Thursday, July 6, 2017


Two days ago I had a flash vision of some light hearted early 60s style comedy movie poster. ~ So Wednesday I made a special trip over to WALMART's DVD racks; but nothing like it was there. ~ Then I remembered that I maybe had something like it in my old pile of unseen DVDs at: ~ Which features a physically transfigured 1958 CHEVY that was quickly confirmed by that rare 5.8 "shake-it-up-baby-now!" in the National [saint] Helena forest near Lincoln, Montana; located west of the prophetic REV.16 Continental Divide. ~ All of which takes place in the famous Alfred Hitchcock profile map regions to the east of Spokane. ~ Plus that welcoming 1980s era parade for President Trump in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF was obviously a German Polish sausage king thing. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIG SUR NOTES: Doris Day's surname was a 1290 days desecrated Shirley Temple thing. ~ Ergo that 5.8 at 12:30 am Thursday happened near Stemple, Montana. ~ The prefix letter 's' having a perjoritive connotation. ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: That recent tabloid piece about Rush Limbaugh's blond trophy wife being unfaithful to him, and not wanting him to even touch her, was a pre confirmation of my posting on his I DREAM OF GENIE role in episode no.114. ~ NOTHING HAMBURGER NOTES: All eyes are on Trump meeting with Putin in Hamburg, Germany. ~ "Big wow!" Ornella Fresh's prophetic character in STAR MAPS, at: ~ Note the link's very telling two witnesses 18:18 time-stamp. ~ ~

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