Thursday, July 23, 2015


I had a flash vision of an antique pistol with silver bullets lying beside it on a table. So I picked up DRACULA 2000 at PISTOL ANNIE'S; because it is about a fundamentalist Mormon polygamist who is going to take back my Branch Davidian bloodline wives of Israel. ~ ~ And if you think that I AM is kidding, check out some of Clyde Lewis' past midnight cowboy AM talk-radio shows out of Portland, Oregon that are obviously about my vampire blood cleansing youth cult based in London, England. ~ ~ Where God himself is going to reclaim his two sons of Judah and Ephraim even if he, "... has to kill every motherfucker in the room..." with his Russian made AK47. ~ ~ Think JACKIE BROWN meets EATING RAUOL. ~ ~ Here is a good example of what is mine and not yours, at: ~ ~ Any questions? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS GAWKER: I know what you not-cool guys were trying to do. So why not turn the table on all of those old men in high society, who have become too weak and too bland, and send one of your more youthful journalists over to interview the naive dirty-face masses in Kenya this weekend? Who obviously are so thrilled to death that a humble man with a genuine 1961 British territory hospital birth certificate was born in their country and then miraculously became the President of America. ~ ~ PS GLENN BECK: According to the spoken word relations at, you are going to have to be baptized again. ~ ~ Physically, spiritually, politically, financially speaking. ~ ~ Of course, you already know this. I'm just saying this for the sake of my Jewish readers, and your own Dallas, Texas based Messianic Jew listeners, yada yada. ~ ~ PS VAN BROOKS: Here's the deal, take it or leave it. You make a few indie features in the Bay Area on XXX video for around two big ones each, costarring Ken Keisler, I don't care if they make a profit or not. ~ ~ I just wanna have fun now.

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