Monday, July 10, 2017


"We have ways to make you remember." says the new Jewish 6,666,666 beast figure in THE THRILL OF IT ALL; right before the blond Republican lady does her HAPPY SOAP pitch that starts with, "I'm a pig." ~ Because she does not support the unAmerican progressive taxation Jewish traditions of Karl Marx and his subversive class war agitators from the FDR administration; a.k.a. the accuser in REV.12. ~ Many of whom got blacklisted by Dick Nixon er al after it was discovered than a clique of inside Hollywood [Bernie Sanders] Jews had given all of America's A-bomb A-list secrets to the Russian communists. ~ Ergo, after decades of the blond Hillary Clinton's involvement in behind the scenes politics; her most memorable line will always be remembered as, "I can't remember." ~ GSR/TWN ~ HAPPY SOAP NOTES: The pinko soap theme that "saved my life" in the above 1963 comedy came out just months before no.35 JFK was assassinated in I-35 Dallas. ~ By some crazy pro Cuba communist shooter hold up in a public school books warehouse. ~ For a prophecy about the 35 longitude line that divides modern day Israel in half; 50/50 ten virgins style. ~ AUTOBIO NOTES: After witnessing all of those teachers crying and wailing in the halls at my University Heights elementary school in Seattle on November 22, 1963, I went straight home and saw my populist [pro union] Republican Party father laughing his guts out. ~

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