Wednesday, July 15, 2015


If our Lord and Savior is Jewish, and he is, why not have the Devil be Jewish? ~ ~ Talk about great and compelling dramatic structure theater in such Jewish made movies as DEATH TRAP and ROSEMARY'S BABY. ~ ~ Like just confirmed by that Elton John ROCKET MAN plant explosion near Priest Lake, Idaho. That represents the AP:II rocket man sequel that had a scene about demonic homogaysexual possession that called for " old priest and a young priest." In order to have the older values of sexual chastity rejuvenated by today's younger hot three-way marital sex values set? ~ ~ IRRATIONAL MAN meets THE BIG LEWDBOWSKI?.. Not in your wildest dreams. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: You are standing only ten feet in front of the easy target. Yet all of your arrows are still shooting way over the top. ~ ~ PS GERALDO RIVERA: You too are standing only ten feet away from the target. Yet your arrows are landing in the grass right below it. ~ ~ Just a thought for both of you guys; more Rush Limbaugh, less Howard Stern. ~ ~ In other words; take all of the dirt in your bedrooms and move it over to the other side of your bedrooms. ~ ~ That goes for you too Madonna; more sweet virgin, less sour lesbian. ~ ~ PS GUS VAN SANT: There is a very rational reason why you look like Elton John at:,204,203,200_.jpg ~ ~ Call me if you need any money from me for your next project. Especially if it co-stars Justin Beiber as James Dean, per: ~ I'm not a big believer in throwing young money after old money. ~ ~ PS RUSH: The only big deal out there right now is Barack Obama's fake birth certificate and illegal alien type unconstitutional Social Security number. Everything else is just rightwing talk-radio multimillionaire neo-con rhetoric.

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