A. STORY ending. The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reported that 286,000 homes lost their lights. For my black Touchdown Jesus sidekick from Chicago on the cover of Kenny Kemp's LIGHTLAND novel.

Untamable Miley Sire Us rocked Letterman after 11:30 Thursday night in black GREASE 2 leather pants and two of Butter Jesus' Solid Rock Church crosses on chains. For Harris meeting the much younger SJParker at the HARD ROCK CAFE around "11:00... 11:30" The Monroe, OH police report said the 911 call came in at "about 11:15 pm" Monday.

Harris says one of the most sacred places on earth is the desert outside Sante Fe, New Mexico. Where Harrison is shooting his Umpire Jesus film called COWBOYS AND ALIENS.

When the old couple in walkers suddenly transform into a hot young FERRARI couple, one sees Mel's Malibu sea in the background. Note the shot's crucifix power pole from his blockbuster Messiah movie.

That transsexual black Maitre D at the REV.16 earthquake brunch is a prophetic Obama figure. So is the sequence's black woman, who reacts to the CAR 54 hit story, referencing the prophetic classic film, GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER. The Stanley Dunham and Barack Obama Sr movie poster is at:

Nicole Kidman just arrived in Australia for her sister's gay wedding. In confirmation of the boomerang and red ball that Sarah pulls out of her airplane travel bag. The "HOW DADDY IS DOING" L.A. freeway code pix are at:

Note Nicole's cold weather clothes for Harris' special report on the 58 degrees cold spell in L.A. during the [GSR/TWN 58] era of the black man at the Casablanca. That sends all the pussy cats running inside.

That's Annalynne McCord sitting on Harris' right side, wearing a Hebrew hat, in the first restaurant scene. Who can't say a word about what is really going down with Harry [Potter], the most powerful agent in L.A. Whose many emails have been arriving through people's mail slots in the mornings.

Obama's homosexual "Greek revival" house in L.A. has White House pillars.

Sarah hits Harris in the butt with her REV.9 stinger dart. Most of her darts land on the wall, i.e. gay L.A. stonewall. Because my Drew Barrymore darlings are supporting the gay agenda of latter-day Sodom and Egypt. Which Sarah's exhusband Roland looks at and correctly describes as "brain dead".

Harris' lady friend two doors down says,
"I hate to tell you this Harris. But if you can find somebody who you can have sex with, and lay in bed and watch TV, you've really got something..." i.e. watch you do the T-V thing.

SJParker says simply "Shit" when Harris tells her, in so many words, that he is a one woman guy, and therefore he can't go to Santa Barbara with her. Right after two of his future wives walked by on the Venice boardwalk; where film critic Michael Medved's orthodox L.A. synagogue is/was located in the 90s.

Sandee asks Harris if there is anyone else "on the horizon" out there for him. He says yes, but is still not sure if the lady with the DEEP HORIZON prophecy tattoo on her arm likes him.

The huge red Marxist painting at the L.A. museum is a perverted abomination. That's Harry Potter's wand on display in the music museum. Those castrated balls are what's left of the fainthearted sons of Israel in 2NEPHI 8. Donated by Gov Schwarzenegger's "...Austrian School of Castration" [Arnold was born on 7.30, for the film's "7:30" clock shot time-line.]

The news media is mentioned when they walk past Obama's future CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON on gay Melrose Ave.

The Blunderman funny man skull at the cemetery is for the CARNIVAL OF SOULS cast of the 90s FRIENDS situation-comedy. Who probably all voted for the abomination of desolation.

That small red crayfish at the Nazi restaurant, with black rapper waiters, is from Obama's Louisiana. It was probably caught in one of the state's many black water lagoons.

Steve Martin has always been a peculiar physical transfiguration figure, with premature gray-white hair and a young boyish face.

Granny Grass bought me that 7CROWN shot of Victoria Beckham fragrance last Saturday with the idea that Father's Day was the next day, i.e. Sunday the 13th. It might as well have been. Given the timely encoded "Daddy" sign themes rolling out in L.A. STORY.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


The news about Touchdown Jesus being struck by lightening, and burning down to it's steel 'X' frame roots, was still rolling out when the Ephraimite Rush Limbaugh came back on the air Tuesday and did one better than his Jewish two witnesses partner Howard Stern. Telling his listeners in Sodom and Egypt about the fabulous gay wedding that the new wife had organized with Elton John and numerous NFL celebrities; including Seattle's marvelous black gay smacking Pastor Ken Hutcherson.

The so called "Butter Jesus" went up in flames overnight at Darlene Bishop's Christian rock star church along I-75. Because that is next to Cincinnati's metro area where the darling Sarah Jessica Parker is from originally. Who exposed those stale JACOB 5 Christian fruits in the next suite at Santa Barbara's CHICKEN OF THE SEA resort.

The shrine's water baptism pose stood for Britney Spears' Baptist father who faints away next to all those rock star records at the end of the BP prophecy in GREASE 2.

Even before the plastic and foam sculpture got hit by Harry Potter's lightening bolt, one could see the traditional unknown mystery 'X' symbol of Babylon by it's base at:

Touchdown Jesus' KARATE KID outfit represented those poor African kids in Seattle. Who saw the Smith Jr. movie last weekend, and then went home to their Lord Lenin statue in Seattle's Freemont neighborhood. Where they burned to death inside an apartment at street number 334. I just read that Cincinnati's REDS are No.1 right now.

Obviously, this act of God by Exit 29 was confirmation of Kenny Kemp's latest SLC, Utah novel set in the year of 2029 at:

All the photos we are now seeing of Africans blowing their World Cup football horns are about the Angel Moroni's horn of warning that was blackened recently by lightening in gentile Utah at:

Heard every time someone makes a score, and confirmed by the Umpire Jesus at:

On the opening weekend of the Messianic THE KARATE KID, two couples in a 1977 PIPER took off from Hwy.70's DeQueen, Arkansas, heading to Gaston for a meet-up with friends on the White River. But they crashed near Umpire in Howard County, killing all 4 people. They were Mr&Mrs Hunt, and Mr&Mrs Davis.

How gay is that?

New Mexico's Gov. Bill Richardson performed the gay marriage for famous Hollywood pilot Harrison Ford to Calista Flochart. On the same day that the above plane watching Touchdown Jesus burned up next to that state capital icon atop the church. Even though Harrison had been scoring with Calista for some 8 years.

The weatherman named Harris in L.A. STORY gets married after a second thunder and lightening storm grounds the LAX plane headed for BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM's London.

Waiting in line at THE CHECKOUT the day before Father's Day, Granny Grass offered to buy me a large black box containing a small shot glass size fragrance jar by Victoria and David Beckham, called INTIMATELY BECKHAM; at over half-off for 9.99. It smells exactly like a glass of 7CROWN rye whiskey. The kind they drink in all those old film noir fedora hat movies, like at:

Gregory Scott Relf


You can see the once hidden, and now exposed, steel 'X' symbol of Babylon in this link at:

The Prop-8 California gay marriage case, in Sister Pelosi country, is being conducted by a homogaysexual judge, and will likely go to the Supreme Lesbians Court in DC. Details are at:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Monday morning at 4:29 am, I finished watching an old tape of L.A. STORY's prophetic threeway physical transfiguration story. That I had picked up with Drew's NEVER BEEN FUCKED IN THE ASS Barry&Larry high school media comedy. By Monday night, starting at DANIEL 9:26(:58) pm, the orgasmic LOOKING FOR MR GOODBAR Chocolate Mountains started shaking again with a 5.7 quaker near Rt.S2's Ocotillo, California.

The 1991 prophecy starts out with an old couple in walkers, who suddenly transform into a fast and youthful FERRARI sports car. Eventually the story's wacky weatherman ends up in bed with Sarah Jessica Parker. Who shouts "Oh my God!" when she encounters the endowment veil inside their plush room at the CHICKEN BY THE SEA resort in Santa Barbara.

Where Steve Martin's much more mature Harris gets invited into bed for a threesome with 23 year-old Sandee, who coos "Come here first... Come here again..." Allowing him to see the two princess crowns on her breasts. Which represent the British woman who first interviewed him on Keira Knightley's March 26 birth date; after they had briefly met during an earthquake brunch.

At the side of their hotel bed is Harris' Haiti fedora hat, next to that same PEPSI teddy bear in Jennifer Garner's 1991 SJParker look alike publicity photo for those who think young at:

And for those who think young, there is also this inspired Jennifer homage to the story's rainy wet hair scene outside Sandee's clothing shop called !NOW! at:

The endowment veil room's vitality is contrasted with the stale JACOB 5 fruits in the next room. Where a lifeless and boring British couple are role modeling their traditional mainline Christianity, complete with wedding bell chimes.

Thankfully, the REV.13:1 beach resort's future black Barack Obama bellboy was the one who opened the suite doors for Harris, and let him climb into bed with Sandee. Where he shouts "Oh my God!... I'm young again!" Thanks to the angelic appearance of Mel Gibson, and his sea side endowment House of the Lord they passed while driving through Malibu.

The story's two full moon werewolf storms are explained when Harris gives his Storm King speech on the beach with both ladies in view.

L.A. STORY's final act is about this shot of Mel's temple mount under construction in Malibu at:

It's just one of the many secrets that Keira's mature journalist from London discovers is hiding behind the private walls of L.A.'s numerous fake Tudor mansions.

Gregory Scott Relf


Those prison shootings down in Mexico are about Mel's new Mexican 666 prison movie. They might still be shooting it down there.

They found the Vietnam war pilot remains of Colorado's Maj. Thomas B Mitchell in confirmation of Mel's eternal life movie FOREVER YOUNG. That features him flying the B-25 Mitchell bomber. The true story is at:

Here's a nice physical transfiguration shot of Mel in AIR AMERICA, circa 1990, at:

Check out Obama's future DEEP HORIZON sunrise/sunset theme on L.A. STORY's movie poster at:

The hilarious new THE WHO video of Rep. Bob Ether/idge shouting "Who are you?!... Who are you?!" over and over, is confirmation of the WILLIS TOWER of Babylon record in ETHER. Apparently, two college kids fed up with all the stonewalling by the media frauds out there confronted the REV.17 mystery politician with a camera, as he was walking down the street. For the song at the end of L.A. STORY that goes,
"There she was, just a walking down the street..."
See the gay story at:

There was a 4.4 quake in Obama's Indonesia at 4:42:49, according to:

For a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE reference to the Chocolate Mtns quakes starting on 4.4, the anniversary of the assassination of MLK in Memphis. And the unconstitutional beast created by Dr King in THE PHANTOM FROM 10,00 LEAGUES. See:

Sunday, June 13, 2010


During Friday night's revealed 2BC Sabbath, about 20,000 gallons of BP style crude oil spilled into Salt Lake City's Red Butte Creek and desecrated the lake inside Liberty Park. Because the Latter-Day Saints are poo pooing the latter-day 666 prophecies. Just like their lost Israelite Bible Belt brothers are doing in flooded out Black Springs, Arkansas.

This is the REV.17 lady's 666 hand print in the Israelite sands of the dead Great Salt Lake at the end of 1962's two witnesses prophecy, CARNIVAL OF SOULS.

The flash flooded Caddo River in Arkansas flows under the Temple Ark state's Hwy.70 weeks [DANIEL 9:26] landmark for, "...the end thereof shall be with a flood..." confirmations in Rhode Island and Haiti.

Ark/ansas is for an Ar/kansas reference to the 1962 film's river prophecy starting in Neil LaBute's Lawrence, Kansas college town. [LaBute has the same birthday as Willis.]

Walking across REGAL's parking lot to see LaBute's hilarious down low comedy DEATH AT A FUNERAL, I found my first big prick [BP] with hairy nut sack Guam quarter. That was released on the 70 weeks' March 26 anniversary date in 2009 at:

Note the REV.17 mother's goblet, and that California chick's small sailboat rig called WILD EYES. That just did a Storm King SAILOR DOG wreck confirmation on her way to South Africa. Where Mandela's 13 year-old great-granddaughter died in a car wreck.

Arkansas' Hwy.70 weeks route runs all the way from Egypt's Memphis, USA, down to the Texas border line. Passing such latter-day landmarks as Palestine, the 2BC's Salem, Ark, Newhope, Provo, Ark, [in Howard County], and the towns of King and De Queen, on Rt.59.

Friday afternoon, 4 people died in a PIPER that crashed into NEVER BEEN FUCKED IN THE ASS's Round Valley High School in Eagar, Arizona. [Read Eager.]

We know that it was about Queen Larry sucking on King Barry's BP in Gurnee, Illinois, while he sucked the rocks pipe. Because the Black River flows down from that Apache Nat. Forest area next to Lyman Lake and the homogaysexual San Francisco Mtns. Where it joins the Big Bonito River flowing down from Obama's Sunrise Ski Resort.

In Larry Sinclair's very well documented book, he reports that Barry's former gay lover, Donald Young, who was murdered to keep his mouth shut, said Tonto liked to both ski and be skied.

Gregory Scott Relf


The oil pipe that broke into SLC's Red Butte Creek runs over to the [James] Woods Cross refinery from Obama's Colorado.

Two good size quakes, a 4.9 and a 4.5, shook the numerous Chocolate Mtns Imperial County landmarks on the same day Tonto watched the USA play England in Africa.

Here's a look at Dr King's alien beast with underwater web claws holding the REV.17 World Cup at:

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Right after Chicago's BLACKHAWKS finally broke the ice after 49 years and won the Stanley Cup, WND posted a photo of the prophetic Bruce Willis DIE HARD figure who worked as a senior clerk for the Honolulu elections office in 2008 at:

Throughout motion picture history, Babylon's 'MYSTERY' mother of abominations in REV.17 has been depicted drinking from her verse 4 cup full of filth, etc. In confirmation of the abomination of desolation's mother named Stanley at:

In the enclosed photo's blow-up, one can make out Marlon Brando's 'Stanley' BP character from New Orleans' STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, on the left side of the cup. A historic cup-idol that is shaped like many traditional depictions of the Tower of Babylon in Bible studies literature. Even the WILLIS TOWER of Babylon in Chicago, that get's the roof top safe full of secret documents blown open in the end.

The engraved names and words on the cup represent the engraved [Lamanite Indian] records on the gold plates that were translated into the Book of Mormon.

It was an act of God that the Indian medicine man BLACKHAWKS of Chicago had not won a Stanley Cup since the year Stanley gave birth to Obama in black Africa, back in 1961. One SEES my chocolate therapeutic sidekick Tonto on their team logo at:

NEVER BEEN FUCKED IN THE ASS' Larry and Barry sex&drug scandal high school movie from 1999 was confirmed by the king and queen prom coronation of two homogaysexuals at Hudson High School on Harry Howard Ave in Hudson, NY Saturday; Zip Code 125/34. Located across the river from Athens and Egypt's South Cairo, on the down low below the Catskill's Blackhead Mtns. Barry would be the king, and Larry would be the queen of course. See what I'm talking about at:

Gregory Scott Relf


I kept an eye out after that DEEP HORIZON 4.4 quake inside the 44 line, and 129 line, at 8:42 Wednesday, due west of the hunting rifle theme town named Winchester Bay, Oregon, at:

Right there is [Harry] Reedsport, Roman Nose Mtn. Craig Ferguson's Scottsburg, etc.

New readers: The number '125' is a traditional medicine wheel reference. The number '34' is associated with the Book of Mormon's record of 34 year-old Jesus' resurrection. Hence the LDS church is a '34' church, and the apostate Bible obsessed churches are '33' churches. There are 66 books in the Bible for an inspired Providential sign that the work was published by pagan Roman men who had one foot in bed with the 666 woman. Hence, there is no mention of the Bible in the Bible.

With a mysterious REV.17 name like 'THE WHO' you just know that they put out some very inspired latter-day stuff, like:

People try to put us d-down (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
Just because we get around (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
Things they do look awful c-c-cold (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
I hope I die before I get old (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
This is my generation
This is my generation, baby
Why don't you all f-fade away (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
And don't try to dig what we all s-s-say (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
I'm not trying to cause a big s-s-sensation (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
I'm just talkin' 'bout my g-g-g-generation (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
This is my generation
This is my generation, baby
Why don't you all f-fade away (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
And don't try to d-dig what we all s-s-say (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
I'm not trying to cause a b-big s-s-sensation (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
I'm just talkin' 'bout my g-g-generation (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
This is my generation This is my generation, baby People try to put us d-down (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
Just because we g-g-get around (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
Things they do look awful c-c-cold (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
Yeah, I hope I die before I get old (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
This is my generation
This is my generation, baby

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My giant nut sack sidekick, FARTMAN, spoke at Kalamazoo Central High School's graduation Monday. Where he unleashed his amazing repulsive energy powers on all the school's foolish anal sex virgins. Sounding much like the late LDS leader Gordon B Hinckley, who always warned kids not to call each other names etc. like they do in Washington, DC.

Earlier in the day, there was a massive 36' butt hole gas dig explosion near Southwestern Adventist College in Johnson County, Texas. Because Austin Lake, Alamo, and Howardsville are located around Kalama/zoo too. The fart bomb went off at a rural place called Georges Creek Ranch.

NEVER BEEN KISSED's Molly Shannon was on Fallon Monday night. The band was just two Norwegian guys called THE KINGS OF CONVENIENCE, who stood there and sang like the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. One being noticeably taller than the other.

Sandy wore a real sparkly black GEN.26:4 dress at the MTV awards. First off, she announced that she wasn't dead [anymore]. I can believe it.

The Scottish teetotaler Craig Ferguson does a fabulous drunk Israelite, but not with wine, routine in his swaying and tipsy monologues. MONTE PYTHON's Eric Idle was on the show Monday night, promoting his new Barack Obama Greek homo spoof entitled "NOT THE MESSIAH: He's a very naughty boy" at:

Note the Harry Potter wand.

WND's new WHISTLE BLOWER snake head cover came out before Monday afternoon's LBJ county gas explosion. But they forgot to put Letterman in there, perhaps after Carter, at:

Here's a great piece on today's High School media that Bill Clinton et al will never read, at:

On MTV Sunday, an elderly woman representing the NYT, a.k.a. "The Old Gray Lady" was beaten to death in Cross County, Ark by that black cross in VAMPIRES. It happened inside the Central United Methodist Church along Sandy's Hwy.64 number in Hamlin. See the photo of her two pussy cats of Judah and Ephraim at:,0,6326184.story

Check out this 42nd excavation pagan gas line report at:


Monday, June 7, 2010


I had a running dream about Ms DREWTWN Saturday morning. We were driving around with a group of friends and stopped at a convenience store for some reason. Before I got out alone, Drew gave me a little girly peck kiss on the lips, and then I went inside for something. But when I returned back outside the car was gone. I woke up while calling collect on a pay phone for my deceased father to come pick me up; feeling quite chilly because I was only wearing that famous Tom Cruise underwear outfit from RISKY BUSINESS.

Up at RITE-AID Saturday afternoon, I got Drew's 2:22 pm time-stamp birth date on my blood red CRANE LAKE receipt. So I decided to swing by GOODWILL and see if they had any used Barrymore movies for a buck or two. Where I found an old tape of 1999's NEVER BEEN KISSED High School liberal media comedy for 99 cents.

Because of all the day's '222...' license plate signs and wonders while walking back, I had a rare Saturday evening screening of the Chicago based movie, that I had never seen before.

Which has 25 year-old Drew on her first reporter assignment for Obama's rising SUN TIMES paper, playing an undercover high school virgin looking for a scandalous Larry and Barry sex and drugs story. Put in context by a funny "hope" joke line, followed up later by scenes involving macho jocks putting rubbers on bananas, and then eating them like a blow job.

Her sidekick con-man brother in the story works at a Hawaii theme copy center called KIKI POST. Where he makes himself a fake identification school ID card, to go with his prophetic chocolate brown Hawaiian shirt. Later, Drew's virgin gets high on chocolate fudge brownies at a cool Haiti rave dance, while there looking for her first underworld action scoop.

Joining a GSR/TWN math numbers code club for cover, Drew comes into conflict with big time future Obama backer Jessica Alba, in the process of spilling her prophetic chocolate milk administration. [Think oil spill.]

Then there was a huge tornado that wiped out [Crane] Lake High School in Millbury, Ohio Saturday night, right before Sunday's typical movie climax graduation ceremony. That introduced Sandra Bullock's MLK career honors at the MTV High School level awards show Sunday. Coinciding with Kobe's LA LAKERS loss to Boston inside the STAPLES CENTER at street number 1111.

Sandy received the MTV award from her ALL ABOUT STEVE media comedy co-star confirmation of porn actor Steve Hill jumping off a steep hill Saturday night.

I read that the black porn star Stephen Hill went by Steve Hill in person, and Steve Driver on screen. Was Steve the camera van driver in Sandy's stalker film? Whatever, God's idea was to enlighten the good Christian folks at Pastor Steve Hill's world famous Brownsville revival ministries from the oil threatened Florida panhandle area. Those fine born again Christians who are giving the finger to God's revealed word in the Book of Mormon, still have one leg in bed with the great and abominable church of the whore, as cited in REV.17 and D&C 86.

Gregory Scott Relf


Gary Coleman's Williston is close to Millburry, Oh.

Friday morning, from my 15-movie DVD collection of old horror movies, I watched the remarkable Gwyneth Paltrow look alike died&born again cult prophecy, called CARNIVAL OF SOULS, made in 1962 Lawrence, Kansas, [Zion] and Salt Lake City, Utah. It begins and ends with the swollen REV.12 river in DANIEL 12. The plot takes her to SLC, UT for a scary encounter with the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim at city hall's EZE.47 water fountain. Who first spooked her on the car radio during the long drive out west on Kobe's I-70 weeks route, not yet in existence.

The two witnesses of the latter-day Sodom and Egypt were confirmed by the gay pride parade that passed the 1962 film's two witnesses scene location on Sunday at:

Across the street was a business called CROWS".

Shopping for dresses at the LDS owned ZCMI department store, Gwyneth encounters a Neve Campbell look alike sales lady. Before she goes outside and sees God's '42' months era jackhammer witnesses creating a ground shaking earthquake below a 666 State Street street lamp.

The 7 mountain film's deserted ancient temple of Israel, constructed atop a dead lifeless lake, now has the two gentile Muslim domes of lost Judah and Ephraim placed on top of it, beside the giant horseshoe of the 666 beast in REV.17. Just like the temple mount in high elevation Jerusalem is now desecrated by a gold Muslim dome tit of the whore of Babylon.

That shooting gallery kid at the GRAYHOUND bus station lobby was firing his hunting rifle shortly before the assassination of JFK on 11.22.63.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Taking my time Wednesday afternoon to get dressed for a walk in the rain, I suddenly had to run into the bathroom and make a quick batch of chocolate fudge brownies.

I have one of those hand-crank emergency radios in there by the throne. So I turned that on and heard "Call...1776" Michael Medved talking on 770 about the ridiculous new state taxes on chocolate bars and brand name beer, then he played a Nancy Pelosi clip. Where she was talking about how much "The Word" in JOHN 1 etc. is the inspiration behind her commitment to reformed fascism. And how 'The Word' will return one day, just like the word in REV.13 says that the new and improved Chocolate Mtns beast will also return, after it's day 1260 head gets wounded, but miraculously heals.

Then Medved's engineer played Pee Wee Her/man singing the 60s pop hit, "Don't you know that the bird is a word?.. Everybody knows that the word is a bird... talk'in bout a bird... the bird is a word..."

Later in the day, I read that Mr Bird, a.k.a. 'Birdie' drove around England's storied land of William Wordsworth Wednesday shooting people from that taxi in the 1976 prophecy entitled TAXI DRIVER. The same movie that inspired Denver's John Hinckley to shoot President Reagan with the same .22 caliber used by Mr Birdie, along with his FAIR GAME bird hunting shotgun.

Before I left the house, a cute little flying beetle with spots landed on my clip board and crawled across a note I had made that morning at 9:27 am, about a Calendar Girls style GREASE 2 flash vision that showed brown maple leaves blowing down a street in the fall season wind. This would be Paul McCartney's BEATLES talent show performance of 'Michelle' Wednesday for the homosexual usurper at the Casablanca.

Then the tiny beetle crawled around my clipboard's 6.02 anniversary date of THE BREAKUP, with it's Chicago based alternative ending co-starring my totally gay ROCKY [MTNS] HORROR PICTURE SHOW sidekick Tonto.

The song's French lyrics were for those new Wednesday pix of GREASE 2's Christmas Calendar Girl, Sienna Miller, arriving at the Paris train station with her 'M' unit at:

Nancy Pelosi's brand of apostate Catholic theology was confirmation of my Wednesday morning screening of John Carpenter's amazing Church of the Devil movie, entitled VAMPIRES; [A "Storm King Production"]. Wherein the master vampired has his headquarters in the basement of an abandoned 666 prison in New Mexico. And the future Obama "Black Cross" sidekick priest is eventually used by the vampire hunters as queer bait for Pelosi's district.

The 1997 movie opens at "...another New Mexican shit hole." Where 9 bloodsuckers are taken out, before the slayers head over to Obama's rising SUN GOD MOTEL for a night of hookers and heavy government beer taxes. The first bait they used was a prophetic New Orleans whore named Katrina, who got bit by the master vampire, but had not turned yet.

Reportedly, the Spirit of 76 taxi driver ended up in a place called Boot. For the 42 months that the new jackboot beast will tread upon the righteous in REV.13.

Gregory Scott Relf


The TAXI DRIVER shooting report I read is at:

Everyone is reporting that Vince Vaughn is set to co-star in some Ron Howard directed plural marriage movie this Summer called CHEATERS; co-starring Winona Ryder and Jennifer Connelly.

Spike Lee's follow up to his loony Katrina film will be some more Bio Bio, Haiti bullshit.

Paltrow was born on 9.27.

I bought VAMPIRES a couple years ago. It was still in the DVD plastic seal wrap Wednesday.

New readers: Washington's 1448' Storm King Mtn is located above Rt.7, at the top of Washington Creek and Gallup Creek. A little place called Divide is right there on Rt.7.

The REV.17 spirit of Sir Paul McCartney's gig at the Casablanca was introduced by that porn actor named 'Steve Driver'. Who took a REV.19 sword to some of his fellow actors Wednesday morning at the ULTIMA DVD porn studios in Van Nuys, according to:
In the context of the TAXI DRIVER movie poster at:

David Cameron is a 666 word play for "camera on".

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Some hiker shot a brown REV.13:2 grizzly bear Friday along Tattler Creek in Alaska's main REV.17 mountain peaks park. For that oppressive 42 months era gossip asshole who just moved in next door to Sarah Palin's family in Alaska.

The Providentially timed .45 pest-control report is at:

God shut down the Memorial Day charade at Lincoln Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois Monday with heavy rain, thunder and lightening. The Will County place is located between I-55 and Manhattan, Illinois. The fierce clouds looked as dark and ominous as those clouds over Ezra T Benson's Memorial Day death funeral in Utah.

Will County's Lincoln civil war reference to Chicago's WILLIS TOWER private documents explosion prophecy in DIE HARD was for Gary Colman's famous prophetic line, "Whatcha talk'n about Willis?!" Like at:

Elwood is for my latest Woody Allen dream post of course, a.k.a The Wood Man.

A mysterious underwater asshole volcano erupted Saturday in the Pacific, according to:

Bebe was on his way to see the abomination of desolation at the Casablanca, Americana when that French flotilla full of left-wing assholes tried to destroy Israel's security line against Ham/as.

In recent weeks, I've experienced some flash visions of a huge long legged spider crawling on the floor here and there; usually around garbage cans and trash cans. Finally at 11:28 am Sunday, I dreamed that I smashed it in a house by the ferry dock on 570 KVI's Vashon Island. Then I saw a picture of the French lady's pest Monday at: