Friday, July 31, 2015


Let's not kid ourselves. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Israelitish blood line birthism. ~ ~ Which means that that old communist Jew born in Brooklyn, now based in New Berlin, Vermont, doesn't stand a chance against the really white looking Trumpster; until and unless he goes full out Orthodox birther. ~ ~ There is not, nor ever has been, any long lasting career success substitute for the truth in this life, like at: ~ ~ See Michael Medved's all time favorite movie about the two lost tribes of Israel trees born in America if you do not believe me at at: ~ ~ Think RADIO DAYS meets BROADWAY DANNY ROSE meets THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KEN: Jesus says that it's now high time to cash out of your business and your house investment in San Francisco's Roosevelt area for top dollar. And then get into the indie film internet movie business back up in Seattle. Where you belong for now anyway. ~ ~ I mean think about it. Bernie Sanders wants us to go back to the 1950s era of 90% taxation anyway. When one could buy a million dollar yatch on Lake Union and then right it off on some phoney depreciation business investment scheme for seven years; thereby paying no federal taxes. No wonder that the white anticommunist middle class had it so good back then. ~ ~ In terms of decent paying wage jobs and affordable housing. ~ ~ And not wanting to be around all of those irritating Jews while they were trying to relax on the greens at their country clubs. ~ ~ I never did think that much of Ronald Reagan's crazy ideas about illiminating most depreciation schedule tax reductions. ~ ~ Why pay a reduced rate of federal income taxes when you didn't have to be paying any post-depreciation rate federal taxes to speak of in the first place? ~ ~ Which is about the same simple minded christian nonsense as saying that you believe in Jesus, but not the BM. ~ ~ Oh yeah, no crazy women allowed in the voting booth either. Unless that is they hold title to property.

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