Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Here is that portrait of Bruce Jenner in BOOGIE NIGHTS, at: ~ ~ Call me a pervert. So many hot young chicks who love to fuck to the max, so little time. ~ ~ No wonder that the first porn theater film that I ever saw in 1976 was located on the Woodward Ave. commercial strip going out to the Bloomfield [7] Hills, Michigan area. Where both the filthy rich Madonna, and the filthy rich Mitt Romney grew up. ~ ~ No wonder that the two good looking PC bitches have so much in common with Barack Obama and Jeff Bezos when it comes to hating the blond haired blue eyed rather tall Donald Trump. ~ ~ Obviously, Trump is mostly Jewish. And the Jewish race is intellectually and spiritually superior in tall stature above-and-beyond all other nations, peoples, and tongues. ~ ~ Not to mention better looking. ~ ~ At least that is what it clearly says in the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ Think Gisele Bundchen meets Adriana Lima in bed with Jeff Goldblum and you get the inspired Woody Allen picture. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 666 NOTES: Aurora [Colorado] is the Roman goddess of the dawn [beginning day] who is featured in Barack Obama's iconic third way fascism campaign posters. Which is why today's apostate pagan Sun/day Pope of ROMA comes from Madonna's sexy [hard-ass woman with-a-good-heart] Evitavilla. Who is righteously homophobic and pro life but still has a satanic multimillionaire infatuation with Michael Moore and Mel Gibson style Marxism. ~ ~ PANIC ATTACK NOTES: Two nights ago in the middle of the night I had a Clyde Lewis type panic attack. Then Mike assured me that everything is going to be alright. Wherein I have enough pocket money for now from my Mel Gibson contract movie deal that I get to stay at Sandy's Tudor apartments in MULHOLLAND DR. without having to bother her for money.

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