Thursday, July 30, 2015


The day I found a used copy of THE LONE RANGER for $2.99 at THE CHECKOUT. A van full of apostate African American Christians from Gary crashed due west of the Indian medicine wheel landmark on my map in Indiana. ~ ~ Need I mention that this happened at the end of Barack Obama's tour of Africa? ~ ~ And that huge old pine tree beside the children's sports stadium and museum fell down on top of all of those Asian kids during the SPECIAL OLYMPICS? ~ ~ Spank you very much, Mitt Romney. ~ ~ I AM got only to the end of the second act last night. But I can already tell that the much maligned movie is about today's pussy whipped passivist Mormons in Utah who finally get over their polite society naïveté and start taking care of business. ~ ~ Think Kenny Kemp meets Bruce Troxell meets Clyde Lewis, and you start to get the big picture. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIG PICTURE NOTES: Here is that other negro Darke County confirmation about an apostate christian church van trainwreck at: ~ ~ DRIVER'S SEAT NOTES: The driver of the church van in Indiana had a two toned face [mask-era] makeup job like my side kick Tonto has in the above remake [BATMAN BEGINS] prequel. ~ ~ NAZI MEDICINE NOTES: The reason why 6,666,666 Jews were gassed by the 666 Nazis is because most of them were supporting the 666 forerunner to today's new and improved Planned Parenthood 666 beast. That then became the inspiration behind the new and improved 666 beast behind today's Jewish based Democrat Party fascism. ~ ~ Therefore, any time that Clyde Lewis et al start feeling the heat, they always go back to thier original UFO Christianity roots. Which only makes things worse.

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