Monday, July 17, 2017


That 7.7 on 7.17.17 in the REV.13 ocean east of Russia was confirmation of the fictional media's Russian spy [Ivana hump a lot] babe who works for Dr.Evil in AP:II, at: ~ Think OCEANS 11,12,13. ~ Since everyone left and right today can agree that the election of the sexy as hell Donald Trump was a major earthquake prophecy. ~ And even that WATERGATE meets THE WAY WE WERE era Jew named Bernstein had to confess after Saturday that we are now in the initial stages of the civil war earthquake in REV.16. ~ Because that muddy REV.12 flash flood in Airzone looked like the devil himself had opened the dark water gates of hell on Saturday. ~ Which is exactly what he did back when he and his filthy dirty planet ape niggers brought down the clean living Dick Nixon with a bunch of trumped media hype about him hacking the DNC's old school metal cabinet files in DC. ~ "At least there were no dead bodies in my White House scandal." Rich Nixon, refering to the now very rich Bill Clinton. ~ GSR/TWN ~

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