Sunday, July 5, 2015


I heard Austin Power's MING TEA band playing their smash hit THE BBC during my afternoon delight nap yesterday. So that night I watched AP:II. The one where we see mother Gisele Bundchen in the hotel lobby pushing a tram. Who later tries to have her precious little Mini Me shoot me in the neck with a poisonous dart. Because Jeff Bezos' name is a word play on my boss in the 1999 movie named Basil. Hence on the Brazil globe shot in the JERRY SPRINGER SHOW scenario featuring all of those white Nazis in South Carolina who are now burning down the negro churches down there. ~ ~ Meanwhile, the time portal temple veil is unveiled in the SEATTLE SPACE NEEDLE where they made my all time favorite Elivs Presley movie. "IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLDS FAIR [In King County.] was the best movie that I ever made." The King. ~ ~ See what I'm saying at:'s_Fair ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Note the January 12 two witnesses birth date, the leather throne; yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NYT READER NOTES. President Boy/d See Packer died at the too old age of 90 on the 1260 days 7.3 anniversary of Ephraim for the NYT issue no. 56,916, day 1260 Judah. Talk about being half Jewish and half Ephraimite. Looks like it is now time for THE LOST BOYS of Israel to grow up and start acting like men. In other words, the easy-living Mitt Romney was whining like a little girl about The Donald telling it like it is when it comes to the gold member card golf club Republican Party sponsorship of illegal aliens invading white Israelite America in the latter-days in EZE.38. ~ ~ 700 CLUB NOTES: The way I see it, the only realistic alternative to modern born again Vermont icecream fascism is explained in THE SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS. Where today's Jews, queers, and niggers are not welcome to join the highly "restricted" club. ~ ~ See Stanley Kubrick's last movie. Wherein Nicole Kidman got so sick and tired of her spiritually dwarfed husband, that their weirdo freak-show marriage finally died at the same time that the short Jew director of the same temple veil movie died in England. Think Charlize Theron suddenly ghosted Sean Penn, when she saw something. ~ ~ PS MIKE MYERS AND JIM CARREY: Stop making excuses for being so lazy, and get back to work. The hour is late, and the screenplay offers are starting to pile up on my desk. I don't know how much longer I AM is going to be able to put off my money people. ~ ~ Sooner or later, everyone including me, has to put up or shut up. ~ ~ BRITISH PRESS NOTES: Trump is trumping all of the silly game-playing white boys in the Jimmy Fall/on Jew York media right now. Not because he is calling Mexican darkies rapists and murderers. ~ ~ But because he is saying that there are a lot of illegal aliens who hate America who are crossing the border from Mexico. ~ ~ Therefore, when I become the King of England, you all will become my sex slave bitches who will do anything that I say. ~ ~ Talk about some illegal alien stud fucker from the west taking over London because everybody was just too weak to stop me. And most of them were so bored out of their minds by now that they liked it anyway. ~ ~ The fact that I studied Russian for three years at Roosevelt High in Seattle is a plus too; according to today's developing Ukraine situation on those underground bunker military monitors in AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO FUCKED ME:II, 1999.

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