Saturday, July 18, 2015


God how I hope that Jennifer Aniston is lying about not fucking my Joey forerunner figure on FRIENDS, at: ~ ~ What do I have left in this life? If I can't look forward to fucking her extremely fine 29ish ass and her girlfriend's ass too in the near future? ~ ~ What am I, chopped liver? ~ ~ Remember, I AM not God. I AM just a regular guy, according to my own private prophecy in REV.19 and 2BC:91. ~ ~ The 5'6"" Tom Cruise was only 19 when he made RISKY BUSINESS and all that. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POPE A DOPE NOTES: Mel Gibson is staying at his producer's mansion in Australia that looks like the DOME OF THE ROCK in Jerusalem, at: ~ ~ Which explains Barack Obama's atomic bomb deal with Iran. ~ ~ In other words, you set off a few A-bombs in America, even the New Jerusalem, and then those Jew fuck assholes in the liberal media stop calling me a white superman race style Olympics Nazi. Just because I believe that white people are better than black people. ~ ~ And then maybe even that queer-ass sounding Third-way seven hills pope in fascist ROMA will start to understand that the capitalist excesses in RISKY BUSINESS can only be addressed by the United Order credit union at ~ ~ PS MEL: Your former Danite lover was/is the very same DRUGSTORE COWBOY [RX] prescription to my own immature obsessions with my icy planet 9 exwife from France. Who was then featured in 1983's RISKY BUSINESS movie in the transfigured form of Paris Hilton. Around the same time that you were getting your breaks in the motion picture business. ~ ~ PS MILEY CYRUS AND JUSTIN BEIBER: I want to be in business with both of you two. ~ ~ Hence I want both of you to start fucking each other now on a professional three-way-screen-test level.~ ~ Call it a casting couch situation, whatever. Typically, I would never drop 20, 25, 30, big ones into a full-length movie that my rich wives were paying for if I could not get like a gazillion dollars in free Internet Instagram viral publicity. ~ ~ I mean think about. ~ ~ Who would want to be married to a man who does not respect you and your money? ~ ~ Been there, done that. ~ ~ PS BRUCE: They gave you that Arthur Ashe ESPY trophy on gay tv because his idol statue at the USA OPEN venue in Flushing, Queens, NY looks like a light skinned mulatto on the down low prophecy; circa 2015. ~ ~ PS SANDY: Do you want some handsome 29ish stud to get so excited about fucking you in all three of your sexy holes for your money; or for who you are in the long run? ~ ~

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