Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Apparently the prophetic 1260-1290-1335 days Mr.Relf composite character in THE BIG LEWBOSKI prophecy is now running the show behind the scenes at: ~ Works for me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ Some nigger bitch named Sandra just David Lynched herself in a Texas jail in confirmation of Sandra Bullock's bullshit rip off movie about racist cops, entitled CRASH. Which is actually now starting to look more like a fairly reasonable and well thought out homage to the original CRASH movie made up in Toronto, Canada. ~ ~ Hey, all is well that ends well. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ Hope I'm not repeating myself too much now. But after a thousand videos of uppity misbehaving niggers getting beaten by worn out and fed up law enforcement officers; isn't it time to just shit-can the entire Civil Rights Act of 1964 and start all over again? ~ ~ PS TRUMP: Those of us who are smarter than most everyone else know that, "There is nothing controversial about you." [ALMOST FAMOUS] ~ ~ TOP TEN VIRGINS LIST: My newly revised and improved list for the most wise and smartest people in the world would have to include Cara Delevigne, Adriana Lima, Ornella Fresh, Neve Campbell, Elizabeth Hurley, and absolutely every single VICTORIA'S SECRET model that is in the 18 to 29 range. ~ ~ OUT OF AFRICA NOTES: Obama's visit to the land where he was born will put the final 42 months nail into the coffin of modern Mormonism apostate christian republican party religionism. ~ ~ Mark my words. ~ ~ This is what all of those blood cleansing vampire films made by HAMMER FILMS were all about. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Your fabulous estate in the beautiful English countryside, where they made my original [MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO] winter season prophecy called THE INVISIBLE MAN, stands for the time when you will finally join the SCIENTOLOGY cult of confessionism. And then free your mind [clear] of all of your leprechaun dwarf possessions that are now tying you down and holding you back from any kind of an ETERNAL HAPPINESS OF THE MIND exsitance that lasts for more than, like, ten years at most.

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