Thursday, July 20, 2017


Metaphorically speaking, the sooner that Dr. Trump cuts out that Jewish brain tumor problem at the DOJ, the better off we will all be. ~ And by 'we' I mean we Americans. ~ And not those other people who are not like us. ~ As just confirmed by the new Samantha Power news that confirms the Moon Unit Zappa political suicide scenario in AP:II. ~ Where the two look alike Austin Powers role play the two witnesses and put an end to the world of Dr.Evil's [too lazy to shop white people] and save the sexy blond white girl. ~ See: ~ GSR/TWN ~ POWER NOTES: The redhead Ms Power does look like Kathy Griffin from almost every conceivable angle possible, at: ~ PS ROSIE: That is yours truly, the Scottish 1960s 007 secret blogger agent swinger. ~ Who bumps into the future Barack Obama while trying to escape from Dr.Evil's private volcano island henchmen. ~ So he slips into some tourists paradise island trap for rich white people. ~ Where we see Rihanna dancing on fire for a few measly tips and the occasional $20 bonus trick on the side; just to put a little food on the table for the rest of her family. ~ So where did I go wrong with you? ~ Plus, like you, and she also likes the girls that I like. ~ Throw me a bone. ~ I need the info. ~


There will be another yuuuge two weeks notice firing event on the upcoming eve of the very flexable Sandra Bullock's birthday. ~ Who costarred with Hugh Grant in TWO WEEKS NOTICE as the personal lawyer and chief assistant apprentice of a NYC real estate billionaire developer. ~ Complete with Russian oligarch size yacht and a very tall building penthouse. ~ Which was ultimately about her giving up on yours truly; but then she comes back to me once she gets her head on straight. ~ "Life just keeps getting better... "Come to Butthead..." 1993-1996. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NEVE CAMPBELL: Your prophetic indie film about you letting an Italian billionaire fuck you , for the right amount of tax free cash money, was a President Trump era thing. ~ Remember, Mike Tyson is a big time Trump supporter. ~

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


A friend and I drove up to the Green Water River area's shooting pit to try out the new hair-pin trigger on his SIG AR. ~ Where we encountered two Arab speaking guys trying out their new Bulgarian AK 47 with a 40-round banana clip; using a 6' black rock for a target at about 100 yards. ~ And when I got back home, I read that Megan McCain had called her father " rock, my hero..." ~ Because Trump said during the 2016 campaign that John McCain was no great military hero just because he survived a 666 prisoner of war camp in North Vietnam until he was set free some 6+years later by President Richard Nixon. ~ Who was the President of America for about six years. ~ Plus, up at the firing range, the surname 'TRUMP' was spray painted in orange on all of the surrounding boulders. ~ In other words, McCain was hogging most of the glory to himself; and not giving enough of it to the Rock of Peter. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WORD NOTES: Read the prophetic words to this Vietnam era song at: ~ REMINDER NOTES: Jesus was crucified on his 34th 4.06 birthday and rose from the dead three and a half days later on 4.10; i.e. 4.09 in BM time. ~ PS JENNY: Your phony politics husband who comes from a well established Wash. DC family of short Jewish lawyers looks like a 29ish Richard Nixon, like at: ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: You were born on 1.21 because of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE's number 121 episode in 1971. ~


In AP:II, Dr.Evil tells the born again 1969 President Rich Nixon that for just $100 B he can fix his Paul Allen progressive rock project problems, at: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~ Note the WW:III hair job in the latter link to that JUST THE TWO OF US two witnesses piano number in AP:II. ~ Lyrics at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ 90/10 DEAL NOTES: Back during THE TWILIGHT ZONE era, the Jews in Hollywood got 90% of every small town theater's box office. ~ And the FDR era Jews at the IRS got 90% of every millionaire's annual income. ~ PS MARCRON: The problem with France's economy can be fixed with a quick 180 degree turn around in your tax structure. ~ Ergo, industry keeps the same percentage of money that the state is now keeping. ~ And the state keeps the same percentage of money that businesses are now getting. ~ What would you have to lose anyway? ~ Government revenues would remain about the same. ~ Plus the entire nation would just have a more positive outlook on life. ~ "Everyone in France is so negative [taxation] these days." My expatriot Frenchie exwife Laurence Pierson. ~ AP:II DVD NOTES: My old worn out 1999 copy of AP:II has my future fuck buddy wife Madonna role playing a 29 year-old babe at some physical transfiguration [SHAMPOO] fuck film happening at the Scotish PLAYBOY castle in LA; circa 2017. ~ Think Lindsay Lohan and Kristen Stewart are both fucking me at the same time in THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING meets TRANSYLANNIA 6-5000. ~ Yeah, really. ~ President Trump's current third rock wife comes from the very same area where the latter movie is supposed to be happening, like at: ~

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


America's Greek Roman Republican Senate in DC failed to repeal Obamacare on the same weekend that the dark skinned gentiles started to riot at the [1290 radio days, 8.2.96] desecrated Temple Mount in Jerusalem. ~ Which is why the more light skinned LAmanites at the LA TIMES are blaming the white man in the White House. ~ And not all of those gangsta darkies in East LA who have been in a bloody protracted civil war with each other ever since the MTV 80s. ~ And now, thanks to the abomination of desolation, the battle front has moved to South Chicago. ~ ~ "Better red [state] than dead." Hubert Humphrey. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DANIEL 9 NOTES: America's lying Jews made Trump say that Iran is in full compliance in the same way that the Jewish liars in the media made him say that Obama was born in Hawaii. ~Now see what is really happening in the real news world at: ~ BLUES BROTHERS NOTES: I entered the D&C 4 mission field on January 23, 1971 when I boarded a 727 at BOEING FIELD in Seattle; located right next to THE RED BARON restaurant. ~ Which happened to be the exact same day that the 121st episode of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE aired, entitled THE FIELD. ~ Think Burt Reynolds fucked Sally Field at least two times a day, almost every day, on the set of SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, at: ~ BLOODLINE NOTES: Senator John McCain's blood clot operation needed to happen because he was never that interested in the bloodline of Israel prophecies in EZE.38 etc. ~


Carl Bernstein is still trying to blame today's rather ominous WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S:III situation on the alt-right-wing. ~ In other words, like Larry King and Bob Redford, Bernstein continues to prop up the rich Bernie insurance CEO out on [JAWS meets FANTASY ISLAND] Martha's Vinyard and pretend like he is still alive and having a great time, like at: ~ Meanwhile, everybody in the silly mindless comedy audience knows that he is as dead as a door nail. ~ Think Obamacare meets Medicare. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS FRANCE: Macron will be only 49 years-old when the French start to drive out all of the Muslim snakes from their country in October of 2027. ~ Of course by then, his current old gray lady will probably be dead and gone, thank God. ~ Don't forget, my redhead [SHAMPOO] sidekick wife named Frenchie in GREASE:II kind of looks like Kathy Griffin. ~ And that's a good thing. ~ "You look so youthful." Dr.Evil; AP:II. ~ PS MEL: The reason why you made that mysterious passion of Jesus movie in a dead language that nobody could understand is because Catholic doctrine is so much like the reverse language miracles at: ~ Ergo, sometimes somebody just has to step up and tell it like it is; and damn the torpedoes, at: ~ PS KS: I'll bet you an old wrinkled dollar bill that you and your tall blond hot model girlfriend would love to suck and fuck me off camera at the same time if I looked like that; and the petty cash money was good enough for both of you. ~ I have always been a firm believer in you get what you pay for up front if you are serious. ~

Monday, July 17, 2017


That 7.7 on 7.17.17 in the REV.13 ocean east of Russia was confirmation of the fictional media's Russian spy [Ivana hump a lot] babe who works for Dr.Evil in AP:II, at: ~ Think OCEANS 11,12,13. ~ Since everyone left and right today can agree that the election of the sexy as hell Donald Trump was a major earthquake prophecy. ~ And even that WATERGATE meets THE WAY WE WERE era Jew named Bernstein had to confess after Saturday that we are now in the initial stages of the civil war earthquake in REV.16. ~ Because that muddy REV.12 flash flood in Airzone looked like the devil himself had opened the dark water gates of hell on Saturday. ~ Which is exactly what he did back when he and his filthy dirty planet ape niggers brought down the clean living Dick Nixon with a bunch of trumped media hype about him hacking the DNC's old school metal cabinet files in DC. ~ "At least there were no dead bodies in my White House scandal." Rich Nixon, refering to the now very rich Bill Clinton. ~ GSR/TWN ~


That deadly flash flood surprise roared down Ellison [woman' son] Creek and gushed into the East Verde [green] River, near Star Valley, Arizona, the day after God fired Senator McCain on the operating table with a two weeks recovery notice. ~ Who has been giving President Trump the dirty left eye ever since he sent one of his staff over to London for that fake Russian spy surprise dossier in order to get the mud on him. ~ And who continues to believe with A SERIOUS MAN face that the Jewish run Russian chess game investigation of Trump at the DOJ is actually a legitimate real life operation. ~ Ergo, the vote to streamline and improve the day 1290 abomination of desolation called Obamacare has been delayed for at least two weeks. ~ "SURPRISE SURPRISE!!" Says the blond Scotish hit man wearing a brown shirt at the end of AP:II; as he pulls out a DIRTY HARRY .44 from his home delivery package. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READER NOTES: Socialism is streamlined communism; fascism is streamlined socialism; liberalism is streamlined fascism. ~ Approximately 90% of all the world's Jews fall into one of the above 666 beast catagories in REV.13. ~ There are always the exceptions that prove the rule of course; such as Mark Levine and yours truly. ~ Which is why the WW:II Nazis had to murder at least 6,666,666 million of them in the prophetic docudrama film entitled INGLOURIOUS BASTARDS; costarring Brad Pitt er all. ~ "The whitie needs to show the blackie how to do it." Charles Manson, circa 1969; while crashing at Mike Love's shag pad up in the canyon, per: ~ AND:

Sunday, July 16, 2017


That Russian chess game assassin in AP:II named Ivana represents America's future eastern European trophy wife named Ivana Trump. ~ As just confirmed by Buzz' big red carpet MARS chocolate candy bar gala at the KENNEDY SPACE CENTER down in Florida's major penis rocket landmark that is so easily seen from outer space in AP:II. ~ Think 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN meets LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KATE HOLMES: You would be my first look alike choice if and when I ever decide to do some kind of an iconic ANNIE HALL remake update sequel prequel. ~ PS RICH GERE: I saw your new NORMAN movie on DVD at WALMART Sunday morning. ~ Don't worry, I'm thinking about it. ~

Saturday, July 15, 2017


This handsome as hell light skin negro with a Jewish surname just got the Vince Foster treatment by the secret Swiss Bank based Clinton combinations at: ~ No wonder that Barack Obama's look alike administration gave Hillary Clinton a free pass. ~ And the dirty money Jews in the alien media are pouncing all over Trump Jr. because he met with a Russian agent who claimed to have information about the Clinton's foreign bank accounts in the Hebrew "high shift" mountains of Switzerland. ~Ergo, virtually every major international banking [read financial foundation] institution in the world is Jewish owned and operated. ~ And yes, the rather tall Bill Clinton from I-40 ARK is also Jewish. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MR.RICH NOTES: My exwife's divorce attorney French missionary man was orinally from Rich County, Utah. ~ Where the REV.11 42 latitude/attitude line divides Bear Lake into a 50/50 ten virgins prophecy landmark; located below Star Valley, Wyoming, yada yada. ~ FUNNY MONEY NOTES: My three part cash money deal with Paul Allan involves him buying out Mel Gibson's church in Malibu and turning it into that mormon sex cult temple baptism font for the dead that has Miranda Kerr's heavenly 29ish image above the entrance to it in 1966's HARPER prophecy, at: ~ I never forget a face. ~ Especially when it is sucking on my hard rod of Jesse cock very slowly and gently; yet with the firm grip of an iron metal shop tool vise. ~ 911 NOTES: No shit Sherlock. ~ I only get my sweet ass 2011 green 911 ride from Ms.Green after the next 911 happens. ~ Talk about friends with benefits. ~ For example, see this 911 number at:


The never ending mounting evidence that Jeff Bezos is really and truly the prophetic fulfillment of AP:II's Dr.Evil figure based in Seattle is becoming overwhelming. ~ Wherefore, he now owns the WAPO, and the WAPO owns the AP. ~ In confirmation of AP:II's mighty line that reads, "I'm back home!" ~ [Bezos is originally from the east coast.] ~ When AP returns back to his radical 1969 roots in a new and improved LUV BUG; who are now going bananas over a white christian Scottish bastard crashing their psychedelic 19666s party at the White House. ~ And the above groovy movie's red head Kathy Griffin look alike hooks up with Dr.Evil and has a rebellious no nonsense son named Scott. ~ Or like I told Woody Allen last year before the election, "If not for Barack Obama, there never could have been a Donald Trump." ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIRTH CERTIFICATE NOTES: That 1971 Honolulu highrise fire happen the day after some Hawaii judge with dark skin ruled that any darkie with a fake birth certificate can legally enter America. ~

Friday, July 14, 2017


That double semi meets double car rear-ender that killed 6.66 people on I-65 happed near GM's CORVETTE assembly plant in Kentucky; in confirmation of Ms Shagwell's USA flag 1969 STINGRAY in AP:II, THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME. ~ Wherein Seattle's Dr.Evil invents the picture's first physical transfiguration time-machine. ~ Per the futuristic 1999 movie's Egyptian assassin shooting Seth Rich in the back two times at Flagler and W in DC. ~ Who was so well known for always wearing his USA flag shirt, pants, and sneakers at various political rallies for Bernie Sanders. ~ Think the Jewish made WEEKEND AT [rich] BERNIE'S meets the Jewish made WEEKEND AT [rich] BERNIE'S:2 where they filmed the exterior shots for the [godless paranoid left] 1966 Jewish made Joeseph McCarthyite Republican Party white man spoof entitled THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!! ~ And still to this day, the rich Jews at the DNC are continuing to act like nothing untoward had happened to the late Mr.Rich. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DR EVIL: More capitalism, less communism. ~ PS QT: Much like Steven Spielberg er all, right now I AM is getting virtually all of my up front cash money on the barrel, no questions asked, production budgets from Paul Allan. ~ So please not do or say anything that might offend him in the meantime. ~ Always give a girl a back door out.


That C-130 crashed and burned in Sunflower County, Miss on the opening day of the ALLEN & CO 7-hills summit for rich 666 liberals in Sun Valley Idaho. ~ [Read VALLEY OF THE SHADOW] ~ Which is being attended by no less than Dr. Evil himself; in confirmation of the area's Hwy.20 Craters of the Moon at Carey on the Snake River Plain. ~ "Snakes!" Jesus Christ at ~ Wherefore, Rome and Ruleville are also located in the windy river's day 1290 Sunflower County Mississippi. ~ And Sun Valley, Idaho sits on the edge of the Sawtooth Mountains. ~ Of course Bill Gates is there too; because right there is Bellevue, Idaho; south to Hailey, north of Magic City. ~ [Read HAIL CAESAR!] ~ Plus, I'm getting 10% of the action there since at least 90% of the attendees are starting to look really old and unattractive, like at: ~ God, the double chins, the flat chests, the pot bellies... Like something straight out of a MAD MAGAZINE caricature cartoon spoof, circa 1964. ~ Money talks, media bullshit walks. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READERS: The double letters spelling of 'Mississippi' is a two witnesses era motif. ~ PS QUENTIN TARANTINO: God damn, excellent choice. ~ I'm thinking Chloe Moretz plays one of Polanski's underaged plural wives, like at: ~

Thursday, July 13, 2017


She did it with Trump Jr. because she hates certain Russian billionaires who have all of that gold stacked up in an underground Swiss bank warehouse. ~ Even the same bank that payed over $2,000,000 to the Clinton foundation in the form of speaking fees, etc. so that Hillary would go easy on them being scrutinized by the IRS/DOJ/OBAMA oligarchs in DC. ~ Plus, there are no civil or criminal laws on the books against political collusion with anybody, anywhere in the world. ~ Because that would be the same thing as banning free speech, etc. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RICH FUCKER NOTES: The total amount of reward money being offered to find out who shot Seth Rich in the back is now over $500,000 and counting. ~ Yet not one dime of it is being offered the stingy Jewish run DNC. ~

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I didn't see it either. ~ Even after I searched through and through the used NYT paper at STARBUCKS on Wednesday afternoon in Bonney Lake, Washington for at least ten minutes. ~ What the fuck!? ~ Political operatives can not meet with various shady lady foreign agents who have insider information about their opponent's secret foreign bank accounts? ~ Wow! ~ TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN!, like at:!_Tie_Me_Down! ~ What the fuck in hell has happened to America? ~ The home of the free and the brave who can do whoever they want to do, anytime, anywhere. ~ Anyway, you two leading bitches on the NYC set of Spielberg's latest PAPERS movie better watch it. ~ It only takes one small incidental rewritten line of screenplay dialogue to completely change the entire direction of a movie or a TV series. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN KEMP: When you see me hotrodding around in a low-milage 2011 green 911; you will know what a complete middle-aged-crisis fool you have been for the past 23 years. ~ And I don't care who knows it. ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: After you take care of America's Jewish problem, God will allow you to enter into a limited partnership with Mel Gibson er al and buy out the Scotish rites PLAYBOY MANSION castle stone temple for around ten cents on the dollar. ~


The family-way doctor asks someone to find that red thread of Judah when the Irish Kathy Griffin starts to have her painful unread NYT newspaper baby in the back of a British ROLLS ROYCE limo. ~ Which is now stuck in an awful political traffic jam mess at the 61 St. bridge to Meathead's [ALL IN THE FAMILY] Queens location. ~ As explained in this link to Griffin's iconic Jewish nose history of Ireland and Scotland, at: ~ And is the DC 133 - REV.12 pain that Judah is going to have to endure before he can humble himself and confess that thier cute Barack Obama baby was born in Africa. ~ And again, it was the back-stabbing Jewish nose job Seth Rich who gave the Podesta emails to that white albino freak at WIKILEAKS. ~ Then we see Carey Mulligan's little boy sporting a big man size rod of Jesse boner on the Jacob's stairway railing above in the final wrap scene. ~ GSR/TWN ~ A VIEW TO A KILL NOTES: The anti hero in this 007 prophecy about the latter days relief gold mine was a Russian hybrid plant of course. ~ Ergo, the only thing that is going to save modern day white Russia from the Jews is their vast gold mine reserves. ~ Think GOLDFINGER finally meets GOLDMEMBER, at: ~ "The Russians are going to destroy us..." Leslie Winn, circa 1966. ~ In a manner of speaking. ~

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


On the first day of rehearsals for THE TERMS OF MY SURRENDER, the aging and overweight Michael Moore was having a hard time remembering his lines. ~ At exactly the same time that a C-130 military tanker crashed into a bean field right outside of Moorehead, Miss; just off Hwy.82, due east of HWY.49W in Sunflower County. ~ Because all of today's meathead kneejerk liberals at the NYT etc. will be forced to unconditionally surrender to President Trump after WW:III. ~ Exactly as it happened after WW:I and WW:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 409 NOTES: On the side of the box it says that HAPPY SOAP detergent can even clean tiles etc. ~ Think AMWAY meets the American way; somewhere around Flint, Michigan. ~ MORE THRILLING NOTES: The REV.12 baby doctor's wife looks like today's very pregnant Carey Mulligan in 1960s hair and makeup in THE THRILL OF IT ALL. ~ Per those two 'Mulligan' golf clubs on the mud balls dirt pile; and that 1958 CONVERTIBLE GIRL car getting baptised. ~ No kidding, Google image Ms Mulligan and see the results for yourself. ~ Believe me you, the concept of "mud race" balls is the first thing that comes to mind; see: ~ ~ PS STEPHEN KING: "Oh for Christ's sake, fuck off." Elton John. ~

Monday, July 10, 2017


Last night at exactly 3:00 am, Michael asked me, "What are you doing next week?" ~ Which would be the day after the DOUBLE WHAMMY meets MATCH POINT two weeks notice confirmation of the giant tall-as-Jesus Pope on roller skates in ROMA firing Car.Muller on Lindsay Lohan's birthday. ~ Remember, she's my wife who gets 4 big ones up front for every beautiful REV.12 male 4-runner baby that she gives me. ~ Ergo, "I make that much money in one day." Elton John. ~ God damn right you do darling. ~ Meanwhile, back at the [EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES] dude ranch in Montana, David Letterman is saying that we have to get rid of Trump before he gets rid of him. ~ Or like my stepfather Leslie Winn used to say; "Do unto others, before they do unto you." ~ GSR/TWN ~ SOLID GOLD NOTES: After my last 35 line posting, the 500/500 spot-price for gold closed up +3.50. ~ In confirmation of that sexy back HAPPY SOAP model named 'Spot Check' in THE THRILL OF IT ALL. ~ PS GEORGE LOPEZ: More civilized white skinned Nephite, less lawless and savage dark skinned LAmanite. ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: You married an under aged North Korean orphan child for a WW:III prophecy. ~ Who represented that child of Satan who was born of your former crazy christian church lady Catholic lover in ROSEMARY'S BABY meets BANANAS. ~


"We have ways to make you remember." says the new Jewish 6,666,666 beast figure in THE THRILL OF IT ALL; right before the blond Republican lady does her HAPPY SOAP pitch that starts with, "I'm a pig." ~ Because she does not support the unAmerican progressive taxation Jewish traditions of Karl Marx and his subversive class war agitators from the FDR administration; a.k.a. the accuser in REV.12. ~ Many of whom got blacklisted by Dick Nixon er al after it was discovered than a clique of inside Hollywood [Bernie Sanders] Jews had given all of America's A-bomb A-list secrets to the Russian communists. ~ Ergo, after decades of the blond Hillary Clinton's involvement in behind the scenes politics; her most memorable line will always be remembered as, "I can't remember." ~ GSR/TWN ~ HAPPY SOAP NOTES: The pinko soap theme that "saved my life" in the above 1963 comedy came out just months before no.35 JFK was assassinated in I-35 Dallas. ~ By some crazy pro Cuba communist shooter hold up in a public school books warehouse. ~ For a prophecy about the 35 longitude line that divides modern day Israel in half; 50/50 ten virgins style. ~ AUTOBIO NOTES: After witnessing all of those teachers crying and wailing in the halls at my University Heights elementary school in Seattle on November 22, 1963, I went straight home and saw my populist [pro union] Republican Party father laughing his guts out. ~

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Kathy Griffin was interrogated by the feds on the 1260 days anniversary of the two witnesses because she is one of the red head daughters of Israel who is going to snap out of it in 2NEPHI:8. ~ Think Rosie O'Donnel meets Baraba Streisand in A LEAGUE OF OUR OWN meets YENTL. ~ Where the girls ain't that pretty, but they sure are sexy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ UNATRACTIVE AND OLDER CHURCH LADY NOTES: The abominable CHURCH OF ENGLAND just voted to approve transsexualism because most of their prieshood leaders are de facto [1NEPHI:14] homosexuals, like at: ~ PS MEDVED: More plain talk, less polite society talk. ~ For example, Barack Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii; and it was Seth Rich who gave the Podesta emails to WIKILEAKS. ~ And this is why the Jewish DNC will not let the feds examin their basement email servers. ~ And the Jews like you in the USA TODAY type media don't want to talk about it either. ~ See:

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Nobody on the right who voted for Trump ever really gave a [who?] about what Kathy Griffin does or thinks anyway these days. ~ However, those on the left who are tuned into phony baloney pop culture reality television surrealism are much more likely to act like today's panicked WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN prophecy, at: ~ Of course, there is always a certain amout of old video technology bleed over. ~ Per this tax free film that deals with the issues involving ring-wing apostate Christianity opposing fundamental Mormonism at: ~ Wherein yours truly, the descendant of Jesus Fucking Christ himself, even THE SON OF LEBOWSKI, is plotting to have sex with underaged teenagers in the basement of his Scotish Rites PLAYBOY castle in LA in order to kick off the physical transfiguration prophesies at ~ Per the 1971 LDS missionay man movie poster's byline that reads, "YESTERDAY they were COLD & DEAD- TODAY- they're HOT AND BOTHERD." ~ Like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SON OF REINER: Why so serious? ~ Pure DNC style democratic fascism is the lawless dictatorship of the majority over the minority. ~ Where there is no law, there is no freedom. ~ .


Never confuse the Providential plots of God with the vain and futile plots of [Jewish] men and women, at:,_the_Russians_Are_Coming ~ Since the 1963 plot in THE THRILL OF IT ALL shows us how HAPPY SOAP is going to save the [no.18] life of the silly and confused blond daughters of Israel in 2NEPHI:8 etc. from the born again apostate christian 666 beast at the German G20. ~ The number '20' being a traditional reference code to all things that are weird and odd looking. ~ As in, "Plus, you dress weird..." MOONWALKERS meets A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ROSIE THE RIVETER AT: ~ What part of WW:III did you not like? ~ The part where millions of innocent people die in the blink of an eye? ~ Or the part where bald headed mean looking lesbians are exposed as being nothing but sexist bigots who hate the opposite sex? ~ Whatever, I get it. ~ Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. ~ It's a cold hearted [sub 32 degrees] world out there. ~ But just remember this. ~ The Democrat Party started it all during WW:II; going back to the spiritually crippled FDR era. ~ When the former Jewish governor from NY declared from his wheelchair on America's regular Jewish owned and operated Saturday [Sabbath] radio show that all gentiles had a government enforced 666 right to food, clothing, and shelter. ~ Wherefore he surrounded himself with Jewish communist cold war traitors like John Kerry and James Comey. ~ Not to mention Jim Carrey or Will Ferrell; in my own personal latter day case. ~

Friday, July 7, 2017


WIKILEAKS' Julian Assange has made it clear as day that the DNC's computer data expert Seth Rich leaked the Podesta emails. ~ Yet Podesta himself is still claiming that the Russians did it. ~ And the only reason why he thinks that he can still get away with it is because the insider Jews in the media will protect him and his ilk. ~ Just like they protected Barack Obama from posting a fraudulent birth certificate on a government web site for 8 crazy years. ~ Which ended up being one of the main reasons why Donald Trump got elected in 2016. ~ Talk about having "...a new and honest approach..." to politics. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THRILLING NOTES: If you look closely you can see that portrait of Joseph Smith on the wall in THE THRILL OF IT ALL. ~ Also note the hip 60s movie's Scottish castle PLAYBOY MANSION setting in the first act. ~ Where we see today's nutty old Hugh Hefner eating his nuts and drinking a bottle of PEPSI; for those who think young. ~

Thursday, July 6, 2017


This prophetic 1963 comedy opens with a 50ish same age looking pregnant Kathy Griffin being choufered up to the [CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM] in front of the TRUMP TOWER in NYC. ~ And before it ends with the same 4th of July fireworks and trumpet score from the beginning; the Jewish Ms Griffin has become bapitised and born again by President Trump's " and honest approach..." to politics. ~ When she has her REV.12 baby in the back of a high society limo at the 58th Street bridge; all wrapped up in a late EXTRA EXTRA edition of THE NEW YORK TIMES. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FLASH NOTES: I got my flash vision for this 1963 TWILIGHT ZONE picture on 7.4. ~ Ergo, the white people get saved from Carl Reiner's Jewish Nazi SS figure. ~ And their innocent little children get a SHAMPOO job that takes the filthy public school stink out of their hair. ~ PS MEL GIBSON: Jesus also had lots of children with his three wives. ~ The apple never falls that far from the [genealogy] tree. ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: More Utah Mormonism, less Angelical Papalism. ~ Dude, you have been married three times to three very good women. ~ So why throw the REV.12 baby out with the bath water?


Two days ago I had a flash vision of some light hearted early 60s style comedy movie poster. ~ So Wednesday I made a special trip over to WALMART's DVD racks; but nothing like it was there. ~ Then I remembered that I maybe had something like it in my old pile of unseen DVDs at: ~ Which features a physically transfigured 1958 CHEVY that was quickly confirmed by that rare 5.8 "shake-it-up-baby-now!" in the National [saint] Helena forest near Lincoln, Montana; located west of the prophetic REV.16 Continental Divide. ~ All of which takes place in the famous Alfred Hitchcock profile map regions to the east of Spokane. ~ Plus that welcoming 1980s era parade for President Trump in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF was obviously a German Polish sausage king thing. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIG SUR NOTES: Doris Day's surname was a 1290 days desecrated Shirley Temple thing. ~ Ergo that 5.8 at 12:30 am Thursday happened near Stemple, Montana. ~ The prefix letter 's' having a perjoritive connotation. ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: That recent tabloid piece about Rush Limbaugh's blond trophy wife being unfaithful to him, and not wanting him to even touch her, was a pre confirmation of my posting on his I DREAM OF GENIE role in episode no.114. ~ NOTHING HAMBURGER NOTES: All eyes are on Trump meeting with Putin in Hamburg, Germany. ~ "Big wow!" Ornella Fresh's prophetic character in STAR MAPS, at: ~ Note the link's very telling two witnesses 18:18 time-stamp. ~ ~

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


That tourist bus full of seniors burned to a crisp in the Black Forest Ham area of Bavarian Chocolate, Germany in confirmation of what linguists call the "high shift" Hebrew influence on the German language. ~ Which occurred right after the Jews fled for their [no.18] lives to places like Venice and Athens during the Roman sacking of Jerusalem; wherefore see: ~ ~ Then of course, many of the persecuted Jewish war refugees continued to move north into the highlands of Austria, etc. ~ Hence the genealogy of Judah in the family history tree of the one mighty and strong at: ~ Oh yeah, typical big time Jew operator. ~ Hates Trump. ~ Loves California. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WOODY: Those breaking new EXTRA EXTRA reports about the sodomite orgies in the Vatacan are a sign from God that we should be making ROMA: THE REMAKE right now. ~ And just when we both thought that there was no leading actress out there who had big enough tits for the role, along comes this Italian looking actress at: ~ God works in mysterious ways. ~ Yeah, yeah, we could always get Lindsay Lohan. ~ Good for her; the movie has to be an ensemble piece anyway. ~ The more the merrier; money is no object. ~ We'll just shoot everything that happens in front of the camera Andy Warhol style anyway; and decide what to do with the resulting huuuge mess on our hands in post. ~ I'm thinking this one is gonna cost me at least 100 big ones because it has never been done before. ~ Heck, George Clooney's risky fee alone is going to cost us around 15 up front, pay or play. ~ And I still have not obtained any proper release forms from him to shoot some of the key scenes at his lakeside mansion in Como. ~ Talk about fly by night, seat of the pants, handheld camera with no permits film making. ~


Right after the President of America flips on the ceremonial switch for the two witnesses' HOOVER DAM in no.114, where 112 men died, he throws on his Mexican pancho and then is confronted with the alien invasion of America in EZE.38. ~ Because he had pushed the prophetic button on the Colorado River dam during the 10:00 am period of the Rush Limbaugh radio show that is on from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Bonney Lake, Washington time. ~ And many of the prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in DC 133 have received spoken word revelations about the Columbia River's FDR dam getting blown by a small suitcase A-bomb. ~ Which will cause the same kind of hot Mt. Saint Helens ash fallout that covered much of the Spokane, [spoken word] Washington State region. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READERS: The Colored River that runs through Grand Canyon is about the great divide between the LAmanites and the Nephites in the BM at the second coming. ~ When the Jews who killed Jesus are finally going to pay for it. ~ PS SIENNA: Last night I dreamed that you are going to have another bayby who will look like a Brad Pitt mini me. ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: Sterling Allan David was meant to become GOD THE FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST who walks among us in Utah County, Utah for a Divine CNN Larry King type youtube parody about today's public schools that are teaching our innocent little children that homosexuality and pedophelia is just another normal alterative sexual orientation lifestyle. ~

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


John McCain plays the President's chief of staff in the opening election victory parade that passes in front of the TRUMP TOWER in I DREAM OF GENIE; copyright 1962. ~ Where everyone in real America is crazy about the guy except for the Jews, niggers, folk singers, and queers. ~ Who are nowhere to be seen in the above G-Rated picture. ~ Think FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF clashes whith any one of last month's pride parades in any given major city in the latter day G7 world of the 666 beast who has 10 crowns on his head. ~ And we all know how well that will end. ~ Unless of course you have been living on some other planet for the past 1290 days. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WOODY: OK, the Utah Mormon sex cult film is a no go. ~ How about we slap together some kind of a ROMA missionary man remake in two two weeks and pay everybody in post WW:III hard cash money on the barrel? ~ Don't be one of those knuckleheads who are portrayed in the above no.114 episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ~ PS OBAMA: Only until you come out of the closet as a married homosexual serial killer will you get the respect that you so fully deserve after all these years. ~ Even white people love a great big juicy supermarket tabloid fake news scandal. ~ Plus, being a 40ish looking billionaire sailing around the world on his 91' yacht full of underaged girls who look like underaged church choir boys ain't such a bad way to go these days. ~ And if you get to become the president of the UNITED NATIONS; that would just be the frosting on the cake and me getting to eat it too in an IRRATIONAL MAN meets MATCH POINT meets WHATEVER WORKS. ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: I recently read that the newer German 911s started messing around with the sports car's steering wheel feel starting in 2012; in order to appeal to a wider market of older light minded women. ~ If you get my drift. ~


Rush Limbaugh is the 2000 year-old messianic era genie with a cigar in the above episode ~ Therefore, after President Trump is confronted with the above illegal alien invasion of Wash. DC, he takes down the ancient ten virgins oil lamp from off his two witnesses radio; perched next to Barack Obama's African mask hanging on the wall. ~ As set up earlier by the 9:12 clock on the wall above Pam Anderson that gives us the meaning of E.T. WATSON's surname at: ~ Where we see Ms E.T. Watson wearing Trump's trademark Scottish plaid and sporting a thematic black time piece on her wrist. ~ Then in her next minute's 9:13 time frame she reveals to us that same black shear number which Ann was given for her Canada Day birthday, at: ~ Ergo, Emma is pointing at her vigina in the first fake because the REV.17 woman ends up sitting in the Oval shaped Office's seat of power. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DOJ NOTES: That Jew fuck Mueller hired one of his Jewish Goldstein lawyer buddies up in New York; so they could better stick it to Trump on his own hometown turf. ~ In confirmation of Gold closing at $1223 on the same day. ~ For a 'secret combinations' sign from g-d that Barack Obama got rid of his former gay fuck buddy, Donald Young, on 12.23. ~ BIG SUR CALIFORNIA COAST NOTES: All of those Jewish surnames on Mueller's political assassination hit squad point to another huuuge landslide in two weeks. ~ NEW READER NOTES: My prophetic antigravity figure in REV.10 is about those things that taste sweet on the tongue. ~ But quickly become a bitter problem in your gut. ~ "I'm ready to go through the dephs of hell if I have to in order to save my precious Emma." Joseph Smith. ~ See the Sandra Bullock look alike holding her little mini me Truman Capote son, at: ~ PS MS STEWART: More sweet, less sour. ~

Monday, July 3, 2017


That two engine 421 flew into THE TWILIGHT ZONE and crashed near Harmony, Wisconsin, off Rt.111 for a very strange reason. ~ Killing that PE teacher and his Mr.Anderson fishing buddy in the 1260 days BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD prophecy. ~ Happening in fact on the same day that I watched I DREAM OF GENIE's Pam Anderson beauty named Ann on her Canada Day birthday. ~ Wherein Jude Law plays my small time character who dreams of becoming the 'Crown Prince of financial royalty'; who is married to one of my many unfaithful A-list movie star wives; and then his DAVIDIAN alter ego becomes the President of America from 2017 to 2025; complete with a blazing trumpets musical score. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICE NOTES: When Pope Jimmy Carter fired Cardinal Muller, and that AMTRAK train from Portland, Oregon derailed along Carr Bay's amazingly unique Scottish style golf course. ~ It felt like to me that we were entering into another parallel reality tv two weeks notice period. ~ As confirmed by President Trump body slamming CNN on YouTube. ~ Seriously now; how many more times do we have to hear another [David Letterman] stand up comedian weather man flapping his jaws about "...hail the size of golf balls!!" ? ~ And why do I feel like the ['Life just keeps getting better.'] idea at the end of MATCH POINT? ~ Per: ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: How about returning to your hammy comedy roots one more time and doing some fantastic sex cult spoof on location in Provo, Utah? ~ What are you waiting for? ~ I have the money. ~ I have the stable of under aged and undiscovered actresses who are hot to trot. ~ Particularly those two rather talented 16 year-olds, who by Providence live up the street from David Lynch in LA. ~ And who by Providence would do anything to be in the movies. ~

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Right when the [Jimmy Carter 70s] Pope of ROMA fired Cardinal Muller, two couples died when their two engine PIPER 32 crashed just north of Carters Lake in Georgia's [Bill] Murray County. ~ So obviously, that mother fucking Jew named Bob Mueller at the DOJ better start cleaning out his desk right now. ~ What goes around, comes around. ~ Word to the wise, "You can't fire me because I resigned!" Jim Carrey in that really funny 1990s movie. ~ Or was it Steven Martin in that other really funny 1980s movie? ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WOODY NORRIS: God's mighty and strong servant Bruce R McConkie saw you as his mighty and strong one in D&C 85 rival. ~ Whatever, "There are probably thousands of BRANCH DAVIDIANS..." Sterling David Allan; a.k.a. GOD THE FATHER OF CHRIST IN THE FLESH who lives and walks among us in Utah County at: ~ Hey guys, everyone has to have their special calling in life. ~ Remember, you read it here first. ~ That huuuge government NSA complex will soon be converted into a gold and silver coin minting facility for the nearby Kennecott [Ken Kemp] relief mine, at: . ~


The fundamental christian-jew idea behind the scenes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode entitled PARALLEL is that the rocket jockey returns from the outer limits of space sporting the latter-day REV.17 title of the church lady on his [strange flesh] forehead that says 'MYSTERY' etc. ~ Then the directorial inspiration behind such mayor league movie artistic masterpieces as MOONSTRUCK and AUSTIN POWERS:II made a Britist based sci-fi international UN building spoof called 2001: A SPACE ODDITY. ~ Wherein most of the learned and wise Jews in MANHATTAN etc. swallowed the fresh herring bait hook line and sinker. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WEIRD LINKS: Things have become pretty weird in Seattle this days. ~ For ecample, see: ~ PS MS DOWD: More Utah State Mormonism, less official government Irish Churchism. ~ "Save the little piggies!!" Sienna Miller. ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: Spielberg er al shot the TOP GUN sequel/remake/prequel opening to AP:III near my desert retreat resort for sex pervert swingers. ~ Where me and the boys are allowed to openly practice our sex cult Old Testament Scotish Temple Rights mormon religion. ~ And when we become overbooked, my religious supporters can always stay at my new TRUMP resort down in LONDON BRIDGE Arizona. ~ Always give a man a back door way out is what I always say. ~ PS BARRY: More half good Jew, less half bad Jew. ~ And I don't care who knows about it. ~

Saturday, July 1, 2017


After that crazy negro doctor shot all those crazy white Jewish doctors at the BRONX-LEBANON HOSPITAL, the ultra powerful USS GEORGE BUSH dropped anchor just south of the Lebanon line for a little 4TH OF JULY R&R in Israel, per: ~ Probably within the very hour that the niggers started firing at each other at a FINESE 2TYMES gig at the POWER ULTRA LOUNGE in the Clinton's Little Rock, Ark landmark of the desecrated 1290 days ark, etc. ~ Since the 'GSI' rap mix group is based out of Memphis, Egypt, USA, yada yada. ~ And the winding muddy Mississippi River is the same river that flows through the heart of [Nauvoo Temple] Zion in DANIEL 12. ~ And today's LDS temples are now desecrated by the fake Egyptian priesthood of the sons of Ham. ~ And people who only eat white bread ham sandwiches tend to have bipolar babies that are not emotionally stable. ~ GSR/TWN ~ POWER POINT NOTES: The once very powerful NYT has been finessing and rewriting and rehashing their fake news Russian conspiracy points for so long that most of white bread America is no longer buying it anymore. ~ Of course, most of the white Jews are still buying it and rereading it. ~ Because they get it. ~ And they love to stick it to Ephraim. ~ "I'll have the past/rami with [white] mayonaise on white bread." ANNIE HALL, 1976. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Your wildest late night acting career dreams will soon be confirmed by that amazing Orson Welles look alike character sitting on the front row at the YOUNG VIC. ~ For instance, Rod Serling often used various bit actors who looked like him in his THE TWILIGHT ZONE series. ~ Like the psychiatrist in PARALLEL who was a forerunner to my antihero psychrist in the HANNIBALL series. ~ As just confirmed by your latest INSTAGRAM of you hugging that negro [HAIRSPRAY] look alike doctor who shot all of those Jewish NYT reader assholes up in the Bronx. ~ PS NATALIE PORTMAN: There is a Providential reason why the Israelites have white skin, and the gentiles tend to have darker skin and brown eyes.~ Not always, but most of the time; Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen being the exception that proves the rule. ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: President Trump's tweets are what will get that [1960s era MAD MAGAZINE] dirty CNN Jew CEO fired. ~ "Please cease and disist from sending any further of your GSR/TWN reports to the offices of MAD MAGAZINE." Quoting verbatim the iconic Jewish magazine's lawyer, circa 1996; who was probably the publisher's Jewish brother-in-law. ~