Friday, July 14, 2017


That double semi meets double car rear-ender that killed 6.66 people on I-65 happed near GM's CORVETTE assembly plant in Kentucky; in confirmation of Ms Shagwell's USA flag 1969 STINGRAY in AP:II, THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME. ~ Wherein Seattle's Dr.Evil invents the picture's first physical transfiguration time-machine. ~ Per the futuristic 1999 movie's Egyptian assassin shooting Seth Rich in the back two times at Flagler and W in DC. ~ Who was so well known for always wearing his USA flag shirt, pants, and sneakers at various political rallies for Bernie Sanders. ~ Think the Jewish made WEEKEND AT [rich] BERNIE'S meets the Jewish made WEEKEND AT [rich] BERNIE'S:2 where they filmed the exterior shots for the [godless paranoid left] 1966 Jewish made Joeseph McCarthyite Republican Party white man spoof entitled THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!! ~ And still to this day, the rich Jews at the DNC are continuing to act like nothing untoward had happened to the late Mr.Rich. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DR EVIL: More capitalism, less communism. ~ PS QT: Much like Steven Spielberg er all, right now I AM is getting virtually all of my up front cash money on the barrel, no questions asked, production budgets from Paul Allan. ~ So please not do or say anything that might offend him in the meantime. ~ Always give a girl a back door out.

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