Saturday, July 15, 2017


This handsome as hell light skin negro with a Jewish surname just got the Vince Foster treatment by the secret Swiss Bank based Clinton combinations at: ~ No wonder that Barack Obama's look alike administration gave Hillary Clinton a free pass. ~ And the dirty money Jews in the alien media are pouncing all over Trump Jr. because he met with a Russian agent who claimed to have information about the Clinton's foreign bank accounts in the Hebrew "high shift" mountains of Switzerland. ~Ergo, virtually every major international banking [read financial foundation] institution in the world is Jewish owned and operated. ~ And yes, the rather tall Bill Clinton from I-40 ARK is also Jewish. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MR.RICH NOTES: My exwife's divorce attorney French missionary man was orinally from Rich County, Utah. ~ Where the REV.11 42 latitude/attitude line divides Bear Lake into a 50/50 ten virgins prophecy landmark; located below Star Valley, Wyoming, yada yada. ~ FUNNY MONEY NOTES: My three part cash money deal with Paul Allan involves him buying out Mel Gibson's church in Malibu and turning it into that mormon sex cult temple baptism font for the dead that has Miranda Kerr's heavenly 29ish image above the entrance to it in 1966's HARPER prophecy, at: ~ I never forget a face. ~ Especially when it is sucking on my hard rod of Jesse cock very slowly and gently; yet with the firm grip of an iron metal shop tool vise. ~ 911 NOTES: No shit Sherlock. ~ I only get my sweet ass 2011 green 911 ride from Ms.Green after the next 911 happens. ~ Talk about friends with benefits. ~ For example, see this 911 number at:

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