Monday, July 6, 2015


My 16 year-old wife who got spiritually knocked up by another older-man stranger in AN EDUCATION is this same lost and unknown virgin girl at: ~ ~ This is my opinion right now because last night I dreamed that I went to the BIG TIME BREWERY in the U District for a pint after my 1996 screening at the VARSITY. Wherein Princess Di died during the show in a horrific underground Paris car crash along with her Egyptian lover from [Joel] Cairo. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CAREY: I hope that you don't mind if I AM is making everything look really sexy right now. ~ ~ JUST FOR MEN NOTES: Here is what the end to reformed Mormonism means at: ~ ~ CAMERON CROWE BAR JIMMY-IT NOTES: Those Italian restaurant [Ringo] scenes in BOOGIE NIGHTS represent Jimmy Fallon at that swanky Italian New York restaurant in LA. ~ ~ OLYMPIC MEDAL NOTES: The steel bust of that handsome woman standing on the desk next to Dirk Diggler's gold medal trophecies was a B.C. venue WORLD CUP lesbian victory thing timeline. ~ ~ 42 MONTHS NOTES: July 20, 2012 in Aurora, Colored started the 42 months 16-plex theater-9 countdown to the 1260 days January 20 anniversary to 1.20.16. ~ ~ "When I went back to Denver to visit the old neighborhood where I grew up, it was completely overrun by niggers." "When I was growing up there, we didn't give a shit one way or the other about the niggers and the spicks and the oakies. It was the [BLAZZING SADDLES] Jews who really got under our skin." Leslie Winn. ~ ~ PS LAURENCE PIERSON AND ORNELLA FRESH: Both of you two sexy 29ish swinger bitches know what you need to do now to make everything alright again, circa 1974. ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: How about a boogie nights follow-up show where you interview singles like me who had recently signed up at ? Of course, you would want to tease up the angle about their various weirdo sex experiences on their first dates, etc. ~ ~ Correct me if I AM is wrong; but is there anyone else out there right now on MIDNIGHT COWBOY radio who is doing this?

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