Wednesday, July 5, 2017


That tourist bus full of seniors burned to a crisp in the Black Forest Ham area of Bavarian Chocolate, Germany in confirmation of what linguists call the "high shift" Hebrew influence on the German language. ~ Which occurred right after the Jews fled for their [no.18] lives to places like Venice and Athens during the Roman sacking of Jerusalem; wherefore see: ~ ~ Then of course, many of the persecuted Jewish war refugees continued to move north into the highlands of Austria, etc. ~ Hence the genealogy of Judah in the family history tree of the one mighty and strong at: ~ Oh yeah, typical big time Jew operator. ~ Hates Trump. ~ Loves California. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WOODY: Those breaking new EXTRA EXTRA reports about the sodomite orgies in the Vatacan are a sign from God that we should be making ROMA: THE REMAKE right now. ~ And just when we both thought that there was no leading actress out there who had big enough tits for the role, along comes this Italian looking actress at: ~ God works in mysterious ways. ~ Yeah, yeah, we could always get Lindsay Lohan. ~ Good for her; the movie has to be an ensemble piece anyway. ~ The more the merrier; money is no object. ~ We'll just shoot everything that happens in front of the camera Andy Warhol style anyway; and decide what to do with the resulting huuuge mess on our hands in post. ~ I'm thinking this one is gonna cost me at least 100 big ones because it has never been done before. ~ Heck, George Clooney's risky fee alone is going to cost us around 15 up front, pay or play. ~ And I still have not obtained any proper release forms from him to shoot some of the key scenes at his lakeside mansion in Como. ~ Talk about fly by night, seat of the pants, handheld camera with no permits film making. ~

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