Saturday, July 25, 2015


Barack Obama's I-44 zone marks off the Broken Arrow location inside of the REV.16 state that is shaped like a blood dripping meat cleaver at: ~ ~ I guess if Geraldo Rivera is not willing to report the truth about Obama visiting the African country where he was born, then someone else will have to pick up the slack for him. ~ ~ Hence that ALONE RANGER shooter showed up at a 16-plex in Lafayette, LA; located along the ten virgins wedding prophecy down in garfish Long Island, New York country. ~ ~ Personally, I don't know anyone from that area. With the exception of Jack Simpson; who now lives in Twin Peaks, Washinton, a.k.a. North Bend. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FLASH NOTES: Never flash me the GSR/TWN index finger gang sign again if you are not willing to spread your legs and let my 13" cock destroy you, like at: ~ ~ Note the booz bottle in a brown paper nut sack in RISKY BUSINESS. Where all of those South African American niggers get off the train after they see me hooking up with Paris Hilton [resort hotel and casino]. ~ ~ PS HOLLYWOOD: You refuse to make my 10% client Justin Beiver into a major motion picture movie star, a LA James Dean, you force me into making Roger Corman type PLAN B b-movie horror films. Most of which will probably be made on the cheap and down low at some run down pictures studio location outside of London, England. In the general same area where both Elizabeth Hurley and Elton John currently own organic pig farm property. Not to mention Prince Charles, the current Crown Prince of England, who dies metaphorically on the electrocution chair throne trilogies in KING RALPH meets SPLITTING HEIRS meets GUILTY AS CHARGED, at: ~ ~ I realize that I AM is looking a bit older in my last film that was made when I was the same age as today. When I unmercifully send that inheritantly unhonest nigger figure to die in the electric iPAD chair in my basement lair below the meat cleaver slaughterer house of white Israel. ~ ~ And then I go over to the TOSCANA restaurant for a glass of blood red shiraz steak wine to go with their famous fresh-caught anchovies anti pasto plate. [Not to be confused with that cheap canned fish shit soaked in salt and olive oil.]

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