Sunday, July 12, 2015


Sunday's NYT no.56,925 issue posted their classic Italian sports car gift to me right next to TIFFANY's traditional page 2 opening statement. This being the "cut to" scene in BOOGIE NIGHTS right after I tell Jackie that I can do it again if he needs a close up cum shot. ~ ~ No big deal. You too could fuck like a champ two times in a row in one night if you were like me aand had my kind of mojo-money, like at: ~ ~ Fuck it. ~ ~ Now I have to forgive my exwife for fucking that Steven Hughes look alike kid with the 10-speed race bike in RISKY BUSINESS. ~ ~ I mean this shit goes way back to 1983. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ I AM LIKE GOD NOTES: The beauty of Mormonism is the knowledge that we will be like God some day. Complete with the Austin, Texas powers to eat out and fuck 100 hot young wives at a time. ~ ~ I know, hard to believe. ~ ~ All of those homogaysexualish apostate monogamist Christians with the short Nazi haircuts, like Glenn Beck, still are holding that tall skinny-ass [Paul Nestor meets Woody Norris] mormon polygamist prophet in a Texas jail just because he liked to fuck two 16-year-virgins to the max. ~ ~ Guess we're just gonna have to do something about that, aren't we now. ~ ~ PS MISS MONTANA: That real estate scam scene at the end of DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRALS was your clue to buy up all of those left-over dropped-out properties in that symbolic United Order David Lettermqn type development paradise for fly fishermen; located outside of Yellowstone.

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