Friday, July 31, 2015


Let's not kid ourselves. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Israelitish blood line birthism. ~ ~ Which means that that old communist Jew born in Brooklyn, now based in New Berlin, Vermont, doesn't stand a chance against the really white looking Trumpster; until and unless he goes full out Orthodox birther. ~ ~ There is not, nor ever has been, any long lasting career success substitute for the truth in this life, like at: ~ ~ See Michael Medved's all time favorite movie about the two lost tribes of Israel trees born in America if you do not believe me at at: ~ ~ Think RADIO DAYS meets BROADWAY DANNY ROSE meets THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KEN: Jesus says that it's now high time to cash out of your business and your house investment in San Francisco's Roosevelt area for top dollar. And then get into the indie film internet movie business back up in Seattle. Where you belong for now anyway. ~ ~ I mean think about it. Bernie Sanders wants us to go back to the 1950s era of 90% taxation anyway. When one could buy a million dollar yatch on Lake Union and then right it off on some phoney depreciation business investment scheme for seven years; thereby paying no federal taxes. No wonder that the white anticommunist middle class had it so good back then. ~ ~ In terms of decent paying wage jobs and affordable housing. ~ ~ And not wanting to be around all of those irritating Jews while they were trying to relax on the greens at their country clubs. ~ ~ I never did think that much of Ronald Reagan's crazy ideas about illiminating most depreciation schedule tax reductions. ~ ~ Why pay a reduced rate of federal income taxes when you didn't have to be paying any post-depreciation rate federal taxes to speak of in the first place? ~ ~ Which is about the same simple minded christian nonsense as saying that you believe in Jesus, but not the BM. ~ ~ Oh yeah, no crazy women allowed in the voting booth either. Unless that is they hold title to property.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


The day I found a used copy of THE LONE RANGER for $2.99 at THE CHECKOUT. A van full of apostate African American Christians from Gary crashed due west of the Indian medicine wheel landmark on my map in Indiana. ~ ~ Need I mention that this happened at the end of Barack Obama's tour of Africa? ~ ~ And that huge old pine tree beside the children's sports stadium and museum fell down on top of all of those Asian kids during the SPECIAL OLYMPICS? ~ ~ Spank you very much, Mitt Romney. ~ ~ I AM got only to the end of the second act last night. But I can already tell that the much maligned movie is about today's pussy whipped passivist Mormons in Utah who finally get over their polite society naïveté and start taking care of business. ~ ~ Think Kenny Kemp meets Bruce Troxell meets Clyde Lewis, and you start to get the big picture. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIG PICTURE NOTES: Here is that other negro Darke County confirmation about an apostate christian church van trainwreck at: ~ ~ DRIVER'S SEAT NOTES: The driver of the church van in Indiana had a two toned face [mask-era] makeup job like my side kick Tonto has in the above remake [BATMAN BEGINS] prequel. ~ ~ NAZI MEDICINE NOTES: The reason why 6,666,666 Jews were gassed by the 666 Nazis is because most of them were supporting the 666 forerunner to today's new and improved Planned Parenthood 666 beast. That then became the inspiration behind the new and improved 666 beast behind today's Jewish based Democrat Party fascism. ~ ~ Therefore, any time that Clyde Lewis et al start feeling the heat, they always go back to thier original UFO Christianity roots. Which only makes things worse.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Smiley posted pix of her encoded rainbow love plot at the same time that my post started rolling out about the coded message left by the kidnapped 666 scientist in DEATH TOO SOON, at: ~ ~ In confirmation of the 1979 movie's antidote to aging that looks like a rainbow of big Ben Afflect size boners at about 9:36 and 20:30 into my $3 copy I found at WAL*MART. ~ ~ All of this means nothing of course if you do not believe that the "SM ILE" sign in the skies above Portland is a BRITTANIA message about Sienna Miller from the Isle of Britain, etc. etc. ~ ~ Per Clyde Lewis' numerous shows about big money corporation [VIRGIN,London] airliner jets spraying chem-trails across America. ~ ~ Therefore the '269...' license plate on Captain America's 70s era shag van stands for Smiley looking ten years older at: ~ ~ And the British Emma Watson look style icon figure in the crowd has the same tunnel cloud hairdo and the same era tv movie television set at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AFRICAN AMERICAN NOTES: The prophetic news about that REV.13 lion of Judah being legally hunted down by a white man from the Twin Cities in America came out right after the abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12 ended his white safari tour of Africa. Wherein he decided at the last minute not to visit the little people in the little African hospital village where he was born. Because that would have been too embarrassing for all of his black Jew neo con supporters and stonewallers back home in America. ~ ~

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The SPECIAL OLYMPICS for retarded kids in LA, who were born with physiologically based emotional behavior problems, ends on the 1996 anniversary of the abomination of desolation set up for a reason. Because their spiritually retarded baby boomer [Obamacare] parents were bad seeds who were eating too much of the junk food and fare of Babylon while they were fucking and making babies. ~ ~ Which is pretty much what the patriotic 1976 made ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW was all about. Wherein my transsexual [Bruce Jenner Republican] antihero wears a black leather cool rider jacket that is covered in BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA type merit badges. ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ Would you want someone like Barack Obama to be the scout master at your church? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BROWN SKIN NOTES: Bobby Brown finally died on Sandra Bullock's birthday because Barack Obama was not visiting the little town in Africa where he was born at the same time. ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: We all know that you are dying in the late night caller rerun talk-radio ratings. So why not go out in flames with a big bang analysis of Obama's UFO birth certificate? ~ ~ What do you have to lose anyway? ~ ~ You end up having to make a few really cool low-budet R-17 Internet wi-fi si-fi TWILIGHT ZONE porn videos for 250k a pop just in order to pay the bills? ~ ~ BFD, you don't have that many years left anyway. ~ ~

Monday, July 27, 2015


This one might require a little more effort on your part. But if you can find a copy of CAPTAIN AMERICA, II: DEATH TOO SOON, you will see my antihero rescue Clyde Lewis et all in Portland, Oregon who are getting too old sooner rather than later. ~ ~ Wherein my anti-hero prison warden plays yours truly. The one who is just trying to stir up conflict among the masses in order to inact martian law from outer space. Hence the hero's hovering UFO bulletproof shield, etc. at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: One can usually find these kind of used discounted DVDs at those suburban strip-mall stores that have thousands of old DVDs. For whatever it's worth, that is my sexy and difficult French Jewish exwife with small tits who is riding her show horse in Epinal, France at the end of the above 1979 made-for-tv CBS movie. The same year that my fucking exwife cunt was fucking around with Steven Hughes in my upstairs room for rent in LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets RISKY BUSINESS. ~ ~ Last I heard, she is still living in the Portland, Oregon area. And is now in dire need of a good dose of CAPTAIN AMERICA's antidote-juice cure, like at: ~ ~ Note the enclosed clip's rejuvenating facial cream treatment theme. ~ ~ PS CLYDE: My vampiric blood-cleansing blood-sucker antihero leech in DRACULA: 2000, [who kidnaps innocent virgin children and drinks their blood], arrives in a [Herbert] ARMSTRONG taxi no.1972 at the masonic temple scenario. Where everyone is taking their orders from the leadership of the [white man] lost tribes of Israel, now based in London. ~ ~ And why not? ~ ~ Barack Obama just paid a visit to the African country where everybody and his dog knows he was born. Yet not one word about it in the international communist conspiracy Jew media. ~ ~ NBC NOTES: Last night they told me that I get to host this upcoming Saturday's special new SNL anniversary show rerun prequel sequel remake. ~ ~ Whatever that means.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Yet 5 more foolish [VIRGIN RECORDS, London] people died in a fiery carwreck-train reaction outside of Lafayette, Indiana; east of Romney. So here is the new post FDR deal at ~ ~ Every foolish member of the new and improved RLDS church is going to be given one year to repent and become baptised again. And all of their current Republican Party high society leaders are going to be fired from their present leadership jobs and never be allowed to preside over the Mormon church again for the rest of their lives. ~ ~ Whatever, most portraits of Lafayette do have him looking like one of today's transsexual Paris Hilton look alike civil rights heros, like at:,_Marquis_de_Lafayette ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 9.5 UPDATE NOTES: That is Lafayette himself who suddenly gets up and leaves when I am hanging out with Natalie Portman at some cafe in my own private 9 1/2 WEEKS sequel to my own private LAST TANGO IN PARIS movie about my Steven Hughes look alike replacement lover. ~ ~ This being the 1970s inspiration behind the idea that I would be okay with Steven Fresh fucking my French exwife in RISKY BUSINESS if he would be okay with me fucking his Italian exwife and his sister-in-law too; not necessarily at the same time. ~ ~ Hey, I am not in the business of embarrassing or shaming any of my former friends or lovers. ~ ~ Contrary to popular liberal media opinion. I AM not one of those apostate conservative Christian mormons who thinks that his own shit doesn't stink. ~ ~ INTERNATIONAL JEWISH BANKERS CONSPIRACY NOTES: I'm still not seeing anything in the news about Obama being born in Kenya. Even though he just arrived there yesterday. ~ ~ You fuck with me, I fuck with you. ~ ~

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Barack Obama's I-44 zone marks off the Broken Arrow location inside of the REV.16 state that is shaped like a blood dripping meat cleaver at: ~ ~ I guess if Geraldo Rivera is not willing to report the truth about Obama visiting the African country where he was born, then someone else will have to pick up the slack for him. ~ ~ Hence that ALONE RANGER shooter showed up at a 16-plex in Lafayette, LA; located along the ten virgins wedding prophecy down in garfish Long Island, New York country. ~ ~ Personally, I don't know anyone from that area. With the exception of Jack Simpson; who now lives in Twin Peaks, Washinton, a.k.a. North Bend. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FLASH NOTES: Never flash me the GSR/TWN index finger gang sign again if you are not willing to spread your legs and let my 13" cock destroy you, like at: ~ ~ Note the booz bottle in a brown paper nut sack in RISKY BUSINESS. Where all of those South African American niggers get off the train after they see me hooking up with Paris Hilton [resort hotel and casino]. ~ ~ PS HOLLYWOOD: You refuse to make my 10% client Justin Beiver into a major motion picture movie star, a LA James Dean, you force me into making Roger Corman type PLAN B b-movie horror films. Most of which will probably be made on the cheap and down low at some run down pictures studio location outside of London, England. In the general same area where both Elizabeth Hurley and Elton John currently own organic pig farm property. Not to mention Prince Charles, the current Crown Prince of England, who dies metaphorically on the electrocution chair throne trilogies in KING RALPH meets SPLITTING HEIRS meets GUILTY AS CHARGED, at: ~ ~ I realize that I AM is looking a bit older in my last film that was made when I was the same age as today. When I unmercifully send that inheritantly unhonest nigger figure to die in the electric iPAD chair in my basement lair below the meat cleaver slaughterer house of white Israel. ~ ~ And then I go over to the TOSCANA restaurant for a glass of blood red shiraz steak wine to go with their famous fresh-caught anchovies anti pasto plate. [Not to be confused with that cheap canned fish shit soaked in salt and olive oil.]

Friday, July 24, 2015


The prophetic Lafayette Cemetery scenes in DRACULA 2000 represented all of those omen signs that were occurring in and around Lafayette Park in Washington, DC at the time; located right across from today's desecrated Greek columns White House. Egro, the DOUBLE WHAMMY 42 months prophecy ends for sure on January 20, 2016. For a Providential REV.11 reference to the [7.20] beginning count down in Barack Obama's Aurora, Colorado new dawn of fascism landmark. ~ ~ Remember, we are talking months, not days; looking at everything that is happing now with a 30 days time-frame perspective. ~ ~ And not just an exact one-day-only sale 1260/1290 day thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GUESS JEANS NOTES: I would guess that my faithful dark skinned LONE RANGER sidekick will still be in power after 42 months. But his attention will be turned away from fucking the righteous white man in the ass by some kind of an internationalist Jewish fucker crisis. ~ ~ I could be wrong on this. Even though about 99% of the time I am not wrong about saying whatever I feel like saying. ~ ~ PS CONAN O'BRIEN: Welcome home my friend. Good to have you back where you belong. Can I fix you a drink or something? ~ ~ WHITE HORSE PROPHECY NOTES: We see the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY in DRACULA 2000 at 14:24 minutes on my DVD copy. ~ ~ TRAINWRECK NOTES: That train wreck in the Czech Republic was about I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND prophecy. Oh yeah, the tall blond [Donald Trump] people from outer space are about to take over planet earth and make all of today's ape shit niggers become their slaves. For example, see every low-buget planet earth UFO invasion movie that was made in the creepy 50s and 60s. ~ ~ During the time when only pure white Christian men were allowed to rule the new world. And all of today's filthy dirty Jewish communist homosexual traitors were still not even allowed to join their local private golf club. ~ ~ In other words, if you do not care if the president is an American citizen, then you too no longer have a right to call yourself a US citizen. What goes around comes around. ~ ~ You fuck me, I fuck you.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


I had a flash vision of an antique pistol with silver bullets lying beside it on a table. So I picked up DRACULA 2000 at PISTOL ANNIE'S; because it is about a fundamentalist Mormon polygamist who is going to take back my Branch Davidian bloodline wives of Israel. ~ ~ And if you think that I AM is kidding, check out some of Clyde Lewis' past midnight cowboy AM talk-radio shows out of Portland, Oregon that are obviously about my vampire blood cleansing youth cult based in London, England. ~ ~ Where God himself is going to reclaim his two sons of Judah and Ephraim even if he, "... has to kill every motherfucker in the room..." with his Russian made AK47. ~ ~ Think JACKIE BROWN meets EATING RAUOL. ~ ~ Here is a good example of what is mine and not yours, at: ~ ~ Any questions? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS GAWKER: I know what you not-cool guys were trying to do. So why not turn the table on all of those old men in high society, who have become too weak and too bland, and send one of your more youthful journalists over to interview the naive dirty-face masses in Kenya this weekend? Who obviously are so thrilled to death that a humble man with a genuine 1961 British territory hospital birth certificate was born in their country and then miraculously became the President of America. ~ ~ PS GLENN BECK: According to the spoken word relations at, you are going to have to be baptized again. ~ ~ Physically, spiritually, politically, financially speaking. ~ ~ Of course, you already know this. I'm just saying this for the sake of my Jewish readers, and your own Dallas, Texas based Messianic Jew listeners, yada yada. ~ ~ PS VAN BROOKS: Here's the deal, take it or leave it. You make a few indie features in the Bay Area on XXX video for around two big ones each, costarring Ken Keisler, I don't care if they make a profit or not. ~ ~ I just wanna have fun now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Apparently the prophetic 1260-1290-1335 days Mr.Relf composite character in THE BIG LEWBOSKI prophecy is now running the show behind the scenes at: ~ Works for me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ Some nigger bitch named Sandra just David Lynched herself in a Texas jail in confirmation of Sandra Bullock's bullshit rip off movie about racist cops, entitled CRASH. Which is actually now starting to look more like a fairly reasonable and well thought out homage to the original CRASH movie made up in Toronto, Canada. ~ ~ Hey, all is well that ends well. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ Hope I'm not repeating myself too much now. But after a thousand videos of uppity misbehaving niggers getting beaten by worn out and fed up law enforcement officers; isn't it time to just shit-can the entire Civil Rights Act of 1964 and start all over again? ~ ~ PS TRUMP: Those of us who are smarter than most everyone else know that, "There is nothing controversial about you." [ALMOST FAMOUS] ~ ~ TOP TEN VIRGINS LIST: My newly revised and improved list for the most wise and smartest people in the world would have to include Cara Delevigne, Adriana Lima, Ornella Fresh, Neve Campbell, Elizabeth Hurley, and absolutely every single VICTORIA'S SECRET model that is in the 18 to 29 range. ~ ~ OUT OF AFRICA NOTES: Obama's visit to the land where he was born will put the final 42 months nail into the coffin of modern Mormonism apostate christian republican party religionism. ~ ~ Mark my words. ~ ~ This is what all of those blood cleansing vampire films made by HAMMER FILMS were all about. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Your fabulous estate in the beautiful English countryside, where they made my original [MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO] winter season prophecy called THE INVISIBLE MAN, stands for the time when you will finally join the SCIENTOLOGY cult of confessionism. And then free your mind [clear] of all of your leprechaun dwarf possessions that are now tying you down and holding you back from any kind of an ETERNAL HAPPINESS OF THE MIND exsitance that lasts for more than, like, ten years at most.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The prophetically iconic DEATH OF A SALESMAN was about when the vain fantasy world of half conservative half Jew neo con John McCainism would die. ~ ~ Which never would have happened if the Jews, queers, and niggers at the NYT had not put the 'prince' of DANEIL 12 in the White House using all of their cunning skills cited in ISAIAH 11 and REVELATION 11; yada yada. ~ ~ Ergo, over 300 niggers were injured in a train wreck in Charlie Theron's native South Africa when my RISKY BUSINESS movie reviews about that $300 a night Paris Hilton resort and hotel heir whore started rolling out last week. ~ ~ For example. Here is my TOP TEN list of today's neo cons who are in the news right now; John McCain, Barack Obama, Jimmy Fallon, Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, Mel Gibson, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Bruce Jenner, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Clyde Lewis, Sandra Bullock, and of course, you know who. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WONDERFUL NOTES: At the end of SOME KIND OF WONDERFULL, my sexy wife Kristen Stewart gives her two [hearing aid ear stud] diamonds of Judah and Ephraim to my sexy wife Miley Cyrus. Per that man from "...DIMON..." who T-boned those selfish limo riding hen party bitches on Long Island.

Monday, July 20, 2015


The above pop music hit by that British mulatto singer in the John Hughes 80s was about my future sidekick Barack Obama. ~ ~ For example, the reason why John McCain is just a second rate hero at best is because he is too cowardly to confront the mulatto usurper in the White House. ~ ~ A real American hero would never stand for an illegal alien with a fake birth certificate and a stolen Social Security number to become the Commander in Chief of America's armed forces heros. ~ ~ Talk about apostate Christian homosexual boy scout men taking the kids to DISNEYLAND in Orange County, California and Florida. ~ ~ Oh yeah, the young naive boy in a uniform [John McCain] was shot down and forced to suck cock for over five years in a communist prison. ~ ~ Obviously it made a lasting impression on him. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HEROIC NOTES: I will say this much for McCain's somewhat heroic biography. His life throughout the years has been a shining example of the fact that homosexuality is 90% lifestyle choice, and only about a 10% born-that-way thing. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: It says in the Old Testament that the girls will show the boys the way in the last days, like at: ~ ~ For example, last night I decided to watch one of John Hughes 1980s movies about my exwife fucking Steven Hughes instead of me. So I took another look at SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. Wherein my future wife Kristen Stewart hooks me up with my future wife Miley Cyrus. Because at the time I was just an uneducated 19 year-old Mormon boy working at a greasy-spoon joint who was too naive and too sexy for his own good. ~ ~ KING OF ENGLAND NOTES: My own private prophecy movie called I SERVED THE KIND OF ENGLAND was about the day when a fancy hotel and casino resort operator would become the president of at least 1/3 of Amerika. ~ ~ PS DONALD: When the rich resort fancy-world business starts to look a bit iffy, may I suggest buying up all the mining investment properties surrounding Crooked Lake in BC? There is a reason why Crooked Lake, Canada looks a lot like Lake Como, Switzerland. ~ ~ Take it from me. One of the last truly genuine for-real know-it-alls standing. Now is the time to get out while the getting is good. ~ ~ All that I AM is asking for is 10% of everything you got. You get to keep the rest; post 666 IRS of course. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Last night I dreamed that my wife Cameron Diaz was FFING my long lost fly fishing buddy Ken McLeod. As confirmed by the new pix of Brad Pitt's new blood line of Israel tattoo at: ~ ~ Then I saw this MATT 25 ten virgins thing about that mole who killed those 5 foolish virgins in Tenn. at: ~ ~ This being the Chattanooga choo choo reference about the apostate tea party Christian whore at the end of RISKY BUSINESS. After the abomination of desolation mob politics figure from Chicago had completely cleaned out and made empty the House of Israel. ~ ~ Right around the same time that I visited my adulterous French exwife in [7] Hillsboro, Oregon, Washington County, and saw that her new place was completely furnished with all of the stolen furniture that I had purchased in Sugar Town, Utah after I had made over $8000 in one night at the Utah State Fair selling VITA MIX 3600 super blenders. ~ ~ Little did I know at the time that my meazly little $8000 would become well over $8,000,000,000 even before the physical transfiguration period would kick in. When I would be making all of those Andy Warhol hippie chick vampire blood cleansing movies with Sienna Miller et al; that Clyde Lewis has been warning us about for the past few years. ~ ~ For example, my wanna be actor figure who was always fucking Jenny's fine ass 29 year-old body on the side during the ten year production of FRIENDS, was always portrayed as a complete idiot who was too sexy for his own good. ~ ~ GSRXTWN ~ ~ FOR EXAMPLE NOTES: All of those low budget indie films made by those British Jews at HAMMER FILMS were about me being a blood-sucking vampire on GROND ZERO RADIO, circa 2015. ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: True or false, the new RUMOR HAS IT rumors about you secretly fucking me on the side are the best possible thing that could happen for your movie career right now. ~ ~ Telephone call from Jesus; getting older and looking physically uglier is not a beautiful thing. ~ ~ PS GWYNETH PALTROW: By now it has become pretty obvious why God inspired you to create your own private lifestyle website about looking younger and eating better. ~ ~ Better get ready to take it up a notch or two. ~ ~ I'm thinking you and the girls buy George Clooney's place on Lake Como and turn it into a bed and breakfast mansion for billionaires that is one of the last places on earth that still serves wild-caught dolly varden trout for breakfast on a bed of fried caremellized onions and pink garlick potatoes on the side flown in from Maine, USA. ~ ~ Just a suggestion. Have at least a dozen classic wood row-boats tied up and waiting at the ready down on the lake, and you can't miss. ~ ~ Think Marlon Brando hires the naive 19ish THE FRESHMAN meets yours truly in the original irrational man movie entitled DON JUAN DE MARCO. ~ ~ Wherein all of those WND birther billboards turned out to be right afterall. And all of those Michael Medved neo con Jews from Yale and Harvard were found to be full of doggie doodoo.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


God how I hope that Jennifer Aniston is lying about not fucking my Joey forerunner figure on FRIENDS, at: ~ ~ What do I have left in this life? If I can't look forward to fucking her extremely fine 29ish ass and her girlfriend's ass too in the near future? ~ ~ What am I, chopped liver? ~ ~ Remember, I AM not God. I AM just a regular guy, according to my own private prophecy in REV.19 and 2BC:91. ~ ~ The 5'6"" Tom Cruise was only 19 when he made RISKY BUSINESS and all that. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POPE A DOPE NOTES: Mel Gibson is staying at his producer's mansion in Australia that looks like the DOME OF THE ROCK in Jerusalem, at: ~ ~ Which explains Barack Obama's atomic bomb deal with Iran. ~ ~ In other words, you set off a few A-bombs in America, even the New Jerusalem, and then those Jew fuck assholes in the liberal media stop calling me a white superman race style Olympics Nazi. Just because I believe that white people are better than black people. ~ ~ And then maybe even that queer-ass sounding Third-way seven hills pope in fascist ROMA will start to understand that the capitalist excesses in RISKY BUSINESS can only be addressed by the United Order credit union at ~ ~ PS MEL: Your former Danite lover was/is the very same DRUGSTORE COWBOY [RX] prescription to my own immature obsessions with my icy planet 9 exwife from France. Who was then featured in 1983's RISKY BUSINESS movie in the transfigured form of Paris Hilton. Around the same time that you were getting your breaks in the motion picture business. ~ ~ PS MILEY CYRUS AND JUSTIN BEIBER: I want to be in business with both of you two. ~ ~ Hence I want both of you to start fucking each other now on a professional three-way-screen-test level.~ ~ Call it a casting couch situation, whatever. Typically, I would never drop 20, 25, 30, big ones into a full-length movie that my rich wives were paying for if I could not get like a gazillion dollars in free Internet Instagram viral publicity. ~ ~ I mean think about. ~ ~ Who would want to be married to a man who does not respect you and your money? ~ ~ Been there, done that. ~ ~ PS BRUCE: They gave you that Arthur Ashe ESPY trophy on gay tv because his idol statue at the USA OPEN venue in Flushing, Queens, NY looks like a light skinned mulatto on the down low prophecy; circa 2015. ~ ~ PS SANDY: Do you want some handsome 29ish stud to get so excited about fucking you in all three of your sexy holes for your money; or for who you are in the long run? ~ ~

Friday, July 17, 2015


I had a vision the night before that dark skinned camel fucker killed those 4 Marines in Tenn. Where I saw the yellow subtitles below a wall display rack of military recrument brochures that said, 'I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND'. ~ ~ But then it got way worse than that. Since I sensed that Barack Obama's federal prison visit would correspond directly with the southern prison escape scenario in GOLDMEMBER. And sure enough, the shooter in Chattanooga who voted two times for Obama has the same mental chocolate WACK-A-MOLE on his face as the Mel Gibson look alike has in the third AUSTIN POWERS movie set in Hollywood. SEES: ~ ~ ~ ~ Jesus Fucking Christ. How many times do I have to repeat myself anyway? ~ ~ There is very little difference between the cult of mormon catholic christianity and the cult of SCEINTOLOGY and the regular listeners of late night GROUND ZERO radio. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSSIAN NOTES: The German [Jerry] brown trout Russian River flows near the Babylon grove outside of Santa Rosa, California, near Jack London's place, because the beast kills the pagan whore of Babylon in REV.17. And in the last days yours truly will become the King of England based in London and Vancouver, BC. Which is why Clyde Lewis appears more than one time in the 9 seasons of SEINFELD that were shot inside STAGE 9 in California. ~ ~ THE 9 LIVES OF HARRISON FORD: The reason way Harry keeps escaping death in all of those Indiana movies is so that he can continue to show up at various comic book conventions and still look rather fuckable, like at: ~ ~

Thursday, July 16, 2015


It took 9 1/2 years for that scientific 666 camera unit to reach the 9th dwarf planet at the exact same time that the 5'1" leader of SCIENTOLOGY revealed their amazing new studio camera facilities. In confirmation of the 5'6" Tom Cruise lying about supposedly being a full 5'7" tall. ~ ~ Wherein his 1983 BIG BANG career happened in Chicago for a prophecy about the 5.6 WHITE HORSE PROPHECY about the transsexual Barack Obama lady at the door. ~ ~ I mean think about it. This shit is even too weird for late night caller anti-communist AM radio; not to mention FOX NEWS. ~ ~ When was the last time that you heard anything even remotely rational come out of John McCain's pretty white boy POW prisoner mouth about Obama not even being a US citizen with a legit SS number? ~ ~ "Once you go Asian, you never go back. " Lucy Liu. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO.9 NOTES: I was half asleep and pondering no.9's upcoming 7.20 birthday at 5:06 am Wednesday when suddenly the ground started shaking; metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ Get real; who would not want to fuck her, and her tall, dark, and handsome blue-eyed Amazon jungle-love sister too? That is if no one was looking. And you had as much money as my protagonist forerunner has in WILD ORCHID meets ANOTHER 9 1/2 WEEKS. ~ ~ So what; I look like my mean and angry forerunner protagonist in all of those romantic cheap paperback novel revenge-sex Harold Robbins adaptation movies, like at:,,15625141_303,00.jpg ~ ~ You could do a lot worse if you were a hot young fashion model looking to break into acting on video tape in indie feature films. If the money was right of course.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


If our Lord and Savior is Jewish, and he is, why not have the Devil be Jewish? ~ ~ Talk about great and compelling dramatic structure theater in such Jewish made movies as DEATH TRAP and ROSEMARY'S BABY. ~ ~ Like just confirmed by that Elton John ROCKET MAN plant explosion near Priest Lake, Idaho. That represents the AP:II rocket man sequel that had a scene about demonic homogaysexual possession that called for " old priest and a young priest." In order to have the older values of sexual chastity rejuvenated by today's younger hot three-way marital sex values set? ~ ~ IRRATIONAL MAN meets THE BIG LEWDBOWSKI?.. Not in your wildest dreams. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: You are standing only ten feet in front of the easy target. Yet all of your arrows are still shooting way over the top. ~ ~ PS GERALDO RIVERA: You too are standing only ten feet away from the target. Yet your arrows are landing in the grass right below it. ~ ~ Just a thought for both of you guys; more Rush Limbaugh, less Howard Stern. ~ ~ In other words; take all of the dirt in your bedrooms and move it over to the other side of your bedrooms. ~ ~ That goes for you too Madonna; more sweet virgin, less sour lesbian. ~ ~ PS GUS VAN SANT: There is a very rational reason why you look like Elton John at:,204,203,200_.jpg ~ ~ Call me if you need any money from me for your next project. Especially if it co-stars Justin Beiber as James Dean, per: ~ I'm not a big believer in throwing young money after old money. ~ ~ PS RUSH: The only big deal out there right now is Barack Obama's fake birth certificate and illegal alien type unconstitutional Social Security number. Everything else is just rightwing talk-radio multimillionaire neo-con rhetoric.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Ringo tripped on a rug and yanked out his fake left-handed wedding ring finger in confirmation of Penny Lane registering under the fake name of 'Rugburn' at the PLAZA in the ALMOST FAMOUS prophecy. ~ ~ Because her shacking up there in BLACK SABBATH's typical high society rock'n roll suite was a suicidal black Jew Barack Obama thing. ~ ~ Oh yeah. When it comes to Judah, all of the hot action to the max is still happening in New York, not Jerusalem. Where also they crucified our Lord, like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HORSING AROUND NOTES: We see the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY reference to Barack Obama in RISKY BUSINESS when Paris Hilton herself meets Mr. "Relf" circa 1983 in my basement lair. Which represented Steven Frankenfurter's basement train set next door to Paul's house on Revenna Blvd. in Seattle. After the PRINCETON interview scene that is about the ivy league 'prince' in DANIEL and MARK 13:14. ~ ~ So why not today's Crown Prince of England is an IRATIONAL MAN who was born in King County, Washington? ~ ~ I mean think about it. Some eccentric unknown overweight 64 year-old multi-billionare is soon going to be fucking Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevigne and their two respective girlfriend sister hotties on his classic restored 51' sailboat in Seattle? ~ ~ That's like saying that God created the world in 7 days, and I am going to look like a 49ish Iggy Pop in less than 7 years max; beginning in August of this year of our Lord on the Gregorian calendar 2015; metaphorically speaking... ~ ~ For example, see: ~ ~ And yes that is me sitting in a NYC taxi reading the NYT no.56,928 at about 1:28:20 into ALMOST FAMOUS. Not looking that bad after all for a 49er.

Monday, July 13, 2015


That cracked crystal egg football metaphore of the physical transfiguration placed between the two candle sticks of Judah and Ephraim in RISKY BUSINESS represented Steven Hughes' egg farm family biography. ~ ~ So after I saw the iconic movie for the first time in a decade, and 54 REV.9 stingrays died of AIDS related conplications in a Chicago marina, I saw my 29ish sexy selfie in a mirror wearing black frame HARRY POTTER glasses that I had bought at SEARS' optical boutique location at the ALDERWOOD MALL in Lynwood, Washington, just off I-5. ~ ~ Because after that 928 bearing '...264' got baptised in Mitt Romney's Lake Michigan, it was still all covered in muck and mud, like at: ~ ~ Both SEARS and BOEING now being based out of CHICAGO. And they ran that Vince Vaughn rerun on Fallon on the very same same day. ~ ~ Oh yeah, Rush limbaugh was not lying about ALLEN MEATS having the best all beef hot dogs in the world: not to mention their flash-frozen liver-cut top sirloins. Hence Kit Winn's legendary frozen stakes salesman biography. ~ ~ And the fact that he looked exactly like the forerunner to Philip Seymour Hoffman. ~ ~ Remember, when you cast me in your next indie fuck film masterpiece; you get Orson Welles, Jerry Lewis, Richard Burton, Marlon Brando and Federico Fellini and me behind the camera scene for the bargain price of only 100 big ones apiece. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RISKY NOTES: When I'm about to fuck Sienna Miller big time on the no. 12 train, we see the D&C 58 BANQUET ON A BUM feast reference to Seattle's 24/7 HASTY TASY biography. As a royal coachman rides by that represents my trademark no.12 hook royal coachman buck hair top fly preference when it comes to western creek native cutthroat trout in the 8-9" range, like at: ~ ~ POLITICS NOTES: Obama wants more transsexual negro prostitutes walking the neat and well-trimmed short hair Republican grass sidewalks in suburban Chicago, according to this kookie look alike report at: ~ ~ Who is all wet now? Donald Trump, or that Mexican billionaire darkie who just escaped from a Mel Gibson type catholic church 666 prison? After the nigger bitch came down on the police for fucking with her supportive killer niggers who are selling drugs in America? And so then the niggers completely took over her city. Where they made all of my own private transexual John Waters REV.17 HAIRSPRAY movies from the 50s/60s/70s/80s ? ~ ~ HANNAH MONTANA AND HER SISTERS NOTES: Apparently that middle aged woman who was just too fat and too old to be seen in a HURLEY BEACH brand bikini stepped on a REV.13:1 sands of Israel landmine east of I-95 Kingston, RI for some kind of a Providence promotion for Woody Allen's new IRRATIONAL MAN movie. ~ ~ And you all thought that the only reason why I AM is still interested in fucking Elizabeth Hurley and fly fishing on Elton John's private chalk stream country estate is because I'm tired of waiting for you idiots to get it. Guess you got that much right.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Sunday's NYT no.56,925 issue posted their classic Italian sports car gift to me right next to TIFFANY's traditional page 2 opening statement. This being the "cut to" scene in BOOGIE NIGHTS right after I tell Jackie that I can do it again if he needs a close up cum shot. ~ ~ No big deal. You too could fuck like a champ two times in a row in one night if you were like me aand had my kind of mojo-money, like at: ~ ~ Fuck it. ~ ~ Now I have to forgive my exwife for fucking that Steven Hughes look alike kid with the 10-speed race bike in RISKY BUSINESS. ~ ~ I mean this shit goes way back to 1983. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ I AM LIKE GOD NOTES: The beauty of Mormonism is the knowledge that we will be like God some day. Complete with the Austin, Texas powers to eat out and fuck 100 hot young wives at a time. ~ ~ I know, hard to believe. ~ ~ All of those homogaysexualish apostate monogamist Christians with the short Nazi haircuts, like Glenn Beck, still are holding that tall skinny-ass [Paul Nestor meets Woody Norris] mormon polygamist prophet in a Texas jail just because he liked to fuck two 16-year-virgins to the max. ~ ~ Guess we're just gonna have to do something about that, aren't we now. ~ ~ PS MISS MONTANA: That real estate scam scene at the end of DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRALS was your clue to buy up all of those left-over dropped-out properties in that symbolic United Order David Lettermqn type development paradise for fly fishermen; located outside of Yellowstone.

Saturday, July 11, 2015


The Iran nuke talks are as fake as Obama's birth certificate. Ergo Bill Cosby's warm and fuzzy show was as fake as today's Barack Obama show. And of course, MLK Jr's famous DC speech was more about, "It's time to cash the check." Than any of that warm and fuzzy bullshit about skin color. Oh yeah, Spencer W. Kimball's revelation about giving the negro the higher priesthood was also as fake as a $3 bill. ~ ~ Think Hillary Clinton kisses the Pope's ring in the 1970s BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy made during the 1260 days of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11 meets ISAIAH 11. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SOURCE NOTES: The reason why the NYT lied about Senator Cruz' new book about telling the truth is because the paper is owned and operated by internationalist Jews. ~ ~ Who obviously have no particular loyalty to any particular country; not even Israel for that matter. ~ ~ RISKY BUSINESS NOTES: Thursday night I watched 1983's RISKY BUSINESS prophecy about that transsexual Barack Obama figure in Chicago who recommended a tall blond call girl who turned out to look a lot like Paris Hilton. Then the reports rolled out about Paris Hilton's sister wedding that was as fake as Eva Longoria's wedding to her mulatto husband in the same sister city of London. This being the same city where they shot my own private Idaho movie entitled ANOTHER 9 1/2 WEEKS. ~ ~ Think Sandra Bullock's marriage to Jesse James was about as real as Jennifer Garner's marriage. Not to mention Jennifer Aniston's engagement to Justin Thereoux, and or Courteney Cox' upcoming wedding. Six, one half dozen, the other. Think that that woman in Germany thinks that she can save Greece from her Marxist homosexual fantasy world politics and you get the big picture in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, etc. ~ ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: That is my exwife Laurence Pierson and her concubine lover Steven Hughes who show up at the door and have the audasity to use my own private bedroom in RISKY BUSINESS. Just like in the movie, I spent all of my money on her. But she still went ahead and fucked some other guy. Hence my iconic future Internet sex-tape fuck scene with Paris Hilton on the no.12 train car. ~ ~ Don't worry darling, I too kind of like your current boyfriend. And I already have enough de facto cashola in THE BANK OF CANADA to make sure that everyone of the asshole players in my life end up happy with the final results. ~ ~ Since yours truly was also kind of an asshole. ~ ~ PS NAOMI WATTS: The 40k 928 in RISKY BUSNESS represents you getting baptised in Lake Michigan; and then becoming born again and looking like new. ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: All of those scarey underwater scenes in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY were about the time when Greece would become comepletey 'under water' financially and otherwise. ~ ~ Note the movie's prophetic Paris Hilton time-line figure.

Friday, July 10, 2015


So many of us in the smart set have been wondering when the NYT is going to apologizes for what they did to white America with Barack Obama's gay ass birth certificate. ~ ~ Well hells bells, here it is in all of it's glory at: ~ ~ Didn't see that one coming. ~ ~ What's next? Bernie Sanders is going to put the final nail in Hilary Clinton's coffin by saying that she also knew all about it? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORNING DAWN SHOCK JOCK RADIO SHOW NOTES: Last night I dreamed over and over that Howard Stern wanted me to fill in for him for about three days. So I just said yes. Because the idea was so irrational and ridiculous that it must have been miraculously inspired by God or something. ~ ~ Then I began to worry about what I should say in my opening monologue. But I caught myself and thought "fuck it", why bother. God will tell me what to say when the announcer introduces me. ~ ~ Then the green michrophone light came on, and I simply said; "I am Gregory Scott Relf from Seattle. I am a fundamentalist Mormon polygamist. So I don't suck cock. But I do eat the pussy." And then the MIDNIGHT COWBOY telephone calls from Jesus started ringing off the walls. ~ ~ Since the protangonist in the above Hollywood Jew prophecy was a tall blond physically transfigured Donald Trump look alike. And then I immediately woke up and noted that my 70s era COSMO bed clock said 4:33. ~ ~ DON NOTES: DON JAUN DE MARCO was about my return to acting when The Don would be apart of all of those birther billboards in the south. ~ ~ HANNAH AND HER SISTERS NOTES: Those three sisters were lost along the Swift Creek trail in Wyoming for the current rescue effort that is going on for Ms.Swift and her three instagram sisters. ~ ~ Remember what I said. The best fly fishing and high lakes hiking this year will be happening in Montana, Wyoming, and northern Colorado. Due to the region's abnormal late spring snowfalls. Southeastern BC and southern Alberta are not a bad bet either. As if I could give a fuck if Evangeline Lilly and Carey Mulligan are pregnant. That is the beauty of mormon fundamentalist southern utah style polygamy. ~ ~ One wife betrays you by fucking around with strange flesh; she gets replaced by two other underaged teenager wives who are more attractive than her. ~ ~ In all due respect, Ariana still looks like she could easily play 18ish, maybe 19ish, tops.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


There is a reason why Ariana Grande wears an I DREAM OF GENIE hairdo so often. ~ ~ Just hours before the WOLFEE DONUTS news broke, I dreamed that Granny Grass backed her car into a tight space on 11th N.E. and 65th in Seattle and we two went into a BOOGIE NIGHTS type donut shop there. Where she ordered a bakers dozen [13] glaze donutes with chocolate icing on top. While yours truly was looking at the joints large selection of crack/pot pipes for sale on top of the counter. ~ ~ Hence, the REV.11 landmark timing that was confirmed by Ariana sniffing the white powder cocaine off of the traditional sugar vagina metaphors. ~ ~ And her dancing monkey chocolate lover with her was a Biblical Adam and Eve sign from God that white girls are not supposed to lay with the dark skinned snake from Egypt. ~ ~ I know, "That's harsh." [SHAUN OF THE DEAD]. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TECH NOTES: My $59 APEX pad doesn't have a functioning googlemaps ap; so I wasn't able to check what is actually located right now at 11th and 65th. ~ ~ EZE.47:1 NOTES: The 50/50 prophecy about the ten [sweet&sour] virgins is now being played out in Sun Valley, Idaho. Where half of the multi billionaires there would give me half of their money if only I was right about the upcoming physical transfiguration. And the other half still believe in their subconscious minds that they can take it all with them into the grave. ~ ~ Need I mention that some of the finest spring creek fly-fishing in the entire world is in southern Idaho? ~ ~ PS LETTERMAN: Watch out. Trump is looking to buy you out and turn your sprawling retirement property into a dude ranch paradise for get-away golfers and fantasy fly-fishing wilderness hikers. ~ ~ My advice to you is why not join them in a limited partnership situation instead of fighting them. ~ ~ Which is the exact same advice that I give to Horner in BOOGIE NIGHTS. ~ ~ Keep in mind; in the near future there will be no more IRS. Nor will there be any federal funding of public schools.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Here is that portrait of Bruce Jenner in BOOGIE NIGHTS, at: ~ ~ Call me a pervert. So many hot young chicks who love to fuck to the max, so little time. ~ ~ No wonder that the first porn theater film that I ever saw in 1976 was located on the Woodward Ave. commercial strip going out to the Bloomfield [7] Hills, Michigan area. Where both the filthy rich Madonna, and the filthy rich Mitt Romney grew up. ~ ~ No wonder that the two good looking PC bitches have so much in common with Barack Obama and Jeff Bezos when it comes to hating the blond haired blue eyed rather tall Donald Trump. ~ ~ Obviously, Trump is mostly Jewish. And the Jewish race is intellectually and spiritually superior in tall stature above-and-beyond all other nations, peoples, and tongues. ~ ~ Not to mention better looking. ~ ~ At least that is what it clearly says in the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ Think Gisele Bundchen meets Adriana Lima in bed with Jeff Goldblum and you get the inspired Woody Allen picture. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 666 NOTES: Aurora [Colorado] is the Roman goddess of the dawn [beginning day] who is featured in Barack Obama's iconic third way fascism campaign posters. Which is why today's apostate pagan Sun/day Pope of ROMA comes from Madonna's sexy [hard-ass woman with-a-good-heart] Evitavilla. Who is righteously homophobic and pro life but still has a satanic multimillionaire infatuation with Michael Moore and Mel Gibson style Marxism. ~ ~ PANIC ATTACK NOTES: Two nights ago in the middle of the night I had a Clyde Lewis type panic attack. Then Mike assured me that everything is going to be alright. Wherein I have enough pocket money for now from my Mel Gibson contract movie deal that I get to stay at Sandy's Tudor apartments in MULHOLLAND DR. without having to bother her for money.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Madonna's BEAUTIFUL STRANGER video on my physical AP:II hard disk backup copy is an amazing physical transfiguration portrait. About the time when she will look like that again when we are finally... finally... having regular and proper hot three-way marital relations. ~ ~ Crazy in the head, great in bed. ~ ~ By this I mean that there is obviously a Divine reason why both Madonna and Demi Moore are so fascinated by old Jewish traditions. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEGRO NOTES: Turns out Roof was right about the niggers raping drugged-out white woman, according to: ~ ~ The only problem is, he forgot to say why. ~ ~ PS CLYDE: The prophecy in REVELATION about the two witnesses appearing in the New Jerusalem of sodomite marriage and Egyptian mulatto fascism politics is not "crap". Unless and of course you voted two times for the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 just because you thought the guy was cool. Hence that 4.2 at 8:42 on INDEPENDENCE DAY down in Hippie Town, Oregon that was a sign from God about getting your mind right after 42 months of your airhead bullshit crap on late night talk radio. ~ ~ "How do you say phony?" Jerry Seinfeld, stage 9.

Monday, July 6, 2015


My 16 year-old wife who got spiritually knocked up by another older-man stranger in AN EDUCATION is this same lost and unknown virgin girl at: ~ ~ This is my opinion right now because last night I dreamed that I went to the BIG TIME BREWERY in the U District for a pint after my 1996 screening at the VARSITY. Wherein Princess Di died during the show in a horrific underground Paris car crash along with her Egyptian lover from [Joel] Cairo. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CAREY: I hope that you don't mind if I AM is making everything look really sexy right now. ~ ~ JUST FOR MEN NOTES: Here is what the end to reformed Mormonism means at: ~ ~ CAMERON CROWE BAR JIMMY-IT NOTES: Those Italian restaurant [Ringo] scenes in BOOGIE NIGHTS represent Jimmy Fallon at that swanky Italian New York restaurant in LA. ~ ~ OLYMPIC MEDAL NOTES: The steel bust of that handsome woman standing on the desk next to Dirk Diggler's gold medal trophecies was a B.C. venue WORLD CUP lesbian victory thing timeline. ~ ~ 42 MONTHS NOTES: July 20, 2012 in Aurora, Colored started the 42 months 16-plex theater-9 countdown to the 1260 days January 20 anniversary to 1.20.16. ~ ~ "When I went back to Denver to visit the old neighborhood where I grew up, it was completely overrun by niggers." "When I was growing up there, we didn't give a shit one way or the other about the niggers and the spicks and the oakies. It was the [BLAZZING SADDLES] Jews who really got under our skin." Leslie Winn. ~ ~ PS LAURENCE PIERSON AND ORNELLA FRESH: Both of you two sexy 29ish swinger bitches know what you need to do now to make everything alright again, circa 1974. ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: How about a boogie nights follow-up show where you interview singles like me who had recently signed up at ? Of course, you would want to tease up the angle about their various weirdo sex experiences on their first dates, etc. ~ ~ Correct me if I AM is wrong; but is there anyone else out there right now on MIDNIGHT COWBOY radio who is doing this?

Sunday, July 5, 2015


I heard Austin Power's MING TEA band playing their smash hit THE BBC during my afternoon delight nap yesterday. So that night I watched AP:II. The one where we see mother Gisele Bundchen in the hotel lobby pushing a tram. Who later tries to have her precious little Mini Me shoot me in the neck with a poisonous dart. Because Jeff Bezos' name is a word play on my boss in the 1999 movie named Basil. Hence on the Brazil globe shot in the JERRY SPRINGER SHOW scenario featuring all of those white Nazis in South Carolina who are now burning down the negro churches down there. ~ ~ Meanwhile, the time portal temple veil is unveiled in the SEATTLE SPACE NEEDLE where they made my all time favorite Elivs Presley movie. "IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLDS FAIR [In King County.] was the best movie that I ever made." The King. ~ ~ See what I'm saying at:'s_Fair ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Note the January 12 two witnesses birth date, the leather throne; yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NYT READER NOTES. President Boy/d See Packer died at the too old age of 90 on the 1260 days 7.3 anniversary of Ephraim for the NYT issue no. 56,916, day 1260 Judah. Talk about being half Jewish and half Ephraimite. Looks like it is now time for THE LOST BOYS of Israel to grow up and start acting like men. In other words, the easy-living Mitt Romney was whining like a little girl about The Donald telling it like it is when it comes to the gold member card golf club Republican Party sponsorship of illegal aliens invading white Israelite America in the latter-days in EZE.38. ~ ~ 700 CLUB NOTES: The way I see it, the only realistic alternative to modern born again Vermont icecream fascism is explained in THE SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS. Where today's Jews, queers, and niggers are not welcome to join the highly "restricted" club. ~ ~ See Stanley Kubrick's last movie. Wherein Nicole Kidman got so sick and tired of her spiritually dwarfed husband, that their weirdo freak-show marriage finally died at the same time that the short Jew director of the same temple veil movie died in England. Think Charlize Theron suddenly ghosted Sean Penn, when she saw something. ~ ~ PS MIKE MYERS AND JIM CARREY: Stop making excuses for being so lazy, and get back to work. The hour is late, and the screenplay offers are starting to pile up on my desk. I don't know how much longer I AM is going to be able to put off my money people. ~ ~ Sooner or later, everyone including me, has to put up or shut up. ~ ~ BRITISH PRESS NOTES: Trump is trumping all of the silly game-playing white boys in the Jimmy Fall/on Jew York media right now. Not because he is calling Mexican darkies rapists and murderers. ~ ~ But because he is saying that there are a lot of illegal aliens who hate America who are crossing the border from Mexico. ~ ~ Therefore, when I become the King of England, you all will become my sex slave bitches who will do anything that I say. ~ ~ Talk about some illegal alien stud fucker from the west taking over London because everybody was just too weak to stop me. And most of them were so bored out of their minds by now that they liked it anyway. ~ ~ The fact that I studied Russian for three years at Roosevelt High in Seattle is a plus too; according to today's developing Ukraine situation on those underground bunker military monitors in AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO FUCKED ME:II, 1999.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Dirk Diggler whispers "I know who Ringo is..." at the very end of the BOOGIE NIGHTS credits. Sounding exactly like Jimmy Fallon's voice on today's various late-nights talk shows. ~ ~ Hence, the iconic film's gold plated naked transsexual ladies holding up their Greek sports gold medals right after we see that painting of a very athletic Bruce Jenner in his private shag pad chambers at about 1:07:... minutes. ~ ~ In confirmation of the high society SLC, UT savior of the OLYMPICS inviting Christie and Rubio to his White Mountains retreat in New Hampshire. Who represent posibly the two most out of shape and undesirable candidates to lead the Republican Tea Party. ~ ~ Where some still say, "Live free or die." As opposed to say, free medicine for everybody so that nobody has to face reality and die. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HAND OF GOD NOTES: Everyone, left and right, has blood on their hands in the tragic crazy-person white flour and white sugar donut shop scene in BOOGIE NIGHTS meets YES MAN. ~ ~ For example, the star of ERASERHEAD was killed in a donut shop in Pasadena, California.

Friday, July 3, 2015


Jimmy Fallon got his [ROOTS band] guitar finger pulled out by it's roots when his symbolic vagina wedding ring token got stuck on that cream&sugar coffee table in LOST HIGHWAY. Hence, the porno movie ending to the BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy where Dirk Diggler finally answers the above question in 2015. ~ ~ When the NBC whore tells The Don that, "'re embarrassing me." ~ ~ This being his plane crash confession figure in ALMOST FAMOUS who claimed to respect the Troy, Mississippi roots of the STILLWATER band from Troy, Michigan. ~ ~ In confirmation of THE GREATFUL DEAD's last concert in Chicago. Where the term 'mob ring' originated. ~ ~ Oh yeah, monogamy is gay, "I hope to get married some day." Ellen Page. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Your classic 1970s 60s era song lyrics that go " she's in me." were about the future time when you would have a homosexual spirit inside of you. ~ ~ Dude, I like you. I just don't like the devil inside of you; Barack Obama, same thing. ~ ~ Which is the same reason why Charlie-Charlie Theron suddenly dropped Sean Penn like a hot plate. Even though he had an uncircumcised fake-prop cock the size of Florida; just like Dirk Digger sports in BOOGIE NIGHTS. ~ ~ Remember, when all of those aging overweight female reporters saw Obama's long and skinny brown look alike cock on his campaign jet in 2008, they saw it as a sign from god that they should switch-hit their vote from Hillary to him. ~ ~ Now wonder that we see a prophetic physical transfiguration portrait of Gov. Jerry Brown hanging in the judges' chambers in Anderson's BOOGIE NIGHTS, circa 1983. ~ ~ Talk about cheap trick magic act endings; now he is bald, and then now he is not. ~ ~ PS MILEY: Paul Anderson also seems to have a pretty good handle on the rock music era of Janis Joplin; no surprise there. However, you might want to hold out until you get a call from you know who in London. ~ ~ If nothing else, that is where the big money is these days. ~ ~ Thank God that the UK never joined the EU; financially speaking. ~ ~ PRIVATE JOURNAL NOTES: Apparently that half Jew fuck screenwriter via St.Paul, Minn who wrote the screenplay about my half Jew life entitled ADAPTATION, also wrote the highly praised and hated sequel to my life called SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK. ~ ~ So many friends, so little time to watch all of their really good and inspired movies. ~ ~ For example, that is a transfigured Matthew Perry at the end of BOOGIE NIGHTS, 1997. Who just wants to like me and act like me and fill in my shoes for me until something better comes along. Even after I had treated him so rudely for being such an idiot. ~ ~ ME ME ME NOTES: Whenever the me me me themes on this blog get to be a bit too sickening; just remember that I AM is role playing the same 'Jesse' character lyrics in the same big rip off scenes towards the end of BOOGIE NIGHTS meets MATCH POINT, London. ~ ~ PS JERRY LEWIS: God inspired you to play it way over the top in order to Providentially pave the way for me to make anything that I want to make when it comes to me making movies with teenage girls who will do anything to be in the movies. ~ ~ And no, I am not Jesus. I just play him in the movies. ~ ~

Thursday, July 2, 2015


The real reason why Sandy is still bitching about women getting hunted down while on beaxh safari in Africa, just because they were too old and fat to be wearing skinny bikinis, is because she does not believe in the upcoming physical transfiguration. ~ ~ Never mind that that is a wonderful 1976+ physical transfiguration portrait of today's Greek Olympic champion homosexual named Bruce Jenner in the BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy at about 1:06:30 minutes. ~ ~ And she is still blind sided to the fact that that is Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh who are watching THE MOTHER OF WHORES in action in REV.17 at 36:38 minutes. ~ ~ So what, I get major wood every time I watch an Ellen Page movie; especially the earlier ones. ~ ~ That's no reason to get jealous of the younger ladies who will be starring in my first video movies. ~ ~ "I got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key..." So let's get together some time real soon, says Roller Girl. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CRAIG'S LIST NOTES: The Divine magic of finding a used David Lynch SONY video camera at a physical reality garage/moving sale experience is that you get it for 1/3 of it's listed used market value. And don't forget to look around for the extra lights kit that goes with it. ~ ~ Anyone who would have these kind of things sitting on the grass in their weekend yard sale probably never even go to ~ ~ Much less know who the fuck is David Lynch or Paul Anderson, et al. ~ ~ All that they could possibly know is that all the home movies video stuff was once owned by one of their crazy bachelor renters who suddenly ran out on them after he ran out of money.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


That FDR era baseball stadium blaze in Hippie Town, Oregon happened at 20th and Oak Street. In confirmation of my Love Bug VW dream about an atomic bomb explosion that killed 10,000,000 people in Oak Town; metaphorically speaking. Because there ain't that much difference between literally and physically dying; and spiritually and intellectually and religiously and politically dying. ~ ~ "Better dead than red..." said the midnight cowboy caller on the radio. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JIM CAREY: I understand your concerns about 666 vaccinationism. But remember, most of today's children with bipolar autistic schizophrenia behavioral problems are a result of their parents eating too much spaghetti. Besides, isn't the ongoing EZE.38 invasion of America by Jewish homosexual communist traitors and darkies the bigger issue right now? ~ ~ ISRAELITISH NOTES: That phoney lead foot black bird idol from Egypt in THE MALTESE FALCON prophecy is about the black skin cover up of the precious Jewels of Israel in 3NEPHI 24:17. Hence the ominious Russian generals Black Sea location references in the movie to the ancient Sea of Israel. Where the ten tribes of Israel settled after they escaped from their Babylonian captivity of Assyria on the road to today's fallen Damascus, DC capitol of Syria. ~ ~ PRIVATE SWISS BANK NOTES: Of course, every one of the middleast leaders who escape the horrors of the false prophet in REV.16 have already deposited all of their money in the Bahamas, etc. Per my recent dream about Catherine Zeta-Jones barely escaping from her half Jew fucker husband with only 40 big ones. Which represented only a paltry 10% of his former wealth. Because like just like Jennifer Garner's ex husband, he gambled it all away on a dream. ~ ~ LAST NIGHT NOTES: God said that a BOOGIE NIGHTS sequel would be an important part of my born again career as a wannabe 1980s filmmaker.