Monday, July 3, 2017


That two engine 421 flew into THE TWILIGHT ZONE and crashed near Harmony, Wisconsin, off Rt.111 for a very strange reason. ~ Killing that PE teacher and his Mr.Anderson fishing buddy in the 1260 days BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD prophecy. ~ Happening in fact on the same day that I watched I DREAM OF GENIE's Pam Anderson beauty named Ann on her Canada Day birthday. ~ Wherein Jude Law plays my small time character who dreams of becoming the 'Crown Prince of financial royalty'; who is married to one of my many unfaithful A-list movie star wives; and then his DAVIDIAN alter ego becomes the President of America from 2017 to 2025; complete with a blazing trumpets musical score. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICE NOTES: When Pope Jimmy Carter fired Cardinal Muller, and that AMTRAK train from Portland, Oregon derailed along Carr Bay's amazingly unique Scottish style golf course. ~ It felt like to me that we were entering into another parallel reality tv two weeks notice period. ~ As confirmed by President Trump body slamming CNN on YouTube. ~ Seriously now; how many more times do we have to hear another [David Letterman] stand up comedian weather man flapping his jaws about "...hail the size of golf balls!!" ? ~ And why do I feel like the ['Life just keeps getting better.'] idea at the end of MATCH POINT? ~ Per: ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: How about returning to your hammy comedy roots one more time and doing some fantastic sex cult spoof on location in Provo, Utah? ~ What are you waiting for? ~ I have the money. ~ I have the stable of under aged and undiscovered actresses who are hot to trot. ~ Particularly those two rather talented 16 year-olds, who by Providence live up the street from David Lynch in LA. ~ And who by Providence would do anything to be in the movies. ~

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